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  1. I'm more convinced that Mularkey's conservative and generally poor offensive system is limiting this team. Also, the Packers play with alot of fire.
  2. Thanks. I get really sad thinking that this is the best we're going to be until some changes are made. Bye bye Mularkey...
  3. Stealing a page from Rev (love reading his thoughts). Here are my thoughts after the 26-23 loss today... 1. Matt Ryan's accuracy is OFF. On slants he throws behind his receivers. Deep balls aren't close. I don't know what's going on with him, but it needs to be corrected. I don't know if the new QB coach has anything to do with it or not. 2. Roddy needs to get his head in the game. Period. He went from being an asset to a liability this year. 3. Julio - stop being hurt! We need you. 4. I like the decision on 4th down, but as is ALWAYS the case, the play call is predictable. Same formation an
  4. I think Matt Ryan played a good game. 3 TD passes, could have been 4. Defense played great. This was a win reminiscent of the 2008 or 2010 Falcons.
  5. I'll agree with you that this year he hasn't been as effective, but the guy overall has been great for our organization and team, and probably 25 other teams would love to have him as their starter. The Falcons have alot of positions where we as fans could clamor for an upgrade, but I feel QB is not at the top of that list.
  6. Ooohh, so you want him to be the best QB to ever play, and if he's not, that's not good enough and he's garbage. Gotcha.
  7. Exactly. Matt Ryan's not going anywhere, regardless of how much you ***** about it.
  8. At least 7 times per game. 1st down? Turner up the middle. Lead pipe lock.
  9. Same app works, that's how I know. I was stuck earlier without tv and googled it. I watched NFL red zone for free.
  10. If you have an iPad, get the SkyFire app. then go to www.firstrowsports.com and you should be good!
  11. I've been a falcons fan since I started watching football. But I also realize that this is the best front office, coaching staff, and team they've had, and I don't want to replace all of them because theyve had a rough start. And I certainly have never come on a message board and been anywhere near as obnoxious as you have been with your obvious dislike for Matt Ryan.
  12. It was an '02 playoff game in Jan 2003. If I'm not mistaken. Lost in the Divisional round to the Eagles. In 04, we slaughtered the Rams in the divisional round and lost to the Eagles in the NFC Champ game.
  13. Impressive considering the article is dated Jan 2, 2011... I kid I kid!!
  14. Didnt see this posted in here, but the Uni Watch blog did some mock-ups on all the potential new uniforms Nike COULD do with the NFL. The Falcons werent too bad, actually. Here's a link to the blog, and here are the Falcons pictures. http://www.uniwatchblog.com/2011/01/02/using-pro-combat-for-good-not-evil-part-i/
  15. Demorrio Williams I think. I have replica jerseys, and I dry them all the time. Never had any issues. I have one from 1995 that is still in decent condition. Maybe I'm lucky!
  16. I feel like they would wait until after the season to announce any jersey changes. Why make a fuss about it now, when it won't affect anything until next season. Let this season play out, fans are energized about the playoff run, and sell all the current merchandise you can. THEN, bring out some new uni's right before the draft, so that everyone starts getting excited about them, and buys them with the newly drafted Falcons names/numbers. JMO That said, i hope they dont, especially if I buy one. I dont like wearing out of date stuff.
  17. I looked on 365 and didnt see the sale section. Can you post a link? Thanks!
  18. Ive seen the premier available in stores, and they look ok. I like the look of the Falcon logo embroidered on as opposed to screen printed, if the numbers are sewn on. BUT, here's the difference...I saw an authentic jersey on Display over Christmas, and the numbers and logo looked SO much better than any of the EQT or Premier or whatever I've ever seen. That really struck me and is what has contributed to me thinking I want an authentic one.
  19. I think I've finally decided to invest in an authentic jersey. Right now I have 4 replicas, but I think I'm ready for the investment that an authentic would be. Here are my questions for those who have Authentics... - Is the sizing the same? I wear a M/48 in the replicas. I dont like my jerseys to be huge and baggy on me. but I dont know if theyre cut the same or not - Are the numbers that are sewn on sewn on in layers, or is it one piece where some of the layers are just printed on? - What's the likelihood that the falcons are changing jerseys sometime in the next 2 years? I know Nike is pick
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