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  1. The sad thing is Mr. 3 an out and #1 pick were able to have thoughtful football discussion if you could get them off the topic of Matt Ryan. It's a shame such blind hate can control their lives. It's football for Petes sake!
  2. http://deadspin.com/5869146/st-louis-lineman-called-for-holding-yells-thats-not-*******-holding-into-refs-open-mic-and-then-it-got-weird
  3. Can someone make a gif of the stiff arm Julio had on his TD catch in the first quarter?
  4. That's exactly what I'm talking about. We usually perform poorly in prime time action. The last real prime time 'domination' I remember is the playoffs in 2004 against the rams. We balked out that night!
  5. I think this is the first prime-time game in recent history where the Falcons SHOULD be heavy favorites. Playing at home against a team with a losing record and interim coach, we should be able to win comfortably and be ready for the Saints. However, we know the Birds dont like to do that, so they'll find a way to make it a game!
  6. I wanted the giants to lose, but it was great to see the cowboys lose again!
  7. That was an unreal finish. I almost feel bad for the cowgirls. Almost.
  8. Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers all get GREAT pass protection. Do you think it's a coincidence that they're the top QB's in the league?? Until our offensive line can protect Matt consistently, we can't expect our offense to produce at the same level. I don't know if it's a matter of protection scheme, technique, or talent that is preventing us from having the same performance as those teams, but watching the Green Bay game this evening and now the New Orleans game, I can confidently say that this is what's holding us back in our quest for "explosion". The other thing we need is SWAGGER
  9. Nah i think the team will do better next week. They'll practice with a greater sense of urgency, hopefully some guys will be rested and we'll get some defenders back, and we can get back to playing Falcon football. Playoffs start next week. We can't afford to lose any more games right now, so I expect the team to play well and win.
  10. I feel your pain. This team is very frustrating to pull for, ESPECIALLY on days like today when nothing goes right and the team's effort is lackadaisical at best. Yet every week I come back hopeful, jersey on, hat on, ready to support these guys even though I know they are likely to let me down.
  11. Go be a fan of a different team with a QB you like. Matt Ryan is here to stay. That's the truth, suck on it.
  12. Do they install new turf for the SEC championship game or do they paint the field and then re-paint the Falcons logos after the game?
  13. Thanks for keeping this board normal.
  14. Great game by Ryan again. Its good to know that even when the defense is struggling a bit, he can go out and execute. I love the way he just marched the offense right down the field. Even after the drops he just collects everyone together and goes back at it. That's leadership ladies and gentlemen.
  15. Haha thanks, it wasn't a serious request, I know how hard and rare those people are. BUT, it would be awesome because the guy is amazing.
  16. A fast corner who can change the game on special teams and contribute defensively. Bring him home, Santa!!
  17. After that play, it's hard to question Owens' heart. Amazing effort there. However, his coverage skills are still more than questionable! Lol
  18. I'm not sure why Chris Owens is getting paid. He doesn't tackle or cover anyone.
  19. Gonzalez will make a few plays, probably have a TD. Our pass rush will probably be terrible unless we can blitz. Chris Johnson got paid, he's not an issue anymore.
  20. I remember reading many articles like this before the 2010 season, where Matt Ryan studied all the top QB's in the game, and said that he noticed alot of them would check down or take shorter routes if they were there. In effect, making more high percentage throws to help open up the deeper stuff. In 2010, this worked well for us. We would work the underneath routes, open up the deep shot once maybe twice a game. I think back to the Cincy game last year, 3rd and 1, Ryan audibled to a PA deep route to Roddy, who started split out wide to the right of the formation, beat the corner and blew pas
  21. I'm glad someone else sees the same thing as me. After the Green Bay game, in the Jay Adams interview, Mularkey said he didn't run the same plays because the defense had seen them earlier in the game. Yet, in OT against the Saints, he ran a play with the same formation and same pre-snap motion that he had ran earlier in the game. How could you possibly think the Saints didn't know what was coming??
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