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  1. I'm interested to see if anyone has bought one of these yet and what they're like? None of the stores in Savannah carry them yet and I dont want to order something without seeing it first.
  2. I'm looking into going to the preseason game vs the jags next week. Do any of you that regularly attend games know if the players will do autographs before/after the game?
  3. Haha yea I just saw the other thread. That's terrible. Hopefully it was a one-time error and they will fix it. I still think that jersey is our best look and would love to have a jersey with the new logo on the sleeve like that.
  4. http://www.nflshop.com/product/index.jsp?productId=13100958&cp=2237480&pageType=family&parentPage=family This is what i wish our normal jerseys would be. This design with our current logo on the sleeve. I dont know if that's what those jerseys really look like or if it's a goof, but those would look so sweet with our black helmets and either white or black pants. Bring it home TD!!!
  5. Kroy* For future reference, learn Players' names before criticizing. As you were!
  6. The facts would be "smith # of Tds > Ryan # of Tds' . Did Matt Ryan beat your team in high school? Take your girlfriend? Wait...are you DJ Shockley??!?
  7. People who continue to blame and attack Ryan even after our former OC had made the statements he has made not only are obviously agenda driven, but provide for humorous offseason reading. Question for paulitrik, triggermann and mr. Ramen... U mad?? Lol!!
  8. It's real disturbing to see ex-falcons stepping up places. Boley, Houston in Det, Robinson in Dallas
  9. 2 check downs in a row. Come one super laser arm!!
  10. The winningest regime in falcons history...yea is get rid of them too.
  11. I think grimes only participated in practice on Friday...so, at most 1/3?
  12. Haha this. The injury report isnt for the fans, believe it or not.
  13. Is he bad luck? He's never been a part of a playoff winning team!! I just read that stat, although i think I had read it before. That's alarming. As superstitious as I am, it is know obvious what is holding us back from that next level... JOKING of course.
  14. Turner ran around the block and into a tackle. SMH.
  15. I hate that these guys get paid millions to come out and look like garbage. They don't even look like they're trying.
  16. I agree with you on this swift. Gruden just called out defense predictable zone. Sigh.
  17. So a one receiver route on 3rd and short? Rolling your QB to one side of the field. Point being, it's a play we run every game and it's predictable
  18. There's Mularkey calling that stupid rollout again. And people say he's not predictable. Thanks for nothing you waste of space.
  19. I think what he meant was that in order for the Falcons to win, the pass rush has to be there, and that starts with Abe.
  20. They are pointing out why we get no respect right now. We need to make a statement against a good team, and not look great against a mediocre team.
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