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  1. Why not spread 4 wide and run a draw to Quizz?
  2. I think it should be more the O-line than just Turner. We need to have some push up front.
  3. Very disappointed by the defense and the offensive line today. In big games, why do they never show up? Makes me weary of any playoff game.
  4. http://saintsreport.com/forums/f4/%2A%2A%2Aofficial-saints-%40-broncos-sunday-night-football-game-thread%2A%2A%2A-266364/index51.html
  5. You guys should go check out the Saints message board. Earlier today they were saying how Philly's defense was so much more terrible than theirs, and now they want to fire Spags. LOL!!
  6. I will agree with this. We have to be lowest in punt return yards in the league. It's either a fair catch, or he runs right up to the first defender running down, stands in front of them like he's going to juke them...then gets tackled. I will say though, I remember Weems being timid and not breaking a lot originally, then he made the Pro Bowl as a special teamer...
  7. Looked like a high ankle sprain. Hopefully he can get some treatment this week and be ready for next sunday night.
  8. But the Philly-ATL game could be the end of Mike Vick's career in Philly. All the pressure on Andy Reid to turn the team around and he fires the defensive coordinator, even though the offense is ranked 31, with Vick at the helm being a turnover machine. If Atlanta is able to go into Philly, continue our success of forcing turnovers (especially Vick fumbles and INT's), and come away with a win, we could be able to force Reid's hand in making a change at QB, and effectively end Vick's Philly career. Ironic? Yes. Justified vengeance? Definitely.
  9. I'll never forget when we switched logos, someone pointed out how the expression in the old Falcon logos face was dumb, like its just saying 'derrr'. Haha that sold it for me. I'd like to simplify our uniform a bit, never been a fan of the sleeve stripes. Black jerseys with red/white piping would be nice. I'd like to see a bigger logo on the sleeve. My favorite jersey I own is a champion Eric Metcalf #21 from the mid-90's. classic look, love it.
  10. There's a guy that tweets every week, and he just adds on. This week it was "RGIII dat. Cam dat. Cassel dat. Pack dat."
  11. I finally got to see one today at a local sports shop. I was very disappointed in it. The logo on the sleeves was a plasticy material and was seen on. The material wasn't comfortable when I tried it on, and it just didn't look like I expected with such a high price and being Nike. It's amazing how much better Reebok was at making fan jerseys. Nike spends too much time reinventing the wheel. I'll stick with my old reebok ones and I plan to get an authentic reebok now that the price is lower.
  12. "You want sympathy? Look in the dictionary between sh** and syphillis! That's where you'll find my sympathy."
  13. I dont feel sympathy for the Saints and the whole bounty situation because they brought it on themselves. They were warned in 2010 to stop, and they didnt. Sean Payton admitted as much, he knows he should have stopped it and he didnt. Now they're dealing with the consequences. Also, we're starting to see that Sean Payton is what has made the Saints, and not Drew Brees. The funny thing is that they already have so much of their salary cap tied up in Brees that they will have a hard time upgrading their roster for the next 3-4 years. Sucks for them, but I'm glad.
  14. Yep. We don't get the media attention, but at least we're relevant in December/January every year.
  15. The fact that Asante hurt his neck, came back in the game and made as many plays/tackles as he did was incredibly impressive to me. It showed heart, character and leadership. 7th round pick? He was a steal.
  16. "You give people nothing to live for. You suck....play like you MEAN IT! PLAY LIKE YOU CARE!!" LOL
  17. Anyone an insider? Here is the link. If you can post the article or a recap here. The teaser really got me... http://insider.espn.go.com/nfl/blog/_/name/schefter_adam/id/8397934/nfl-mailbag-nfl-best-teams-power-rankings
  18. Don't have the numbers, I'm driving to work, but Mike and Mike just said that Matt Ryan led all QBs in QBR. Followed by Sanchez and then P. Manning.
  19. Pretty solid review from that kid. Very knowledgeable to be so young! Nope I went to Georgia Southern, the REAL GSU!
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