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  1. In 2010, we lost to the Packers. The Falcons were a run-first team, and we needed to be more "Explosive". "Explosive" was the buzzword all off-season. Enter Julio Jones. in 2011, a very up and down year, we lay an egg against the Giants. Just a horrible game. No real identity, everyone said we were a rushing team FORCING ourselves into being a passing team and it wasn't working. In 2012, we are a high-flying team. One of the top passing teams in the league, with weapons to dismantle, well, anyone on our schedule (for reference, see our schedule). Yet already, the excuse is that we aren't phys
  2. Dude where did you get that? Thats a sweet jersey. Old school with the new logos, I like it.
  3. Basically three weeks until the Falcons play a meaningful game. (20 days) Too much anticipation for me, but glad we got HFA!
  4. I think most people can agree that the Offensive Line is an issue with this team, and is one of the factors limiting the performance of the offense. My question is this - is it a talent issue or a scheme/coaching issue? Talent-wise, we are similar to what we were last year. Decent/good at run blocking, terrible at pass blocking. Coach-wise, we bring in Pat Hill. Now we're bad/decent at run blocking, terrible at pass blocking. I think it's a combination of both, but I wonder if we had brought in a better coach, if that coach would be able to better maximize the talents of the team we have?
  5. It's why the giants were able to beat the patriots in the Super Bowl. They knew you had to pressure Brady and knock him down. Any qb that has time is going to look good. Except for John Skelton.
  6. From CBSSports.com's Clark Judge "Week 14 Judgments" 1. Consider that a wake-up call, Atlanta. I know, the Falcons were bound to lose sooner or later, and so it's sooner. Big deal, right? Well, it could be. The measure of this team is not how it plays this season; it's how it plays in a postseason where Matt Ryan is 0-3, and, no offense, Matt, but you better pick up the pace. Over his last four games, Ryan has four touchdowns and seven interceptions, and has been positively underwhelming in three of those starts, including Sunday's loss to Carolina. This is a defining season for Ryan and the F
  7. I wonder what the Falcons would do if next weekend all the fans came to the dome, but for the first half just didnt cheer, but sat silently. No matter what happens, silence from the fans. Then in the second half the fans could cheer all they wanted. And after the game, all the fans could just say 'we obviously didnt cheer up to our standard, we have to do better' Now, this could never happen, but I think it would be hilarious.
  8. I think the issue people have is that the "deficiencies" of this team that have been noticed over the past few weeks were magnified and resulted in a blowout loss, something this team hasnt experienced this year. Poor pass protection Poor run blocking Ineffective pass game (a result of the first item) Poor tackling on defense lack of pass rush These are all things that have reared their head throughout the season, but never all at the same time like today. It's worrisome because this is the time of year you would expect these things to be resolved, IF it's possible they can be resolved. Now,
  9. But that's the point of a message board. If we just said, 'let's wait to see how it turns out' this would be the lamest thing around!
  10. Problem is, right now that is a HUGE "If". Based on our play the last couple of weeks, I fear that their D-line is just going to dominate the Falcons and we could have another game like this week.
  11. I don't know what your point is, but I'd argue that on paper our skill players are more talented than Seattle's. the difference comes from the passion and enthusiasm they play with. Wilson is a competitor. He was out in front blocking for Marshawn Lynch on a td run. Just great play all around by them. They have a weak team come into their house, so they pull out their ***** and slap them in the face with it.
  12. We haven't easily crushed anyone except the chargers back in week 3.
  13. Yep. The same people will be surprised when Seattle goes farther in the postseason than Atlanta.
  14. Be honest, when our first play from scrimmage was Turner into McClure's but for no gain, everyone knew it was gonna be a long day.
  15. The Seahawks are dominating a cardinal team that ATL had trouble executing against. They're running the ball, passing the ball, and playing great defense. I just don't understand how Atlanta can play down to their competition all season long. Our line play on both sides of the ball will be our undoing, along with the conservative playcalling. I'm trying to take the 'its just one loss' approach, but this reminds me too much of how Atlanta played last December.
  16. Why not? There's no reason we need to lose that game. If we prepare and come out with fire, we could have won. There's not a rule that says you have to lose games. Never understood why people would be ok with losing. I can't justify it at all, especially when you get beat that badly.
  17. If that's true then it's no wonder we lose first round of the playoffs. We need to be able to execute those plays and get game speed reps. You don't get that in weekly practices where there is no contact. There's no chemistry and it shows in our poor offensive showings. Go out, run the best offense you can get. If you're a Super Bowl team you shouldn't have to surprise teams, you should be better than them, period. nd right now, the Falcons are NOT the best team in the NFL.
  18. Thank goodness it's not Kenny Moose and Goose. We always play bad when they are calling the games!!
  19. Back in 2003 when word broke that we were getting a new logo/uniform set, I was distraught. Then someone pointed something out. They said "look at the face of the bird now. he just looks kind of...durrrr" and they were right. The new logo is aggressive, sleek, and still pays homage to the old one in style. It represents a new era of Falcons football where we are relevant and not the laughing stock of the league (well, at least since 2008). I'd love to see the new logo on a uni similar to the 90's. The sleeves on the current uniform ruin it for me, they just make me think of clown sleeves. I st
  20. I think the article makes a good point. The Falcons need to beat the Saints, and not just by a field goal or 1-3 points, but BEAT them. They need to build confidence in themselves that they CAN do it. That way whenever they play them, they don't have that mentality of "the worst is going to happen" in the back of their minds. Then, when the playoffs roll around, they can use that same experience of "just because we lost before, things are different now" and overcome the playoff hurdle. Let's face it, we're going to have a TOUGH first playoff game, whether it's Green Bay, NYG, Seattle, Washing
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