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  1. Obviously the heartbreak of losing in the NFC championship game stung and having some sort of hangover into 2013 would be expected. However, the TD/Smith/Ryan era Falcons we had become accustomed to seeing weren't there, and a large part of that has been dealing with injuries, which the team was fortunate to avoid in the previous 5 years. Was that luck, or other circunstances at work...? http://m.ajc.com/news/sports/football/falcons-release-trainer-jeff-fish/nT4W2/ "Except for the 2009 season, the team has not been beset with a great deal of serious injuries on Fish's watch." Maybe this is a c
  2. Figured I'd update everyone. My Julio jersey came, and although it looked freaking awesome, it was way too big. I had to return it unfortunately, but the store said they'd honor the sale if I got another jersey. They didn't have any in the size I would need unless I ordered a custom, so I found a legit jersey for sale on eBay. It just arrived today. Fits great, looks great and was only $90. So, for those looking for a jersey, ebay and patience are your friend!
  3. Yep looks like it ended last night. Must have been a Thanksgiving/BF sale only. UPS says my jersey will arrive Monday, can't wait!
  4. You have to dress sophisticated to attend a game. Wear a suit or something in Falcons colors. Jerseys are for kids or gangstas or something. /sarcasm
  5. Man they probably can't give those things away! I ordered a Julio Elite. I hope he 1. Stays with the Falcons at least 3 more seasons and 2. The Falcons don't change uniforms now that I have ordered an elite jersey.
  6. Just a heads up - officialfalconsgear.com has all their jerseys on sale. Nike Game jerseys are now $60, Nike Limited are $90, and Nike Elite are $177. Just in time for Christmas! Also, NFLshop.com has a 20% off promo going for thanksgiving.
  7. 1. Why do our receivers always catch the ball standing still? Can MaRy not hit them in stride? 2. Why is our pass rush so bad? 3. Why does Biermann drop into coverage on 3rd downs? 4. Why does the offensive line get pushed back IMMEDIATELY
  8. I read the same thing about the black retro jerseys, that the logo wasnt sewn on. I think I'm going to take a chance on aliexpress.com $25 is a risk worth taking.
  9. Hate to bump an old thread, but does anyone have any good knockoff sites they can recommend for buying jerseys? I was at the panthers game yesterday and saw some nice jerseys but I can't justify spending a car payment on a shirt.
  10. Roddy did give up on his route on Matt's first INT, he stopped running and the defender ran right by him to make a play.
  11. Interesting that the cowboys have spent first round picks on O-line in 2011, 2013 and 2014, and now their offensive line is averaged 25 years old. They are playing really well tonight as well.
  12. Can you see Mike Smith lighting a fire under ANYONE? He never got loud or intense, he just made his voice more high pitched. At this point we KNOW what our team is going to be. And unfortunately it's not a Super Bowl contender.
  13. I know there are a good bit of you that own Nike jerseys. I am looking at buying a Julio Jones jersey for this year, and have not purchased any of the Nike jerseys since they took over ( i have a Reebok Ryan, Turner, Roddy, and also a Champion Eric Metcalf from back in the day). My question is this - is the quality from the Nike Game, Limited, and Authentic jersey that different as reflected in the price? Also, how do the jerseys fit? Are the sleeves super long and baggy? I appreciate any feedback. Cant wait for this season to start already!!
  14. Today has shown how soft they really are. Injuries are no excuse for the lack of fire this team has. Just awful.
  15. Stephen Nicholas tried to tell Vernon Davis good game after the game but couldn't catch him.
  16. I heard that too. Werder probably is wondering how our quarterback Chris Ryan matches up against kaepernick.
  17. In his defense Flacco has multiple post season wins which gives him a leg up on Ryan.
  18. He just goes ''uhhhh...no. Um....no' and shakes his head with that confused look on his face.
  19. All the pressure next week is on the 9ers. They are "supposed" to make it to the Super Bowl. That's why Kaep is their QB now. Atlanta can play loose and know that the pressure is off because we got that first win!
  20. I think if the defense is able to perform in the post-season how it did in games against some of the better teams we faced this year, then I'm on board with this. The guy is obviously one of the top DC's in the league and if we are able to support him with some young DE/LB to implement the ideal scheme for him we could be good for the next 10-15 years with Ryan, Quizz and Julio.
  21. Love them. Wish they had the logo somewhere on the jerseys but I like the stripes in the sleeves. Didnt we have stripes and the logo at one point in our jersey history?
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