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  1. I think we all knew the defense wasn't good enough for a post season run, but lately the offense seems to just be off a lot (Chiefs, Philly). A good playoff team would have won both games. Think about the Colts all those years with Manning, the Patriots, Green Bay in years past. These Falcons aren't there yet.
  2. The face on the old logo looks like it's saying 'derrrrr'
  3. Throw the new logo on the helmets and the sleeves and you've got yourself the perfect uniform for the next forever years.
  4. Hey look, Renfree is in and he also locks on to first read and gets no time to complete passes! WEIRD!!
  5. But why? Get in the playoffs, everyone elevates their game, and we'd get crushed. The roster needs to be overhauled. OL, LB, and better receivers. DL needs addressing as well. What's new.
  6. Wasn't there a report before the season that Dan Quinn had requested permission to control the roster a bit? As in, he recognized the lack of talent and knew he needed to improve it?
  7. Didn't see any discussion on this. It's a bit unnerving at this point in the season. Makes me feel like this year is just a waste. Shanny Jr isn't gonna change. http://www.thefalcoholic.com/2015/12/4/9848666/espns-vaughn-mcclure-qb-matt-ryan-concerned-overwhelmed-by-shanahan
  8. Just answered my own question. Julio streaking open across the field and Ryan throws it low so he falls down catching it. Oy.
  9. Has anyone noticed that our receivers are always blanketed, regardless of the opponent each week? We never have separation and never hit a wide open receiver in stride.
  10. There's still the possibility that we get the turnovers and offensive mistakes cleaned up, and head into the playoffs peaking at the right time. A mid-season slump isn't the worst time in the world to have to work through these mistakes.
  11. I think it's just the way the season has played out. We started out so strong, and now have been struggling. We as fans can SEE that the team is capable of winning, whereas if they had lost those first 4 games we'd just expect them to lose.
  12. http://mweb.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/25362998/matt-ryan-turnovers-not-scheme-are-to-blame-for-struggling-offense This article is from yesterday. Great points made regarding the offense and turnovers - "Atlanta's offense is actually averaging more yards per game over the last three than the first five and an almost identical number of first downs, but where the Falcons had five total turnovers through Week 5, they have nine in Weeks 6 through 8. An extra two turnovers per game on drives where they used to be scoring touchdowns would go a long way torward dropping a scoring average by.
  13. This is true. He's had some deep drops, but he's not good at evading pressure and creating time like some QBs are - Brees, Rodgers, and Brady. I remember against NO the pass rush would be closing on Brees and he would evade pressure and buy another 1-2 seconds, then find someone wide open. Same scenario for Ryan and he either forces a throw early or gets sacked.
  14. I saw that too. I think Shanny is the problem with the offense.
  15. There has been zero no huddle this year, and that's where Matt has been at his best in years past. I don't think he's got a lot of confidence in this offense yet.
  16. Saints have ball. Brees is pressured, he evades from pocket and finds open receiver who gains additional 10 yards after catch. Dink and dunk all night. Shreds Falcons defense with short game and about 3 deep passes. This offense is INDEFENSIBLE by Falcons. Falcons have ball. Matt Ryan is pressured. He can't buy time, gets pressured and sacked. OR, he steps out, hits receiver who is immediately covered by 3 saints defenders for minimal gain. WHY CANT FALCONS RUN THAT DEFENSE IF THEY KNOW BREES CANT THROW DOWNFIELD.
  17. How refreshing is a Dan Quinn locker room speech compared to Mike Smith?
  18. QBR is a score to determine how much the QB affects the team winning or losing. Defensive scores and rushing TDs will decrease the chances of having a high QBR.
  20. Posted in merchandise forum but I think I'm the only person who reads it. http://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/4022281-authentic-dunn-jersey-for-sale/#entry9140053
  21. Strong defense and run game is the key to the Falcons ever making the super bowl. The Green Bay game in the 2010 playoffs threw the plan off course. Matt Ryan would be so effective with a strong run game and working off play action. Make it happen Dmitrioli.
  22. Dumb sorry panties are being handed a playoff win. Disgusting. And Cam will get credit for his 2 TD passes that he did nothing on.
  23. I still have a Hallmark Mike Vick ornament. Every year I look at it but never put it on the tree.
  24. What did you get Falcons related for Christmas? I got a Matt Ryan Elite jersey and a pair of Falcons socks. Plus Madden 15. What about you guys (and gals)? Merry Christmas!
  25. http://mweb.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/24907877/nfl-week-16-grades-falcons-could-be-playoff-team-you-dont-want-to-play
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