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  1. I’m wearing my first falcons jersey I ever got, an Eric Metcalf jersey from 94 or 95? Can’t remember exactly when I got it.
  2. Take the new logo, put it on this jersey and helmet and leave everything else, and BAM - perfect Atlanta Falcon uniform.
  3. Savannah is considered a "primary market" for the jags and a secondary market for the Falcons, so if both games are televised on cbs at the same time, we get the stupid jags. If anyone knows a way to watch on my iPad, my inbox is waiting :-)
  4. Matt Ryan needs a ring, and he also needs that "moment". He needs something that the media and public can cling to that makes them say "wow, remember that time Ryan led the game winning drive in the Super Bowl and beat the Patriots" or something like that. For those of us that watch him week to week, we can appreciate his efficiency, his accuracy, his ability to get his team into the right play and be successful. But those that don't watch him every week need that other..."something" to tie to his greatness.
  5. My local kids had that throwback Vapor Untouchable Limited, and the falcon is screen printed with the stitching around the edge of the logo, so it's not stitched on that one. I would imagine the elite is the same.
  6. The sleeve logo is why I've been hesitant to pull the trigger on it. For that much money I want it embroidered on.
  7. Great recap aawagner, thank you! I actually went to our local Lids locker room here in Savannah and they had the black throwback jersey in a vapor untouchable limited. I tried it on to see how it compared to the Nike Elite that I own, and it's definitely lighter and fits smaller. My nike elite is a size 40 (M) but the size Large in the new style was very form fitting. I'm still waiting to see the new elite models before deciding if I want to pull the trigger now or wait. Like someone else said, I am anticipating a uniform change soon, so I think any new purchase I make will be a black throwbac
  8. It's different materials than what the falcons were using before. Different collar style, different pattern on body of jerseys. Some of the fan jerseys I've seen have the elastic cuff sleeves like the old Reebok authentics used to have.
  9. Lol yea I thought there would be confusion no matter how I labeled it
  10. Sorry if been discussed previously, I couldn't find the thread, but has anyone purchased one of the new vapor jerseys for this year, either an elite or limited? I'm interested in seeing what they look like in person. None of the stores where I live have them in yet, and I can't find any online to get a good idea of how they look other than stock photos.
  11. Just so it doesn't get lost in all the sadness of the epic fail that ensued after this, I just wanted to take a moment and appreciate what a magnificent play by both Julio Jones AND Matt Ryan on this play. Ryan was flushed, escaped the pocket and threw a dart on the run to a covered Julio, who of course made what would have been one of the greatest SB catches of all time had the Falcons held on. While Ryan played well in the Super Bowl and through the postseason, he didn't have that one MVP moment, but in retrospect that play was probably it had we run the ball after and made the FG, and it wa
  12. Best part of the article to me. That's solid leadership, and something we don't often see watching press conferences. On the NFC championship game SoundFX, there was a part where the ref came and told Ryan to watch his receivers not being set at the snap. He said "let me go yell at them now" and sure enough, he went over to the group and laid into them about how they need to be more aware and make sure theyre not hurting the team. Solid, solid leadership. For that reason alone, I think we'll be ok for a few years. All the young talent sees his work ethic and his example as a player. We wi
  13. You know, even in that moment, knowing that we were in FG range and that we could have an 11 point lead...something inside me just knew we were going to lose. I tell my wife all the time that you can never trust the Falcons, and she always dismisses it, until last night. She finally understood. The feeling started when the Pats scored to make it a 16 point game, and then we fumbled, I just knew it was over. We would find a way to collapse. Even being on the 22 well within FG range I could literally feel the game slipping away, and it was the worst feeling I've ever had.
  14. I ordered the 'Hold Down the South' NFC South champs shirt the day after we clinched the division. 3 weeks later it still hadn't arrived. Cancelled the order, placed the order again and got it in 3 days. Go figure.
  15. I would check eBay. I found a legit authentic Matt Ryan jersey for $75 a couple years ago.
  16. I don't blame ANYONE for being gunshy after our previous playoff oustings. GB rocked us in '10, then the 2-point debacle in NY in '11, and then we were on the way to the SUPER BOWL in '12 until we surrendered another big lead. That's a lot of bad juju to just forget about.
  17. http://www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/cris-carter-explains-atlanta-falcons-beat-dallas-cowboys-playoffs-122716 i didn't get to watch all of the game against Carolina - was Gabriel returning kicks or punts? Also, the guy had our playoff appearances backwards but at least they're trying to give us props.
  18. If Matt Ryan played on a Northeastern team or the cowboys America would be sick and tired of hearing about him by now. He said by far the best player in the league this year, but because he's in Atlanta he rarely gets a mention on the national outlets.
  19. Beasley got the memo. That's exactly what I meant. I would love him to replicate that against the better teams on our schedule, or ideally in the playoffs
  20. I watch all the games. I guess I should add consistently. Like I said, he's getting there and maybe he's that guy in the future. But for this current defense to be worthwhile on a post season run, we have to have the threat of those plays every game.
  21. Someone who can show up when the game is on the line and make a game changing play for his team. Sack fumble in the 4th quarter. Key pressure on third down in 4th quarter. INT on a 2 pt play and return for a TD.
  22. Vic isn't quite there yet, but maybe he will be in a couple of years.
  23. Von Miller Khalil Mack Eric Berry JJ Watt When is the last time the Falcons had a defensive player that could impact the game in a major way consistently? That's what this defense needs to help elevate the other players around them.
  24. What is it with Ryan and being a Sept/Oct MVP. Seems like he always plays lights out to start the season then fades. Early in his career it was theorized that it was because he had to adapt to a longer NFL season so he fatigued down the stretch. Who knows. I'm sad and disappointed and feel lost in general right now.
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