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  1. That depends. How cute do you look in a jersey?
  2. Pat Yasinkas provides the commentary, and he's pretty sold on the Falcons. Read his blog on the NFC South on ESPN.com, and you'll see that he knows we're a dangerous team, and a contender. He's believed in the Falcons since the Lambeau win.
  3. On that Westbrook run? It was like we were just letting him score! Somebody needed to come up and make a play, and it looked like they easily could have. Did we want to let him score so we could get the ball back??
  4. www.crossfit.com Will change your world when it comes to fitness.
  5. If they did Grady it wouldnt look right, because they would make him buff looking, instead of having that HUGE belly. I think a Jerious one would be sweet. Lanky and sleak looking.
  6. The best way to improve the Black jerseys is to make the outer part of the sleeve black, and the armpit side red, with a red stripe on the side leading down. That is why the Red jerseys look better, with those r-tarded sleeves. But I really do like the red on black above. Its great!
  7. Has anyone seen these? Maybe with a good season soon we'll get a Falcons one. They look sweet! www.allstarvinyl.com
  8. Anyone have a picture of the new logo on a red helmet? i've seen it before, just not recently. Also, on Madden 09, you can use the Classic Falcons uniforms, but they have the new logo on the sleeves instead, but with the same old style numbers and pants. Look really sweet!
  9. I love the new logo, hope they don't change from it!
  10. I'm not a huge fan of the three colored sleeves.
  11. Anyone think that the Falcons are in store for new uniforms after this season? I remember after Blank bought the franchise, he changed uniforms after the first year. The current uni's might be too much of the "vick era" and he might want to go with a different look for Matt Ryan's tenure.
  12. Not to nitpick, but there were some defensive starters in the game when GSU scored their first TD. Carry on.
  13. I guess you condone "touching" pregnant women without permission as well. Or going to a barbecue and breaking a guys eye socket. Thank you. I wanted to make sure all the thUGA fans could understand.
  14. Whatever they did, I'm sure it doesnt compare to the angels up on the thUGA campus. At least our coach has balls enough to hand out discipline, and not a gentle pat on the butt.
  15. I'm completely biased, but these are my favorites... Classic. And the best helmet in football, IMO. I like FSU's unconquered all-blacks also. I really like that they pay homage to the Seminole Tribe.
  16. Hopefully GSU will be soon. They announced a feasibility study to be conducted in 2008.
  17. Yeah I really hope App gets creamed next weekend. Their fans were obnoxious enough before winning their first title. They'd be completely unbearable with three in a row.
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