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  1. Giants or Packers to win today? Who should I pull for?
  2. When BVG was the coach at Georgia Southern for that one, god-awful year, I remember the most characteristic remembrance of his defense was that if it was 3rd and long, the offense would convert. It has driven me crazy for years, and even still today. I just dont get it, especially considering we dont have a dominant pass rush AT ALL.
  3. I think Ryan makes it. Remember, fan voting is only a part of the voting. His peers in the NFL and other coaches in the league realize what a great player he is, and I feel like he'll get in this year.
  4. What about buying a game-worn jersey? I know I saw some at Falcons365 in the Lenox mall a few years back (not a Ryan, but a Dunn and a Brooking). Anyone know where these are available now?
  5. I would like to see our defense move more away from the "bend but dont break" mentality, especially once we get up big. I despise the "rush 3 or 4 and drop 8 into a soft zone" scheme that we get in the 4th quarter. I truly believe that is why our pass defense is ranked so low, and also why our games final scores are alot closer than the games actually are. This past weekend was a good example. Bradford had all day to pick our soft coverage apart, and promptly moved the ball down the field. I'd like to see us force more 3 and outs, stay aggressive when up by 2 td's and really dominate a team. A
  6. Saw this and thought it was cool. It shows how crazy the NFL has been this year. Here's how to read it: Starting at the top, the Steelers beat the Falcons, Falcons beat the Bucs, Bucs beat the Browns, etc.
  7. I love the RedZone channel. Its a fantasy players dream. Although sometimes I wonder why they spend so much time on certain games. Like earlier when they kept following the Detroit/Buffalo game, even though neither team was in the redzone.
  8. I originally got a black Eric Metcalf back in 1994 or 95, can't remember exactly. I still wear it on throwback gamedays. I got a red Vick replica from ebay during the 2004 NFC championship run. Gave that away in 2007 after the whole dog killing incident. We had a 'white elephant' gift exchange at work, and the dumb lady that got it thought it was a soccer jersey haha! Then I got a red Ryan jersey in 08, and a white Turner in 09. I probably won't buy anymore until 2012 when Nike takes over the NFL unis.
  9. I would like to see the throwback jerseys with the new logo on them. Keep the current helmets though.
  10. I'm that OCD too. Why do you think I was asking?
  11. Are we wearing our normal home reds, or the throwbacks this weekend? Thanks!
  12. The one with the chant. Hey!...Hey!...Hey! F-A-L-C-O-N-S
  13. Is there a copy of the video and song that plays after a TD in the dome anywhere online?
  14. I'm just not a fan of spending $200+ on an "authentic" jersey, when I can get a replica that looks just as good for $80. But I'm also not a high roller.
  15. That actually helped alot. "NFL Huddles" was a line made in the 80's. Featuring all 28 NFL teams with their mascots representing a famous/popular player. Bartkowski was the Falcons representative.
  16. Maybe it was a white jersey, I dont remember exactly. Thanks, that helps. I just wish I still had the stupid thing!
  17. When I was a kid (80s), I had a small figurine, made of hard rubber, that was just a little gray falcon in a falcons uniform. Red helmet, red jersey, holding a brown football. It was solid, stood probably 3-5 inches tall. I loved this little guy, and over the years I've obviously lost it. I've looked all over the internet for something similar, and cant even find any evidence that it ever existed. Any of you old fans have one?
  18. Can you put that jersey with a black helmet? Honestly, I just really dislike the sleeves on our current jerseys. They remind me of a clown suit.
  19. As much as I liked our old logo, I really love the new one. I remember back in 2003 when we were considering a change, someone pointed out that the old logo looked like he was thinking 'DUH' LOL! That sold me on the need for a new one.
  20. I know the NFL is strict on uniform changes, but when is Atlanta eligible to change their uniforms again? It was 2003 when they last changed them. How long do you have to wait to change again? And my suggestion...I love the throwbacks from last year. I've always liked that simple look of the jerseys. I think the black is intimidating. Has anyone done any photoshopping and put the current logo on the sleeve of an all black jersey similar to the throwbacks or the jerseys of the 90's? I would love to see the falcons wear black jerseys with the current logo, the current helmets, and some white pan
  22. A few things... The game will not be shown on comcast cable, period. Here is a letter from the WTOC GM when asked why the game wouldnt be shown.... So its not the local channels fault, its the DUMB NFL. Additonally there is no applebee's on mall blvd anymore, it is now a Dawg (sic) House. And, there is also Loco's bar and grill, with two locations. One downtown, and one on the southside. Both have a large projector that I'm almost certain will have the Falcons game being displayed, as well as multiple other TV's around the joint. And they usually will play the projected game over the speake
  23. Something VERY similar. The ones at old navy say Atlanta Falcons along with the logo.
  24. Thats what I was thinking at first. The shirt isnt online, but theres a similar shirt at NFLshop.com. The shirt from Old Navy looks kinda like this...
  25. Yea she's pretty amazing! She understands my love for football. She knows its the one thing I love more than her! LOL! (that was a joke) I'm a fan of the replicas. They fit good, arent too hot and heavy, and still look like the authentics from far away. Plus if you spill something on them (God forbid) then its not like you just spilled something on $300.
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