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  1. Funk = 24/34 291 yds 1 TD 1 INT (tipped off Ridleys hands) 38/52 330 yds 2 TD 0 INT 72% completions, 621 yds, 3 TDs 1 INT....what else would you like him to do? He threw a dime to Julio to tie the game only to have the defense bend over and take it from the cowboys on the ensuing drive (with some help from Quinn's time management)
  2. King Arthur and the Falcons administration will get a good look at the Saints organization when they win the Super Bowl in MBS. Barf.
  3. I've told my friends repeatedly through the years, and it rings as true today as it ever has, but the FALCONS need to be renamed the Atlanta SLUMPBUSTERS. Too often a team will come in who has been completely deficient in some category - wins, passing TD's, rushing yds, etc, and will have a breakout game against the birds. Remember Samkon Gado? Nobody else does either, but bah gawd he had a record day against us. Remember that time Carolina ran the wildcat all game and Atl had no answer? Or that time Cleveland was reeling and fired their coach and started a rookie qb and oh no I'm going down a dark hole...
  4. I’ve been a falcons fan since the early 90’s, when I was in middle school, and I have resigned myself to this truth - If this franchise can’t win a Super Bowl up 28-3 late in the 3rd quarter, then it just ain’t happening.
  5. I worked in a private training facility, and we had NFL guys come in. Basically in the league the S&C coaches have workouts for the players, but it’s not required they follow them. A lot of players will have workouts/plans from their college strength coach or a private coach that they follow, so the players could all be doing 53 different workouts on a given day. The quality of those workouts? Up to debate depending on situation. Now, 99% of players workout with no prodding from the team staff, because if they made it that far they know the importance of training and keeping your body in shape. But you do occassionally get 1-2% that think they don’t need it, and they dont last long.
  6. This has probably been shared here before, but I just saw it. Now I feel even more deflated about the rest of this season, and honestly amazed we've won the games we've won thus far during Sarks tenure.
  7. I dont know how you can be a fan of football and not appreciate that play Rodgers made last night. And honestly, not just the last play, but the whole second half. He was hobbled by a bad leg and came back from a huge deficit. He eluded pass rush from one of the elite rushers in the game and was able to hit his targets. That is not something just anyone can do. I guess if you're an NFC north fan you probably wouldnt appreciate it.
  8. In light of Aaron Rodgers leading the comeback last night, I got to wondering - what is the largest deficit that the Falcons have overcome and won in the Matt Ryan era? Anyone know?
  9. Looks almost exactly like last years, with a few changes to the intros. Also, they need to lengthen Matt. He's not that thick bahahaha
  10. Sorry if been discussed previously, I couldn't find the thread, but has anyone purchased one of the new vapor jerseys for this year, either an elite or limited? I'm interested in seeing what they look like in person. None of the stores where I live have them in yet, and I can't find any online to get a good idea of how they look other than stock photos.
  11. Yes Nike is getting out of control with these prices! I found a Nike Elite Ryan jersey on eBay for $75 a few years back. Don’t think I could pull the trigger at full price.
  12. Bumping this for the new season! Has anyone gotten the new Vapor Untouchable Elite yet? They're available on I'm interested to see how they look in person and not in a stock photo.
  13. My local kids had that throwback Vapor Untouchable Limited, and the falcon is screen printed with the stitching around the edge of the logo, so it's not stitched on that one. I would imagine the elite is the same.
  14. The sleeve logo is why I've been hesitant to pull the trigger on it. For that much money I want it embroidered on.
  15. Great recap aawagner, thank you! I actually went to our local Lids locker room here in Savannah and they had the black throwback jersey in a vapor untouchable limited. I tried it on to see how it compared to the Nike Elite that I own, and it's definitely lighter and fits smaller. My nike elite is a size 40 (M) but the size Large in the new style was very form fitting. I'm still waiting to see the new elite models before deciding if I want to pull the trigger now or wait. Like someone else said, I am anticipating a uniform change soon, so I think any new purchase I make will be a black throwback.
  16. It's different materials than what the falcons were using before. Different collar style, different pattern on body of jerseys. Some of the fan jerseys I've seen have the elastic cuff sleeves like the old Reebok authentics used to have.
  17. Lol yea I thought there would be confusion no matter how I labeled it