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  1. These look phenomenal
  2. This. But I’d say keep the black helmet. Done and done. <chefs kiss>
  3. Yes they should, but they aren't. The route combos are predictable and the defenders are obviously aware of what is coming at them.
  4. I seem to remember the Falcons having issues with short yardage plays back in, I guess it was 2014. I forget who the playcaller was then...
  5. He has to evaluate his route concepts. Too often receivers are stagnant when making a catch, which allows for the defense to either blanket them or quickly converge after a catch. The concepts do not get players open, it relies too heavily on crisp routes and even then results in small windows for Ryan to get the ball into before a defender is there. And let's be real, that is not Ryan's strong suit. I do not understand how so many teams will have plays with receivers running wide open, yet here we are back in 2014 where our guys are working twice as hard for half the results. Also, the run game has to be fixed. If the defense knows we're just going to pass all day, then they can focus on pass coverage and disregard worrying about any threat of a run game. We seem to have abandoned the outside zone runs, which Freeman excelled in, and now we're back to those terribly designed inside runs where he's fortunate to squeeze through and pick up 3-4. Bottom line is this - every scheme, concept, and play call works to perfection on paper. But if you cannot get your players to execute it on the field, or if the defense is not being manipulated as the play design would suggest, then it's time to re-evaluate.