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  1. You guys clearly have forgotten how awful 2013-2014 were. I loved Mike Smith. I thought he was going to be our Mike Tomlin - be a permanent fixture here and bring our franchise a Super Bowl. BUT, it became clear in those years that he had taken us as far as he could go. Now, DQ obviously is going down the same road, and it looks like he made a great hire with Shanny and that almost got him a ring, but I don't want to go back to Mike Smith era at all. If DQ doesnt work out (and it's not looking good, but it's only one game) Uncle Arthur needs to look for someone young and innovative, not
  2. The font on the numbers isn’t terrible, BUT, the awful shadow feature is. Why not a full outline? Makes the jerseys look like a late 90s concept or something. also, I see no valid reason for changing the facemask from black to chrome/silver if these are the uniforms. There is little to no silver featured so it looks extra out of place. I am glad the clown sleeves are gone but that’s about the only positive I can find. this just about guarantees that I will not be buying a jersey any time soon.
  3. This. But I’d say keep the black helmet. Done and done. <chefs kiss>
  4. Yes they should, but they aren't. The route combos are predictable and the defenders are obviously aware of what is coming at them.
  5. I seem to remember the Falcons having issues with short yardage plays back in, I guess it was 2014. I forget who the playcaller was then...
  6. He has to evaluate his route concepts. Too often receivers are stagnant when making a catch, which allows for the defense to either blanket them or quickly converge after a catch. The concepts do not get players open, it relies too heavily on crisp routes and even then results in small windows for Ryan to get the ball into before a defender is there. And let's be real, that is not Ryan's strong suit. I do not understand how so many teams will have plays with receivers running wide open, yet here we are back in 2014 where our guys are working twice as hard for half the results. Also, the
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