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  1. Morris should have called upstairs and told him to let Ryan's arm take it into the end zone. That's what good couches do.
  2. It is obvious with as football smart as he is that he really loves the game. I think he would be much happier coaching than broadcasting. You know he has to miss being involved in football and has to wonder if he would be successful.
  3. We need to try to trade Ryan and Jones and get something out of them. Shanahan needs a QB right now and Ryan would be his answer. Jones by many is the best WR in the NFL. It is obvious we need to go into rebuilding mode. We would take a loss on some bonus cash and have a stagnant year with no free agents. We could use the extra draft picks to move up to take Lawrence I see us getting a top 3 draft pick so it would be in our reach with our 1st and I see us getting at least a couple of 2nd's and a 3rd for each Ryan and Jones. This would give us the ammo to get Lawrence, if we don't get him on our own.
  4. I think Payton Manning would be a real good coach. He knows offenses a is great at preparing for and reading a defense. Players respect him and he isn't afraid to get in a players face when they are screwing up. I think he would be one coach who could could jump the ladder and become a real good head coach right away. Pay the man Mr. Blank
  5. They keep this up and they can bring Trevor Lawrence back to Georgia. We would be set for the next ten years. Lose the next game I say go into tank mode for this special player. We saw last night how a great QB can carry a team. Ryan has no zip on his balls and has become very iffy on his long passes. I bet the Jaguars would give us a first for him, maybe not.
  6. TD has done a terrible job other than 2016 draft and a couple of other players bringing in quality rotational and back up players. If we don't trade H. Jones to a contender we are stupid. We need the meat to move up to the top pic if we don't get it. To think I came close to dropping a five- spot on us winning the SB
  7. I hate to say this but Matt hasn't got the moxie any longer, his deep pass is shot and he is missing open wr's, can anyone say Clemson South for next year
  8. We need to let Dirk run his own offense Shanahan's offense that Dirk is made to run just doesn't fair well in Atlanta in the 4th quarter.
  9. OP is not a very bright light. Probably would prefer Cam
  10. I still to this day believe the reason we lost to the Pats was because of TV ratings. We had such a lead that the NFL who didn't want people tuning out and the ratings going way down and losing future revenue. That they told the refs to make the game closer and they let it get too close. The only way they could make the game closer was to keep Brady and their offense on the field and it wore our defense down so much that when they got close they couldn't stop them. We had penalties that where very questionable especially in a game they usually let teams play and only call border line penalties when it effects the play. They ignored New England's penalties and called everything against the Falcons in the second half. The NFL owes us a Super Bowl and we should take it out on Brady and Tampa until we get it.
  11. Olson is like buying a used 87 Mustang 5.0. That hasn,t had any mods (STEROIDS) and thinking it will out run a ZL1 Camero Another great in its time.
  12. . I wish the NFL would come up with a system were you could trade picks for cap room. I know you build off the draft. But why should a team have to let a star that they coached up walk, to take a chance on a highly-rated rookie that they have no idea about how he will play or be a team player in their NFL. It would be great if a team could say trade there draft pick to pick up extra cap cash depending which pick it was. like if you have the top pick and your QB got hurt the year before and you got a higher pick than your team talent and you it's time to resign that QB you could trade/drop that pick for cap cash to be able to to do it. Just a thought to allow established teams with a QB or another player coming out of his rookie contract you can keep up with teams that have QBs that haven't had to pay out the big bucks. Just a thought.
  13. Man did I open up a can of worms. The NFL changed the rules so nimble QB,s that can run can succeed. With these rules Jackson is a good qb. 10 to 15 years ago, I don't think he would survive very long.
  14. How much is our 1st and 2 2nd rounders worth in a trade up? Also how much is our 2 seconds by themselves in a trade up and their value when you add in our third?
  15. Russell Wilson was awesome. Lamar Jackson was just a strong arm.
  16. Have a wonderful day, Happy Birthday my fellow falcon fan. The only thing bad about Birthday's is it's one less year in our lives we have a chance to see the Falcons win a Super Bowl. The only thing left on my bucket list.
  17. I may be wrong, didn't Freeman have a fumble problem coming out of college?
  18. I think if they would give the big kid (Ollison ) the rock more we would see he can carry the load. We have some mauling offensive linemen that could pound an over agresive defensive line and wear them down. We need to go back to being two dimensional on Offense. Go back and watch Ollison highlights from his Pitt days against ranked teams. He can break for big gains. We just have to figure out a way ditch Freeman !
  19. Thanks Mr Blank, for bringing Quinn back. The team is to mature to start over with a new coach. Now TD is another story
  20. The NFL Needs to make a separate cap for the QB, so teams with young QBs in their first contract don't have such a cap advantage. Even better allow teams to have two non QBs one on offense the other defense with premier player caps that doesn't count against the regular cap, amount to be determined.
  21. I would love to keep Quinn one more season. They fight /play hard for him I think Kutter should get another year also. We have played better offense throughout as of late KS didn't look good year one. Tomas needs to go. To many bust with higher draft picks after the first round.
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