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  1. How do you keep Falcons out of your yard? Put a Goal Post in it.
  2. RIP Bill, they don't make them like you much anymore Thanks for the years you gave Us
  3. Is Quinn getting to close to the players. All of this Brother hood and players calling him coach Q. I just wish it would go back to wearing suits to games. In those days we knew the the player's respected what they had and where. We treat these players like they are God like. Ryans contract will keep us out of the SB for at least 2 more years. Freeman should be cut because of the risk and Jones I catch and fall down. Trade his rear while we can get something for him. The only Stat that really matters are TDS and Jones is not producing and don't say he opens it up for everyone else.Moss used to open it up for Carter in Minnesota, but he still got his. Will TD and Quinn do this heck no. To much like Mora
  4. Why

    I don't think Quinn can out think anyone, exception himself !
  5. Why

    Why is it we as Falcon fans we have to put up with midiacrcy. We have a coach that is clueless during the game but knows the answers after the game. We have a high priced wr that can't get open a high priced qb that looks to need glasses to add to no running game at all offense. I am getting older and I would love to see them make it just once. Under this coaches reign. I never will
  6. I would love to trade Beasley, Jones and Truffaut and get what we can from them. .?.
  7. Anderson could at least stop the run on his side. Jerry I wouldn't call a bust because he looked to be a beast before he got hurt.
  8. I've posted in the past that Beasley is a first round bust.. He now looks to be an all around bust. Does anyone know the cap hit we would take to just cut ties with him this off season. His one season fluke was against a number of back ups. Much like Clayborn when he sacked Dakota 5 or 6 times in one game. A fluke
  9. If the birds have a top ten pick? I would draft the best player avaliable. Then in the second round go for need unless a great player drops. I hate chasing for holes/need early in the draft. If a great player is there that is a need fine draft him, if not best player or trade down.
  10. Our depth would be stronger without having the highest payed skilled position players on our team
  11. I will always call it R.F.K stadiums are like boats bad luck to rename them.
  12. Today we win again against the N.F.C. East. I sure wish we had the Philly game over again. So much for the east being the best in the N.F.C
  13. Sanders was the worst tackling CB in the NFL. He would actually climb on back of a player and ride him until someone else would get to him and make the tackle. William Andrews for my money