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  1. Called a brotherhood then they played like family feud. Freeman was ineffective. I know a receiver has to go low at times, but Jones seems to go to the ground almost every catch. He is opposite of a weable. The defense was slow for what is supposed to be it's strength speed.
  2. If you're referring to Ryans first pass that went to Jenkins. It was a fade rout. My guess for the game quick slant to Hooper
  3. I live in jacksonville beach, FL. I guess I'm either stupid or ate up, because I am more worried about missing the first game than the storm. How or can a person get the game live on Internet ???
  4. Who asked for likes?
  5. No body coached Moss, I remember big play Ray Buchanan teaching Moss that if you jam him at the line and put a little pressure on the QB. His mostly one trick pony of running past everyone didn't quite work the same in the 1998 NFC Championship game.
  6. Raheem Morris is a good DB coach. I don't agree with coach Quinn with his If you can coach Corners you can coach Receivers . I Have never seen a DB catch 100 balls in a season , however our receivers are getting pretty good at batting balls down.?.....
  7. I'very been watching vikings and they look mean, big and bad. We should win this game on Their penalties alone. LOL
  8. Linebacker material for sure
  9. I have not been able to read the forum much, do to an illness. Can someone tell me if we have a kicker?
  10. Thanks , that's sad
  11. Can someone tell me what happened to or goings-on of Matt Bryant . I just got out of the hospital the ole ticke is not what it used to be. I'm hoping they are planning to bring him back after the first few weeks of training camp and they are just giving a rest. Anyone ?????
  12. This was a great draft and we can thank Mr Blank for putting football people in charge. I truly believe I might see the Falcons win a SB before I die
  13. For finally giving the Falcons a big back Ollison
  14. We don't have 2nd or 3 rd round picks