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  1. I agree! I am really tired of seeing our Rbs getting stuffed behind the LOS! I also believe our (hopefully) improved oline will help facilitate a better run game.
  2. That is why I ALSO posted the codes necessary to join the league.
  3. I can't wait! Then Tuesday, Hardknocks! Excellent! This year we have so much more to look forward to than just waiting for news and watching preseason games before the season starts!
  4. I do hope Reedy makes the roster... but let's wait until the preseason games play out to really get an idea! We know he is fast... but can he actually catch and successfully run routes in a real game?
  5. Using your AFMB screen names helps when are playing so everyone knows who they are playng against
  6. If you did not get an e-mail, then go to Yahoo pick'em leagues and use the above stated league ID# and pass code.
  7. It's Pick'em. You pick the teams to win each week. Via Yahoo.
  8. All e-mail went to the people who played last year. I posted above the codes to join up!
  9. Sent an e-mail to all that participated last year. Let me know who is in, this year. I will post ID# and pass code later.
  10. I started a league last year, but it has been an annual league since 2005. If enough are interested I will do it again this year. League size last year was 61. Many bail out. You can miss a week and still be okay.
  11. Daenerys Targaryen: Owner (She pays no one, they just want to play for her) Joffery Baratheon: Drafted first overall as QB. In his first game as starting QB was shown up by a girl. Considered a locker room liability. Currently unemployed. Rumors have it that he might have suffered from food poisoning. Investigation underway.
  12. If you love GoT and Football this is hilarious! Theon Greyjoy RB position... LMAO! The comments are very clever. http://www.nfl.com/p...1_photo_gallery
  13. So there goes the church. I wondered if the retaining wall was already there.
  14. Exactly! Kinda cool how the camera pans and zooms about every fifteen minutes. You get an idea just how big it is!
  15. Today I read about the owner's Spring Meeting where one of the topics is who gets the 2018 SB New Orleans, Colts or the new stadium being built for the Vikings (wild looking like the Falcon's new stadium) They had live web cams and all! I wondered why the Falcon's have not done this this... then Violia! There it was!
  16. And so it begins! http://newstadium.atlantafalcons.com/webcam/
  17. How very sad. My condolences to Roddy and his family.
  18. I thought the same thing. Thank you for an answer.
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