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  1. And Wilson... why all the extra pads? Are they using them like a girdle to hide his "belly"? lololol!
  2. Ok is it just me or does Foles' hand on the football look grossly out of proportion to the rest of the pic?
  3. The thing that immediately jumped out to me is that Ryan looks ripped, polished, and rather fierce... where as Bress just looks dumpy.
  4. the pregame show is awful! This network needs to watch film about other networks pregame shows. I walked away.
  5. Not sure haven't followed the Eagles this year. The only NFL.com article is on the Villanueva cut. I did watch the Steelers V. Eagles game. Eagles looked good... (hate Chip Kelly) or perhaps the Steelers were just that bad. I hear the Steelers fans are in a meltdown... kinda like it will be in TATF if we lose tonight.
  6. Interesting! As of today, the Eagle's have already cut 14. Thought I'd put a link here just so everyone can stop by and check as it is updated. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000381516/article/cuts-tracker-player-cuts-for-all-32-nfl-teams
  7. perhaps it is because people don't know what survival pick'em is about. I joined, this will be my first try. Basically it is a pick'em league where you pick ONE team to win during the week. You can never pick that team again. In his league you have two strikes... meaning if you pick wrong once you have another chance, if you pick wrong twice, you are eliminated. Pretty easy. So far ten players... need more! For the regular AFMB pick'em... two weeks left and then league will be locked.
  8. I do not watch these podcasts expecting polished, star seeking, say anything to keep the ratings up type of guys... I watch for inside info more than all the rest of us have access to.
  9. Well said! It was a good positive look into what is happening with the Falcons... and we could use some of that on TATF!
  10. I really liked the podcast this week. They talked about: Rookies taking their lumps, feeding Freeman, Jake's move to RT, and prepping for tomorrow's game. Ferrin also mentioned the theme words for the week. Check it out. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/media-lounge/videos/FalconCast-Changes-at-Tackle/c765cae8-a2c0-45fa-b2a3-df21ca38e6d3
  11. Exactly! In Smitty's presser he insinuated as much... saying that game three is where game planning happens.
  12. I joined! Never played survival before... should be interesting!
  13. I see you joined! Good luck. I think I finished 4th last year.
  14. well said! I'll try to remember to post the 1-3 place winner's names after the it's over. BTW: You need to join up Tuggle!
  15. Go to Yahoo Fantasy Pick'em to join ID#9098, pass: winner
  16. This thread is depressing. Can't we all wait until the final 53? SJax being out is a boon for the young guys to show their stuff. However, he is the starter and motivates the young guys. We have a stable of very good RBs. We have (hopefully) a better oline to facilitate the run game. Is it just me that thinks we can use a bigger RB? Here is to SJax back in form behind a better oline! The little guys are great (Freeman, Quizz) but we still need a power back! Smith and Freeman have blocking problems. So you better hope Sjax and Quizz bring their A-games.
  17. Will do! Soon as Tuggle comes back... really hopeful that he can break down the proper pronunciation!
  18. Not sure I can even pronounce that correctly. Raw-er?
  19. Did not watch the game, but today was shocked by the final score. What happened? Once they pulled Clowney and Watts they had NO defense? lol.
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