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  1. Well, I believe they would be more professional than that. It is probably just a rumor. However, if true...Hahahahahahaha! Now that is rich!
  2. It was awesome to watch the 2nd half! It was like witnessing a "feeding frenzy."
  3. Just saw this! Great work! Man we really needed that win! Still excited!
  4. I feel ya! I was thinking by the end of the first half that it was too stressful... oh then.... the second half! What a nail biter! Great football game! It is no fun if your team can't put up points and loses... or if your team puts up a ton of points... these close ones are always much more entertaining.
  5. When the Saints left any time on the clock.. I knew we would win! Defense also stepped up big time and put the scare into Brees... and OT... beautiful!
  6. That was awesome! Rise up! At first I thought we needed subtitles/captions for the non hearing impaired... but you made your point with the images! The cigar sealed the deal!
  7. Exactly! Ohhh man I feel their pain! I remember one year my company had the Varsity cater lunch for us... I was "I'll just wrap mine up and take it home where I can be in the safe vicinity of my familiar bathroom."
  8. Just saw the video.. LMAO at HD "my house..."
  9. He has kept on saying he wants to get back to 2008 ways. I do not understand where the super uptight, penalty accountant came from (heart problems?) But I do believe Blank has been instrumental in deciding the overall "theme" for the Falcons, year in and out. We shall see what happens this year. If Blank wants tougher, more physical play... I believe that is what we will see.
  10. Hive Sop Dat (Dap?) Might as well!
  11. Not a huge fan of hers... but the one thing she did was help open the door for other female comics.
  12. ****, I met the guy way back when... Now I see he is trying to start a "fight club"... all I am saying. Something is off ( ya know figuring their last season... hope we still have Hvac suits)
  13. Here's the thing I have been trying to say... I have known him on this board since the early 2000's. He has been cocky, and abrasive... but he has always been on this board. This is the first time I have seen him try to start a "fight club" with everyone against the Falcons. It is like he is trying to start up old 2000'ish rivalry... when it is the Saints past present and so on.
  14. and you have known JB and his posts since when?
  15. I have never seen this level of vitriol from jb... is it age, family problems, retirement? Not sure. Oh yes after the Bucs SB win he was all over everyone for a few years... but they went downhill fast. How is it that he can come on a Falcon's MB and call us homers? There really are not that many homers on this board.. but who cares... it is a Falcon's board. Homerism is all he has as an argument. Weak. Is he here to "Wake up the Homers?" Really, Really, Really?
  16. This is ticky tacky. It is a Southern thing. I agree with the other poster that things like not knowing the difference between there, their, and they're are more "abrasive." I just read and move on... or listen and laugh.
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