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  1. Now that is Hard Core! Funny thing is that I can actually visualize it!
  2. Folks , please go easy on OP. He has clearly been infected with HSD. I fear If the Falcons continue their "reign of terror" (per HSD infected) we may see the infection spreading at alarming rates. Beware the symptoms: Heart attack level of excitement Typing in caps Being unable to think clearly Your mind moving faster than your fingers... and not caring. Being easily offended if others do not understand you Total belief in your delusion And a final humble "crash" back down to reality after a loss
  3. They All have worked for the owners. That's how they get the job. Once the "genius" Tagliabue showed them how to increase profit by expanding viewership ... Boom. It is a business. $$$$ trumps all else.
  4. You still missed the point. When Tagliabue was commish he was all about "cleaning up the NFL image", and expanding the NFL around the world (even Asia). Goody was the COO. Tagliabue mentored him... so Goody is carrying the torch! Meaning... Tagliabue started it, Goodell is just continuing it. Same philosophy. I am sure the next commish will continue on the same way... $$$$$ It is all about revenue for the owners.
  5. Not true. Tagliabue, Goodell's predecessor, made celebrations a penalty. He also brought the "hammer" down on steriod use. He also encouraged NFL expansionism, Particularly international expansion. Tagliabue also made more revenue for the NFL than any other commish. He single handedly "cleaned" up the way the NFL looks, including uniform standards and appealing to women and children. Goodell is simply running with the same torch his mentor did. My point being, don't blame the NO FUN LEAGUE just on Goodell, it started before his tenure. for those to lazy to look it up... here is a tiny snipet from 2004. http://sports.espn.g...tory?id=1723180
  6. Looks great! The live cam on that site is great too! I have it book marked so I check on the progress. The time lapse video are breath taking.
  7. One of the best articles about the Falcons I have read! What a wonderful piece. It reminds me of the interview before last year (our meltdown) and they were asked who was the number 1 wr... Julio simply said Roddy. They are just that close.
  8. Give it a break guys! You Have NO idea what is going on... you can only assume. I just remember Smith and Ryan in interviews, after the draft, before preseason... and Smith was smiling saying that this year he is glad that the Falcons are going back to his type of ball game. After 2008 somehow the game plan had changed. But who are we to know what has really happened and who decided to play a bit more conservative? Who are we to start a myth about Smittyball? No one here knows for a fact! This year, I believe that he is happy to play his LOS in your face type of ball game. He said so him self. Things have changed.. Ryan has more control of the offense, and Smith is allowed to play the ball he wants. Hmmmm, wonder how that happened?
  9. Are you suggesting that all our Falcons players are born in the South (Savannah) and were not raised in cold weather?
  10. Hey thanks for the heads-up Debbie Downer. Our Defense in three games is doing a pretty good job. 3 sacks, 2 Ints, 5 fumb rec, 1 def td, 1 ret. I choose to believe that our defense will only get better as the team plays together more.
  11. What an awesome and noble thing to do! This young man is so humble and so honest with himself it is crazy! How can anyone not like him more. I do hope his future is full of possibilities and great things. May he never forget how big a small closet once seemed, and how his Auntie inspired him to succeed beyond all odds. And may he forever remind all of us how far we have all traveled in our own lives.
  12. Jump on Marta from the airport. Go directly to the dome (two different stops.. both close) Walk around and check out the tailgates in the parking lots. Go talk to these people! Introduce yourselves, ask them what to do until game time... they will probably tell you tailgate before the game. If they don't, move on to the next tailgate. And yes, random people do walk up to tailgates... some charge a minimal fee for food etc... It is always a good time! Lots of good stories! There are people on TATF that set up tailgates... ask around. Good luck! If I were you, i'd just hang out at the dome and tailgate! (Southern Hospitality and all)
  13. I read the entire thread. Good stuff! Those guys have a wicked sense of humor! Wish this board could be more like that and less...OMG the sky is falling!
  14. Freeman (on my fantasy team BN so I can watch) in Week 2 had 4 tgt for 2 rec and 22 yards. Smith Week 2 had 4 tgt for 2 rec and 19 yards Both were used. However, no rushing attempt.
  15. I don't know... Buccies will be desperate for a win... new head coach and all.
  16. Okay, so we lost. Not a super important game as far as standings go... Saints lost to the Browns. The game did show us Two things... defense looks like 2013, if not worse... this is against a team that has a crappy kicker and an only ok QB who can't win in the red zone via a pass if his life depended on it. The offense looked worse than 2013! Matt could do nothing against a super stout defense. Can one player being out make that kind of difference? A rook at that! The point being is that I watched/read the transcript on our home page... and Smith actually said they don't have enough time to correct mistakes due to the short week. He needs to leave his honesty at home! So if what we will see Thursday is more of the same.. we lose. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/article-1/Transcripts-Smith-Ryan-Press-Conferences/4e6d6f52-e657-41dc-b063-9d42c7eb2a6e
  17. This was great! I liked Jackson's "I like to be be top of the food chain" comment. LMAO!
  18. Yes, in a way. Here is the thing... statistics are qualitative as well as quantitative. Lots of "human error" is involved with the coding. But as you said, looking at several types of "media" might get you some insight. However with football.. "on any given Sunday." I say post your PFF stats. But also be willing to take on differences of opinion. PFF is not "law" BTW: We are not all pricks.
  19. Wickersham picked us to win last week and this week.
  20. That's why I have him on my Fantasy team... he is not a fantasy.
  21. Ryan is clutch. I laugh every time I see a team leave time on the clock for him.
  22. Don't forget Smitty in the tailgating commercial! For Ford
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