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  1. LOL! "Tony Kornhole" I call him that too!
  2. GO FALCONS!!!!! Give us at least one more win! You seemed to crank the team up to another level, one we have been missing all season!
  3. Booby P has shown that he has no problems getting rid of players that fall short of his expectations. Based on that, I say Dunn is gone.
  4. No matter what he chooses, it doesn't really matter much. We don't have our future franchise QB on the roster, and the best playing QB this year will properly only end up as our future backup QB. You are right, it doesn't matter in the long term. however, I'd like to see the rest of our players perform... they seemed to do that after Redman came in. Both sides of the ball.
  5. I hope the Steelers beat the Pats. Only problem is that the Steelers have a crappy run game and can't pressure the QB. If Brady is not pressured... they win.
  6. I'd love to see Shock come off the bench and have a shot, however, Redman appears to be the only one that do that and be productive.
  7. No word on Redman, but he looks like the guy By Steve Wyche | Wednesday, December 5, 2007, 05:19 PM The Atlanta Journal-Constitution The Falcons have been off the past two days, so there has been no official word as to whether Chris Redman will be named the starting quarterback. However, all indications are pointing that way. This could be another interesting development in the quarterback stakes because if Redman gets his chance and performs well, he could be a player the Falcons bring back next season - maybe not as the starter, but as a backup who could help any new quarterbacks learn the system. I was going through some game stuff from the St. Louis loss and there was one noticeable change once Redman came into the game: the involvement of the tight ends in the passing game. Since Redman gets rid of the ball quickly, there isn t the need to keep one, if not both tight ends in protection. Of tight end Alge Crumpler s season-high seven receptions against the Rams, four came in the fourth quarter. For a good portion of the game, Crumpler and/or Dwayne Blakley were used in protection because Joey Harrington took a longer time to get rid of the ball, leaving him susceptible to pressure. If Redman is the guy Monday night against the Saints, it will be interesting to see if he can carry over his short-term success into a full game in which the opposing team has had time to game plan for him. Keep in mind, the only tape St. Louis had on Redman was from 2003, in which he played in just two games and threw a total of 13 passes. He completed 16 (of 24) vs. St. Louis. I think Redman is our QB vs. aints ... Harrington has had his chances, and Leftwich can't play with our o-line ... Ok. thanks for that update! It will be interesting to see what Bobby does. He seems to have no QB loyalty, at this point. Good thing!
  8. I care what happens this season. I'd like to see who can step up! I keep hoping to see a good game! The first game that was not disgusting to watch was when Redman came in last week. The entire line changed and everyone stepped up. The loss did not sting as bad. If Redman were to start would this "crispness" remain? I have my doubts. However, I would love to see the Falcons win a few more! I am not throwing the season away! There are still games to be played!
  9. Does anyone know who will start against the Saints? Has an announcement been made?
  10. I didn't get the e-mail either and originally registered as someone else... but now I find the reset password thing works to get your old sn back... go figure. Test
  11. bump until we beat the colts????? we could be bumping this thread for a long time! still, i have hope. i won't pick against my team. goooooo falcons!
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