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  1. "Legendary" Their words. All hail Julio! Ha, we all know MI has many more weapons... Shhhh but still... Julio!
  2. Exciting, yet so sad. But it was a glorious first week!
  3. Great game! What an exciting season! I have moved from the ATL and no longer see them play, but they will be here in DC in May and June! Can not wait!
  4. Congratulations! What a big beautiful boy!
  5. Congratulations! What a beautiful baby!
  6. Did he say that? I thought he said something to the tune that sacks don't matter, but disrupting the QB was the big deal. I could be way off.
  7. Like Smith del rio was fired and could only get a Dc job... For two years... Now he is back.
  8. They said the same of Del Rio. Now he has a HC job agin.
  9. Apreciate you're support. We all need to hang together. You now what I mean!
  10. Ya'll need to give op a brake! Really this a football board not some rediculous school room! My too cents.
  11. I am sure this will be moved, as it should be... But I thought it would get the most visibility here for a time for all the pick'em fans. I am not going to participate any longer this season. My best football buddy and love passed on Monday. We used to play pick'em just to pick against each other. I will not delete the league. You all enjoy... I Just can not enjoy this right now. The man was a Falcons fan and a Steelers fan... But our house was decorated in red and black! His name on here was Falcondude. only old school Taft folk will known or have met him. His name was Joe.
  12. Once the British tabloids get a hold of the story... if it is juicy... we will find out. Might even gain a few more fans at the game????
  13. C.J. Mosely just got suspended two games and sent back to the States... That adds to the little ray of hope. http://www.prideofdetroit.com/2014/10/25/7070403/lions-suspend-c-j-mosley
  14. This is very sad. Sounds like he left his house very angry and drunk, as evidenced by him allegedly trying to run two cars off the road before he finally crashed, all within 1 mile of his house. I figure only his wife knows the truth, as it is with all survivors. RIP Rob Bironas
  15. Well, in my head I was thinking a little better showing by our ******* DEFENSE As "they" say.. "that's what thinkin gets ya"
  16. good point. What a sad state of affairs. That can be the only rational reason. Please someone come up with a better reason!
  17. What is humiliating is if Green Bay wins (a team that has looked a bit shaky of late) and the Saints beat them too (a team that has looked a bit shaky of late) We are going to hear about this until the Falcons have another dominating win. Put your seat belts on guys! This ride is about to get bumpy!
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