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  1. Why should some of these guys rush back. I see them pulling a the injury card to sit now. 0-8 before we get a win
  2. Truth. The O and Ryan are blowing these leads. No, it is not all on Ryan, but as the leader of the offense he will take the blame. Our offense sit back on leads and stop playing how they play normally and start doing dumb crap. It has been that way since the loss in the Superbowl. I am actually please at how the defense hung in there with all second teamers...only Fowler(bad wheel), Oliver(suspect) and Neal were in there full time.
  3. Exactly! What was the OC thinking and why would NO ONE question this dumb $%& play calling.
  4. Ture. The only reason the D was great the one year, Super bowl year, they were playing with huge leads most of the time and very, very aggressive; plus, much better players too.
  5. True. He had a few big hits and everyone called him a savior at safety, but he is clueless about the position. Allen is not much better, due to his limited physical ability, but he knows what is going on and can communicate to the other players much better than anyone we have had in a long time. Either way, a massive upgrade is needed in the secondary.
  6. Hard loss to swallow, but next game... Thoughts: They don't feel the need to try the rook because Olive is so bad. He was a Quinn guy to emulate Sherman, but he is hot garbage! Long, but no other skills. The defense took a turn once Ricardo came out and Kazee had to play. Notice they moved Kazee to SS and Neal to FS. Neal was burned a few times b/c that is not one of his strengths. We missed Takk's pressure; he has been ballin' Olyikun(sp) was missed as well. Ryan played well. Julio had a huge drop! Ridley was awesome. Gage will be a beast. Time to feature Hurst more. Two really smart players and a monster were taken off the field. No excuse for not picking up the football on the onside kick; game over.
  7. I believe some of this, but there is too much talent on this team. It seems the schemes are not cohesive at all. The TD today that Beasley gave up for example. I'm not a fan of his, but he should never have had to drop in coverage from the line to cover a RB on a 20 something yard pass play. Bad all the way around.
  8. I was thinking the same thing the other day. Like, some of the strange moves (Signing Beasley). I get that he wanted to make him better, but I think we all knew that ship has sailed. $14.2 MIL for what? that could have landed us two more linemen, at least. I love the Falcons, but the D is his baby and they absolutely stink. BTW - that Oliver decision was another. (Sheffield is outplaying him with less experience)
  9. The 1998 Falcons were 0-4 and they went to the Super Bowl. Pre season is a time to gauge talent. Most of our starters are know, but we need to see who will be the next man up. Maybe this year we will win it.
  10. Yeah, Ryan had a bad game. As soon as we walked in, my wife said Ryan looks nervous. It may have had something to do with the constant pressure on him. However, the last pick was just dumb. to another point, Roddy was open almost all day. Matt was not able to get to him though. If you have pressure after looking at your first read, you don't have time to make it to the third option. Truth was Roddy was open deep quite a bit yesterday, but I'm sure that is because the allowed it and was able to generate pressure. The sky is not falling, but everyone has bad games. I would like to also point out those two missed FG's
  11. I know it was their first action of the season, but they had many blown assignments from what I saw.
  12. True, Blaylock has look very pedestrian this preseason, but the play JC made on him was due to a blow assignment. He obviously forgot he was taking the outside man that time. Stop watching SC and watch the game. OAN, he did blow Baker up on that play though.
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