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  1. maybe. the thing that i see in this defense is the possibilities. i dont think anyone would mistakenly think that this defense will win us a super bowl, but i think there is enough talent on the field to be a serviceable defense. it will take some creativity on BVG's part to get pressure on the QB, and it will also take some gratuitous turnovers to get them off the field at times. right now, i think our "O" is good for 25+ a game. the defense can be sub par and still be adequate
  2. geez, a little early to tell, but at least three sideliners. probably gonna be six though. gotta get all the ducks in a row, but can mail the money as soon as i know about the number. field passes? holy cow that would be awesome if we could do that again. maybe the NFL changed their rules about it.
  3. hutchins may do what webster did when milloy asked for 36. jweb made him buy it and donate the proceeds to his church or something.
  4. haynes was the fullback that caught the pass in the back of the endzone for UGA when they finally broke the streak of losses to tennessee. at this point in his career, i dont really see him having much to contribute, but if he makes the team better....then so be it )
  5. that list is probably better than the "almost not drafted" list lol. after seeing all the late rounds the otherday and people talking about late round gems, it goes to show that those who are willing to work hard can be gems also.
  6. he is and should always be pooh. the john coffee reference is one that i missed though. niiiice lol.
  7. at one time, i respected what peter king had to say, but since the information highway became so strong, he became a premadonna. as bad as some of their projections are, the only two people i really pay attention to around draft time are mike mayock and mel kiper. they either do their homework or have people to do it for them, but their information about the players is consistently solid. ANYONE that could say that any team had the best or worst draft at this moment is only speculating. drafts are judged when the players play. king is a dork IMO.
  8. i have to disagree with the whole.....if they start the rookie QB thing. i thought Ryan did pretty good last year and he was expected to have a bad line in front of him.
  9. i got a free jersey at one of those a few years ago. it was a peerless price jersey and i immediately handed it to the guy beside me lol.
  10. it's tough to judge drafts the day it happens, because there are so many variables involved. the thing that i have come to realize is that i have always misunderstood what front offices were talking about when they said they had a 3 yr or 5 yr plan.....or whatever. it was always my understanding that the plan was to get to the big game and try to get a title. after sitting through the second draft watching these guys work, i realize that there plan is to become a perinnial contender. after drafting the positions they thought they needed to get in here now, depth was added........and i suspect
  11. i'm begging for 9-7 to simply break the curse. it's a tough schedule, but the team has actually gotten beter since the playoff loss, as opposed to the past experiences of being a Falcon fan. with a healthy team, the Falcons should make another run at the playoffs.
  12. the upcoming schedule has the falcons playing against a few of the best WR's in the league. Moss, Owens, Smith twice, Colston twice, and the list goes on. with the addition of these guys, the defensive front should be able to put enough pressure on opposing offenses to help our secondary mature. even though there will be compensatory picks for the guys that were lost, i dont think the Falcons lost much because of the players they drafted, and getting Peterson didnt hurt either. the defense looks to me to be very "blue collar", and i like that. i look forward to seeing how things shape up in ca
  13. perhaps there was a reason that a really huge deal was not made? it could be as simple as something that was drawn up in two parts rather than one. while it looks like dimitroff is a genius getting Gonzo for next years second, pioli isnt an idiot. KC doesnt have a second this year and wants one, so we could be .....basically.....trading our first and second this year along with next years second for tony gonzales and glen dorsey. i personally think it's a valuable trade for both sides when considered an all in one move rather than breaking down both trades. those guys are ex-patriot office guy
  14. i dont know that interchanging moreno for norwood would actually help what has been established with the falcons offense. while moreno finishes runs better(in college), norwood is a good bit faster. moreno's speed averages around 4.58 in the 40, while norwood's forte is being a speedster. i know that moreno makes some great cuts and is elusive, but i dont think i would make that pick at #24. with turner beating up the inside and able to break away or drag someone a few yards, i really like the change of pace being someone electric that can go 65 yards in the blink of an eye. having said that,
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