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  1. 6. Neal stays healthy 7. Hennessy locks down that LG spot
  2. Best draft in years ... confirmed
  3. Matt Hennessy ... i wouldnt hate it (actually like it) ... but would personally love one the safeties
  4. as a really smart guy once said ... you build your defense up the middle ... tackles, ILBs and safetys ... probably is the best way to go
  5. i'd love to come out of the first two rounds with xavier mckinney and cesar ruiz ... mckinney could play down in the box and cover TEs and the (some) slot ... solves both OLB and backup SS ... ruiz goes to LG and takes over C when mack leaves
  6. i could totally see him dropping to new england, becoming a hot commodity, moving on in free agency, and disappearing off the face of the earth
  7. apparently the OL needed the work ... glad they brought the non-vanilla blitzes ... hated to see the sloppy job we did with them ... ... but ... since matt survived, it's for the best ... the OL now has some good film to work off of
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