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  1. Does he stop eating long enough to actually watch any games on Sunday?
  2. They didn't even attempt a hail mary. They know they have this game wrapped up already
  3. This is pathetic. Its gonna be 14-6 at the half -_-
  4. First the 9ers now the Browns. How many awful teams can ATL make look like super bowl contenders
  5. I hope they just remodel the dome. Inside is the only way to play football. F sitting in rain or the heat :P
  6. Depends on how far they go. Kiss are probably the biggest sellouts ever. If a band I liked did that I'd be pissed. They will put their name on anything and do every commercial they can. **** there is even a Kiss Coffee Shop right down the street
  7. Stern was talking about the bed bugs this morning. The whole Sirius building had to be fumigated over the weekend. They almost didn't do the show today.
  8. Almost everybody in the secondary has one but him
  9. That looks Fn delicious!!! Corn dogs, baked beans, fries, and slaw sign me up!!!
  10. Starz needs to bring Party Down back. That show was funny as ****
  11. Yeah Stern brought him over to Sirius to be on his Howard 101 channel. Ferrall does his sports show 8PM-12 every weeknight. He's the best sports guy out there, I could never listen to douchebags like Mike and Mike or Cowherd again after listening to Ferrall. He has no censorship and he is actually on while games are on so he is talking about the games in real time not the next day after they are over like most sports shows. You can listen to it for free if you don't have Sirius over on shoutcast.com. Just do a search for Howard and look for Howard 101.
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