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  1. BUMPs for the Inaugurations!! We miss you Obamas!
  2. I'm just curious how long you can keep that up lol Hopefully a while cause I laugh my ##### off every time i read that ##### :w00t: Slingblade is one of the funniest movies ever made!
  3. Sounds like Ga.State girls are real easy!Yeah but anyone's easy when you have vodka, roofies and lies. Kidding, of course, but I did tell them I was a pitcher for the Myrtle Beach Braves. I can't even remember if the Braves have a Myrtle Beach team, but I know they didn't #####ing know that. Like moths to the flame, for some reason. :laugh: Yeah we have a Braves farm team but its the Myrtle Beach Pelicans.
  4. :laugh: Doyle Hargraves is the man! This is the best thread I've seen since the switch to the new boards :cool:
  5. You might as well join another gym or just go on opposite days now cause she is gonna warn any girl she sees you talking to about your ****** lockdown tactics.
  6. Consider ****** privileges revoked, unless you are a really good BSer and tell her a jealous friend stole your phone and sent that text and not you.
  7. I miss the one he had of the bouncy asian chick but those 2 are great as well :w00t: As for Alge he's just another of many Falcon greats that ends up not retiring wearing red and black :crying:
  8. I get all my vinyl/promo/hard to find stuff from these guys: http://www.musicobsession.com
  9. I heard that these checks aren't "free money" but merely advances on next years tax returns and will be deducted from the amount we would be getting next year on our returns. Is this true?
  10. Worst cut since Mathis. You'll be missed Crumpler. Rot in **** Dimitroff!!!! :crazy:
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