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  1. Not only is Matty tough on the field getting battered around like a pinata cause Quinns disastrous O-line picks. He has to put up with relentless bashing by an ungrateful fan base. Now that my friends is tough. Matty is not perfect but he is no slouch on the field. Take the Giants game fans are complaining... Matty put up 300 yards... ran in a two point conversion and had a remarkable improvement on 3 point conversions. Geez... get him a half decent o-line. Well for those whining and complaining clueless fans... For Y'allinformation, that is what the new admin and coaches are trying to do.
  2. No. We really need to beef up the WR position. We are making progress with each adjustment. Running game miraculously appeared. Pitts is working out and getting better with experience. We need to beef up that o-line. Matty has targets he just needs some reliable front men. Overall the progress the team is making so quickly is promising. Its going to take time to fix the cap and gather the right players but no one can really say we are not making progress...
  3. CP was a great addition to this team. He quickly fit right in and has made a difference. Pleasure to watch him play.
  4. Terrell was playing 110 percent. Going to be harder to win without him. Gage is an ongoing problem. When is he going to be back we can only guess at this point. We need to keep injuries to a minimum until we have better depth.
  5. Brady.... 7 times superbowl champ. Not 6. You say you would love to see Matty win the superbowl but you don't mean it.... and if he did you would most likely complain he did not do it right and call it a fluke. Just say it... you hate Matty and you really rather root for TANNERHILL and JULIO Admit it... LOL taft trash talk getting lame.
  6. Patterson is gonna punt! LOL CP will play any position they give him.
  7. I agree get Hurst in there too. We have the tools. Time to use them. Is there a rule that a guy has to sit on the PS for a week before you can use him?
  8. They will get better and the players that cannot keep up will be rotated out. I do not see this staff keeping players if they don't produce. They are signing backups and replacements as we speak.
  9. Two games with new scheme and new team. Wake the @#%$ up. Also we were not smoked in Tampa. We played a surprisingly Good game till the 4th quarter... stop with th nonsense. Geeeez. So many experts... what are you smoking? They also have put a new punter and NT on the practice squad. Some fans just got to whine all season. Root for a different team...
  10. I have high hopes for CP. It also gives me hope that this new admin has the talent to put together a Falcons dream team. No matter what the naysayers say. Just going to take some time. Falcons are past rising up. Falcons are going to start "Flying High" then Flying Higher.
  11. Lets get these guys out of the practice squad and on the field.
  12. 👎 Not crazy about this punter. MHO is he is not going to work out. Hate to lose a game cause he cannot hit a target.
  13. AS and Pees are clueless... lol Haaaaaa not worh the effort to argue. The one liners keep coming on TATF 🤣
  14. I hope he gets to actually kick. I cannot imagine another game lost because of bad punts.
  15. Its been 20,075 days and the Falcons have not won a superbowl... smh.... LOL 👍🏈
  16. Now your really really really milking it now. Lets see... you slam Ryan... and Now Smith. I guess you want a new coach already after 2 games. New quarterback too. When you know the cap situation. Your griping about Smith and the new coaches cause we lost 2 games now. First two games with this new bunch of rookies. Not a lot of Vets. How many times in this post have you done that? LOL pretty transparent... Is this just an exercise to build up post count?... or try to get reps up. Cause you cannot be totally serious at this point. Haaaaaa only on TAFT you get this kind of critical logic.
  17. You had to turn it into a julio thread... really? 🤣
  18. Your have already made your point... now your milking it... I guess your bored.
  19. Try fox sports again. Bern pretty reliable streaming to tv off phone.
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