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  1. This team is incredibly consistent. How dare you say otherwise. They consistantly blow big leads in the fourth quarter while while napping in the third. That is why the new pajamas they call uni's were issued.
  2. Quinn's post presser was just like last year. More on job training. Denial and excuses. Wash, rinse and repeat. Now if it directed to winning that would be good. But the Falcons are all about finding bigger and more spectacular was of losing.
  3. You do not need FF to root for a team other the ATL All Time Losers. I will be watching and rooting with my friends from Baltimore for the Ravens. If I need a comic tragedy I will keep tabs on the Falcons. I gave a lot of my life to this team through rebuild after rebuild. The team is still a mess and dumber than a sack of bricks. They have perfected losing in the 4th quarter. Just when you think the cannot top stupidity the Falcons go out of their way to prove us wrong. AB wasted time keeping Quinn this off season. We will see how it goes cause we are not getting rid of Quinn
  4. So cause they suk its ok for us to suk... love it. I love the rationalization your doing there. I went through the 12 step program how to cope with the huge ineptitude of the Atlanta Falcons from the top all the way down a couple of years ago.
  5. Ah youthfulness and optimism. Same stuff that got said last year... deja vue. Lets wait cause there are very few freakin' HC's available this time of year! We wasted another year... got sheeeet for cap space and college prospects are in question cause of covid... lol. We got first round misfits that stare at a football as it spins and hypnotically drains them of any intelligence they have. To lose a game by a point that if Quinn did not get cocky and went for the field goal could have sent us to overtime... defense was giving away yards like government cheese at a food bank. Same c
  6. King of misfit island... Arthur Blank. So how is our cap space for next year? Haaaaaa fans might start talking about next years draft in a week or two.... but college football is shredded right now.
  7. I beg to differ... today was a real team effort... LOL... you cannot just blame Quinn. Our first round misfits made a real name for themselves.
  8. I hear ya. Going to spend more time this year with my Raven loving friends that with my Falcon friends. Why why why cause the ATL on those new pajamas the Falcons wear stands fot All Time Losers... I figured they made those dual use uni's so Falcon players would comfortable while they sleep through the third quarter.... lol😂
  9. The problem is Arthur Blank did not make the move when head coaches were available. Now we are where I said we would be last year. So if we go 1-3 there will be the same excuses. Just wasting time. Our schedule is anything but cream puff. So unless they have an early epiphany we are doing the same thing over and over. Ground hog day? Continuity! Or just stupid stubbornness. I cannot keep watching this and make excuses. Some fans think the Falcons are great.... show me where. They don't have the wins to back up the numbers. Not many good coaches available right now so we are back to
  10. Pajamas so when they nap the third quarter away they are comfortable and don't have nightmares about blowing a huge lead in the 4th. 😂
  11. ☝️ You think we still are 7-9 with our schedule.... lol. Optimist are ya... lol The ATL "All Time Losers" will be lucky to win 5.... Dallas was injury ridden and the Falcon team self destructed. Quinn was cocky going for 2. We could have maybe wound up in overtime. Almost makes you think they had bets with the bookies that had to be covered. Falcons are on a bus to nowhere. If they elevate their game they might get back to mediocrity. 👎
  12. Going to hang with my Raven fans another season. Arthur loves his Continuity... continously losing a huge lead in the 4th quarter. GOooooo ATL... All Time Losers. And the pajama uni's look like crap.
  13. Talent? We taught basically a new team of misfits how to lose a game and huge lead in the 4th quarter. Its easy to blame the players but most are new here. So I am thinking it something other than talent... its coaching. Plus we have gathered all the first round misfits in the NFL. Must be a reason other teams let them go...
  14. Once Again Falcons say F u Falcons fans... Inventing new ways to lose a huge lead. Maybe I can hang with my Raven friends. LOL... ATL ='s All Time Losers! Pathetic.... team is pathetic year after year.... how to lose in the 4th quarter perfected by ATL... All Time Losers. Sorry but what excuse will be used in Quinn's post presser? Huh... guess what. We just got a large dose of CONTINUITY! ARTHUR BLANK YOU WASTED A YEAR AND A HALF... YOU GOT YOUR CONTINUITY. CONTINUOUSLY LOSING OVER AND OVER AFTER HAVING A HUGE LEAD. ... Haaaaaaa... what a bunch. Well at least I will have
  15. Are the Falcons taking the usual 3rd period siesta and baby nap.... so they can try to win it in the last 2 minutes of the fourth?.... Say its not so...
  16. Lets keep being nice to Dallas... Charity game here. Keep it up kume by ya 😜
  17. I like it. If this is us being "nice" to Dallas I am all for it. Keep racking up nicely. 😎 👍
  18. The uni's are butt ugly! Whose Idea was it to tone down Falcons for ATL.... ugh. LoL
  19. But there was no continuity. We axed almost all our starters and kept the lousy coaches... BS runs downhill and a lot came down the hill to justify keeping a Quinn. DK is just a scab on the wound. We should have ditched Quinn and TD at the bye week. If we have to axe Quinn this year we have to wait until there is a decent coach availble. That is another year and a half wasted. Well it is only week one. Hope DQ doesn't take 5 weeks to figure out how to win a game. Quinn is no strategist. He gets played by the other coaches with ease. What is worse he is not even that lucky. Last
  20. Its ok... Tampa is going to kill us.... lol
  21. We unload Quinn in week 4 we relive last season. We will see. This can become a rose garden or a $heetshow Real quick. Should have found a coach when they were available.... not wen they are all working.
  22. Last year on the bye week. That would have been soon enough. Last seasons wins mean nothing. We should have cleaned house mid season.... there was no continuity.... we got rid of most of our starters. Last season was plain BS on McKay and Blanks part.
  23. It would have been odd if we won. LoL🤣
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