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  1. But aren't all first rounders great football players... even after acl injuries? So it really does not matter who you pick up. They all have unrealized potential. And after an ACL... they can be had so cheap. "Just sayin'" I mean that seems to be the consensus for our totally incredible A+ round of free agent pickups. Why overthink it... we can just let a few more starters go if we have to dig for cash.
  2. LOL . A little early for this discussion Steve. You trying to excite the rabble. We are not even done with the draft. We don't even have the same team and these guys have never played together. But the thought behind is nice.
  3. I agree. I watched Freeman this year and compared him to other Running backs and did not see anything that would make me want him on the team. Trufant was an injury waiting to happen. We do not need more of that. Very sorry we lost Hooper. He fit in well and made a difference. I was surprised when they released them. Cap space and all.
  4. Always denial here. Another off season on TAFT that elevates TD and DQ to sainthood. After another pitiful performance and season that was full of nothing but excuses. Then they dump almost half the starters after proclaiming continuity. While insisting there is no cap problem. Deny everything and admit nothing. TD & DQ's modis operandi. Overcoming denial is the first step.... I can't wait to see what our grade is going to be after the draft. If we are lucky we will get a B- or a B. That is if we are lucky. But of course the posters here know more than anyone else that has a different take on what is actually happening. It would be great if TAFT fans could back up all this trash talk with at least one superbowl ring. Or maybe a few playoff wins. Until then being humble and humility might be a better way to go cause it looks foolish when fans try to trash talk. Especially against superbowl winning QB's and teams. You cannot claim greatness unless your great. For 50+ years the Falcons have perfected losing. Its put up or shut up time again... lol
  5. Don't know if you have been down here but tampa is a happening place. Lots of entertainment and sports. Baseball included. Spring training and such. Why would he go to calif? He is an east coaster. Traffic is better here anyway.
  6. Tom is a working guy. Does not mean he isn't for the warmer weather and beaches. He can play anywhere.. and since he is not greedy with contracts I am sure he is looking to have fun down here.
  7. Or he and his wifey wanted warmer weather and hang with Trump at Mar Largo. Good fishing... Beaches. After 6 rings what does he have to prove to New England. And Tampa is less hectic than Jacksonville and Miami.
  8. I knew you loved me.... pet names now? Princess? LoL. I love offseasons on TAFT.....
  9. Say what you want about Brees & Brady but you show just how jaded your opinion is. I get your a homer die hard fan... I get it. But Brees has one ring and Brady has six. You sure talk like they didn't do what it takes to win them. You show no respect to those accomplishments, which shows just where your mindset is. The sure sign of a loser who does not respect a formidable adversary. I have no love for Brees. Hated Joe Montana but respected him and feared every time we had to play Brady cause.... Brady is Brady. LOL Peyton Manning was a force... so I get it. But now the lackluster Falcons have two all time greats in their conference. They might be old but they do not lack intelligence and should be given respect due. Especially if we want to beat them. I don't know if Quinn is up to that challenge. But what I think I an say without a shadow of doubt... it sure cannot hurt ticket sales... every conference game a shootout if the Falcons can hold their own.
  10. You just keep posting... I am running around in your head dude. The sky would be falling if there was a what sky are you talking about. The Falcons are no where being a sky team. Wake me up if we get to a playoff again. LOL. You talk like we are a force to be reckoned with. We have been like warmed up mashed potatoes since the second superbowl run. We got coaches that have trouble playing checkers. We let half the starters go. You know the ones that you all were crowing how they saved the second half of the season. And we still do not have a defense that is going to keep Brees & The Brady Bunch on the bench. LOL Sky... lol
  11. There is also no reason to think he cannot do it. We will have to see. I can day for 100 percent certainty that the NFC South will be in flux for the next couple of years. Where we wind up in the standings no one knows... what I do know is we got a bad case of continuity. LOL
  12. I would say the Panthers. If they turn up the heat we could be the next NFC South bottom feeders.. lol.
  13. If it wasn't for the ganging up on me it would be over.
  14. You can toss all the money in the world at it but the FO needs to shoulder a lot of the blame for this poor performance. You can insult me all you want but we are doing the same things we do every year. What was all that talk about continuity to not confuse the players with a change of coaching... I would agree but then they let half the starters go or walk.... lol. You cannot say poor cap management didn't a huge hand in that. More like the guys that played to keep Dan Quinn's job got payback... they got the boot. What a way to build loyalties on a team. And we still do not have anything near a defense that is going to keep Brees and Brady off the field. Put that in your bong and smoke it.
  15. Bite me dude.... you got a hard on for me. It is obvious i am in your head and will live there all off season. For your sanity I hope they don't blow it all up this season or you won't know what to do with yourself.