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  1. I am outta here.. Nite all!
  2. The Rams are in over their heads.
  3. Oh well.... th th th thats all folks.
  4. KC need an interception. Brady works well under pressure
  5. Todays gamea make up for all those lousy games the last couple of weeks.
  6. LOL what a game! This is getting good. Lots of football left.
  7. Talk about an about face. This game is turning into good football.
  8. Yeah but they did get hosed with that one play. It was so blatent. They should be able to challenge it.
  9. WOW. even looked like pass interference he caught that.
  10. LOL spaced it out.... lol. I meant KC
  11. Been watching, but I can see the frustration for KC. They need to make it real.
  12. Rams need to get one on the board.