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  1. I go with Hill over Freeman. Freeman was well done career wise here. I stuck a fork in him year before last. I wish him well where ever he goes. Hill justs needs to get snaps to get skillzzzz. Something he has been deprived of since we kept going to Freeman. Even when it was obvious Freeman was not getting it done. As far a Gurley as a Falcon he is an unknown... never took a snap here. Most folk do not mention that most of the new and supposedly improved Falcons have never took a snap and played together as a team yet. The Falcons... 2020 first round misfits. Will they be enough? To erase the ATL... all time loser label that follows this team... it remains to be seen if this new Falcon team will make NFL history. Atlanta deserves better. GOooooooooooooFalcons!
  2. Or if he proves himself and wants to get paid and our cap is a crappy as it always is we will just clean house again and start over. Saying of course he was over priced or not a good fit or team player.... the falcon way... continuity by being non continuous.
  3. I have a question. I do not know the answer and will show my humble ignorance. Does Thomas get double teamed and double coverage all the time?
  4. Water under the bridge. We got enough on our plate ahead of us.... pandemic.... protests.... Crazy Nasty NFC South... Same Coaching staff... it never ends. Cannot wait to see how we approach preseason whenever that happens. Will it be business as usual or will we try to learn how to win before the season starts.
  5. Do you post just to advertise the gym?
  6. Personally I am a Hill fan. I think his main problem is he needs more consistent playing time and touches. He never got a good chance to develope IMHO. Freeman was so predictable that any team could stop him. He had little zig to his zag. He would put his head down and run right up the middle... lucky if he got over 3 yards. I hope Tampa picks him up and plays him. Might make it easy for our defense. It is still going to be a tough year. I don't think Dan Quinn or our coaching staff are up for the challenges that they will see in regular season. They now have to contend with a hungry and very talented NFC South. The easy times.... well the are to be remembered as the good ole days... unless Brees and Brady have epic meltdown this Falcon team that never touched a ball together, is going to have to fight tooth and nail for every point. I hope we don't spend the preseason games "evaluating" and spend it figuring out how to win right out of the gate. Not 8 games in. Evaluating was for before you drafted or signed them. Winning is what regular season is about. Dan Quinn's on job training program needs to end and he needs to put on his big boy coaching pants. A rerun of last season is not tolerable. Period! Even if we have to unload him mid season. So I would go with Hill.
  7. I still think they are ugly. And probably will think they are ugly if I am still alive when they change them again. But hey.... they are perfect since we usually win ugly.... LOL p
  8. I have come to the conclusion that they are trying to make all the teams look like they stepped out of a video game. The uni's just don't look great. Ours are not making me rush to buy gear. I was looking forward to wearing some Ridley gear... maybe I should just dig out the M Vick jersey.... lol
  9. WOW no sheeeet. We need to have a running game. I was saying that all last season.... Freeman was not cutting it. How much we pay these geniuses to have hindsight?...too much! I just pray this season is not a bunch of reruns. I have had it with Falcon continuity.
  10. The Buc's did just what you said could not be done... lol.
  11. Right now on the news here in Florida they are pumping the 2019 Buc's defense. Saying the are numero uno. I would say our unproven defense has it's work cut out for itself. Maybe we could actually win a few in preseason instead of waiting till the 7th or 8th game of regular season to make it work.... lol
  12. Ryan is not average... lol He needs a better oline.... one that can block all the die hard Falcon Fans that like to hit late and pile on...
  13. Buddy years we lose it in the 4th... its our MO.... as the say in the detective stories. For years and years.
  14. Genius and Dan Quinn in the same sentence.
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