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  1. Ha haaaa haaaa. . Only 2 players... Can I sell you a time share in detroit...
  2. Austin Hooper wanted the big bucks.... his performance declined after he left the falcons. Ridley needs to be paid well. but not super star money.
  3. I agree with anyone that says we cut Gurley.
  4. And now as I have said ad nauseam. We have to deal with the cap. We go nowhere until we straighten out that mess. 🙄
  5. Was it a whole nanosecond before another disrespect Matty post. Was it another nanosecond before the pick out Matts faults while claiming to be a Matt Ryan fan. Yeah I know no disrespect intended... lol what a bunch of nothing burgers. Just another thread to troll for likes on TATF.
  6. LoL.... yeah Matty needs to block before he throws... lol. Maybe he can then run and catch his own passes... the Oline has suked for years.
  7. Yeah matty getting sacked 8 times in one game.... its all on Matty... haaa your delusional.
  8. Our problems arise from the mentality that we always shoot for a quick fix. We need a major overhaul. I agree but I do not believe our problems are fixed with one player or position... our O-line could not stop a pee wee team from sacking Matty. Folks complain matty does not run away fast enough crack me up.
  9. I watched the games... i was posting on each game day thread... i was there watching the the offense let the opposing defense run all over Matty... they cannot block sheeeeet. Where were you?
  10. You have to actually put a huge part of the blame on the offense... he did not have any offense. The O-line has to stop bringing their beach lounge chairs to the game. If the O-line is so weak they cannot stop the oppositions defense they should get a pink slip and jettisoned before Matty.
  11. I prefer Flying High or Flying Higher... Rise up is something you tell a fighter when he is on the Matt.... see what I did there.
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