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  1. Look at the Ravens this year. Oh snap.... now look at the Bengals.... oh bad luck.... Now look at the geriatric Steelers.... amazing.... better get a wheelchair for that old over the hill Ben Roethlisberger. The thing is Ben has an Oline and a working Dline.... something we struggle with most games. 10-0 Steelers... playoff lock coming. We won 3 games against .400 and below teams. All of a sudden TAFT starts talking like we are going to win 10 straight. Haaaa.. TAFT starts up the keep Morris he is great... TAFT starts the our players are so talented.... TAFT just goes all fuzz
  2. .800 team duh... you just cannot make this crap up.
  3. How are those Bengals doing today?... 🤔
  4. Give me a break... what we need is an oline... he gets a nanosecond to throw the ball to recieving corps that have not even had time to shake a defender and run the route. What you think Matty should do the blocking too. 8 sacks... he got the living daylight beat outta him and your calling him timid? Get real. Your lucky hebcould stand up and keep playing. Matt is not the problem. The oline that cannot block a tball team is the problem. And we have a pretty crappy defense... could not cover a reciever if they were duct taped to them. But as always... y'all call to get rid
  5. Morris has until end of the season. The oline was horrible. You cannot expect Matt Ryan to be effective if he only gets a nanosecond to toss the ball at receivers that haven't even ran the route. After 8 sacks we are lucky he could get up off the ground amd move, let alone throw an accurate pass. He should not have to do his own blocking. Getting back to Morris. If you all expect him not to have any losses you either drunk, on drugs or just flat out outta your mind. And where the heck was the defense.... they left the building when they saw what playing a .800 team is real
  6. Gurley looks good when you watch him but the reality is he is only averaging 3.7 yrds per carry. Where if you look at Hill he averages 4.4 yrds per carry. Not great numbers from each of them but why don't we give Hill more touches.
  7. First over .400 team we played. Maybe we should replace all our scouts too.
  8. Give me a break... they are not suppose to get close to him... your argument is ridiculous.
  9. Y'all think getting sacked 8 times does not take a toll. Oline making Matty a crash test dummy! 😡
  10. Yeah cause the oline is trying to get him killed. I cannot believe you think getting sacked 8 times is Ryans fault.
  11. Hill has so much protection he can wander around the field like taking a walk around the park.
  12. Oh well.... over .400 teams will be an issue.... I believe last week orbso I mentioned we have not played a decent defense yet.
  13. First round misfits that no one but Quinn and TD wanted them to get cheap.
  14. Why are the snaps so low that Matty has to lean over to get the ball? Huh?
  15. Well folks the bad news is its the 4th.... the good news is we don't have a huge lead to blow.
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