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  1. They probably will prove to be difficult. Be like training with mr yamaguchi to be the best. We need to learn to beat to best. I totally agree with you. Those that tell me Brady is washed up are delusional. Bucs are formadible.
  2. The division is half way to the superbowl. I have said, here on this board for years, that if you dominate the division it is half the battle. Brady and the Bucs add a new dimension of difficulty. Saints might be an easier with out Brees. Carolina I can never figure out... lol 😎👍🏈
  3. Cause he would not have opened his big mouth disrespecting the team in public and the media. Julio always had his hand out. His main concern was the Benjamins. He definitely Could have left the team in a much more considerate manner. His actions decreased his perceived value that other teams would have given the Falcons in the trade. He was a disgruntled player and showed it. You seem to be bent on defending him. Are you a relative of his? His mother? Agent?... lol He is gone... good for us. Hope we get a superbowl win before he does... yes I do hope for that. G
  4. Ahhhh I am sure some defensive player wants to come to the Falcons. Time to shop the Piggly Wiggly again. We will make it all work. Our front office is no longer an agency of the weak minded.
  5. Ridley is to go to man! Pitts is the guy to catch the impossible. And Davis is the pound dog... Gage is there to keep them honest.
  6. Grateful for what. Been around since the late sixties. Saw this team implode time after time. I am grateful we traded away negativity and turned it to a positive...didn't need an ungrateful player. Took out the trash... then you showed up to tell me how to be a fan.... lol haaaaaaaa. 🙈😂
  7. Not really Jetpac. I "was" a Julio fan. Hooper fan too. But... when I started to see how Julio treated the team and his injury situation I realized he was just another commodity. I really thought his dead money Cap hit would have kept him here another year. So when he started to vibe on his greatness being wasted on the Falcons that was it... stats or no stats we do not need him. I also would have jettisoned Quinn and TD 2 years ago... Quinn did not deserve a 2nd chance. TD'S cap problem started years ago... He just kept kicking the can down the road praying to get back to the p
  8. Its all up from here... 4-12 is a good jumping point... haaaa
  9. I heard that he showed up and AS asked him to jump and has not come down yet. 😂
  10. But we might never have an answer to that question. Just like we will never know if the great Julio faked an injury and sat out half a season so to avoid an injury before he made his grand exit. His time table probably got shot to h€££ when he opened his mouth and stuck his foot in it to Shannon Sharpe. We will never know the real story. In the words of the great Aholeio Jones... "He is outta here!". LOL Case Closed 😄 He is yesterdays snooze.
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