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  1. This should guarantee our Falcons finish ahead of the Jets lol
  2. I think it is going to come down to if our Falcons can stop the 2 pt conversion
  3. They should have at least 1 less timeout if it wasn't for the stupid run out of bounds play
  4. saved by the flag. Hope we take advantage of that with at least 3 more points
  5. Not close to where I want this team to be, but this team seems to be playing with more heart the last 3 games
  6. Need to get a field goal at least (Koo owes us) and run some of that clock.
  7. Now I know the Panthers are going to score a TD, seen this movie way too often. I sure hope it has a better ending this time.
  8. We should win this game, we look like the overall better team out there tonight, but we know there was already 3 other games this season we should of won.
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