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  1. That was a great game by Ryan. need him to do more of this
  2. so now it is up to the onside kick, better not see a repeat of the Dallas game from last year
  3. That should be enough for our "W", but then it is our Falcons
  4. Corey Davis made the best catch of his career probably.
  5. C'mon D don't even want to see the Jets attempt a on-side kick
  6. I was so sure that flag was on the Falcons, thank goodness I was wrong
  7. so wish Patterson could of stayed inbounds to get the clock to the 2 minute warning
  8. Jets also have a lot of momentum now. Falcons better find a way to score a TD on this next drive
  9. So this is when the Falcons D makes sure the Jets stay close
  10. But without that Holding, Ryan would of been on his back for sure
  11. 1 more Quarter, lets get a TD and put this game away and get Ryan past Eli Manning on the all-time passing yards list while doing it.
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