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  1. Alfred Jenkins
  2. The Patriots sure have it easy with the Dolphins and Jets in their division. Have to be two of the worst NFL teams I have ever seen. The Bills are nothing great either.
  3. Love it, but we gave them so much time
  4. If it were the Eagles behind it would be easy for them
  5. Team team breaks my heart way too often
  6. I don't know if I can even watch this. Starting 0-2 would with 2 losses in the conference does not sound like a playoff year.
  7. This team is just full of bad luck
  8. Been totally taking care of Wentz all game, but now we are going to here how great Wentz is.
  9. I know, unfortunately most of us have
  10. Going to need at least 2 more times, maybe 3
  11. Our D is letting me down this drive
  12. We need a turnover. I don't like what I am seeing from our offense tonight other than Ridley
  13. Ryan always seems to get sacked on 3rd down