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  1. Patriots and Brady's Dynasty started with the Rams, hopes it now ends with the Rams.
  2. Maybe it will be fitting that the Patriots and Brady's Dynasty started with the Rams and hopefully will end against the Rams.
  3. Going for the Rams, but I will be surprised if they pull it off. Goff is no Mahomes.
  4. Yes at least once. Or at the very least make the first team risk going for two to win without the other team getting the ball.
  5. I want to see Mahomes with at least one chance
  6. I hope I don't have flashbacks
  7. Brady has made a lot of mistakes already, I doubt he has another one in him
  8. Of course the Pats even win the coin toss. Somehow KC has to make a big play on D, I really don't know if they can do it.
  9. Yep probably won't watch it if the Pats win
  10. That is what would really worry me if I was a KC fan
  11. KC allowed too big of a return
  12. Somewhere Skip Bayless is drooling right now.
  13. Way to go KC, but sure wish it at least another minute less left