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  1. NBC Sports Boston's Michael Holley reports Julio Jones wants to play for the Patriots. "You know who (Jones) really wants to play with? He wants to play with Cam Newton," Holley said in a TV appearance. Jones also reportedly thinks Falcons QB Matt Ryan has "lost a little zing on his deep ball." The Julio trade rumors have started to heat up with Atlanta needing cap room to sign their draft picks. The Patriots, who acquired Mohamed Sanu from the Falcons for a second-rounder in 2019 and have a history of trading for veteran receivers, are one of the teams that could fit his $15.3 mi
  2. This should guarantee our Falcons finish ahead of the Jets lol
  3. I think it is going to come down to if our Falcons can stop the 2 pt conversion
  4. They should have at least 1 less timeout if it wasn't for the stupid run out of bounds play
  5. saved by the flag. Hope we take advantage of that with at least 3 more points
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