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  1. Remember what I say here... We don't need a New QB, we need a couple of Top Monster OL man... and we need a a couple of Monster DTs .. That's my story and I'm sticking to it !! If we had those 4 players we'd be ready to compete ! But it probably will not happen until the next draft.. It would be nice if we could pick up one of each some how.. But it they are any good . Nobody wants to give them up. I'd say this year will be a leaning year to adjust to AS system. But that's not going to get is very far until we get the OL and DL taken care of.
  2. No, Because we picked up Felipe Franks who is the same exact size of Kyle Pitts.. 6-6, and is almost an exact clone of Justin Fields.. And we got him after the draft! And I THINK FRanks IS GOING TO BE THE REAL DEAL.. SO WHY WOULD YOU Not WANT TO TAKE A QB like a clone of Fields after the draft in FAcy. Its FREE !!
  3. He needs to get his lumps taken out, or else he may not be around very long.. Get right or Get left. AB is on a mission.. and he will not stand for games like we had.. Worst lose I've ever seen in the 58 years I've been a fan. Blank will give him time to figure it out.. And I happen to think he will.. But if not sometime during this season.. I don't think AB will put up with it.. But! Even if he gets us going by the end of the year.. Then he'll stay, JMO.. Because if the HCs figure it out then AB knows he should keep the Coaches rather than go throw a learning year again.
  4. That is not the problem .. In time you'll see why he went with the TE and Safety. I think it was the right thing to do.. But! I am afraid he Drafted the wrong OL.. But every Coach and GM makes mistakes,, He'll learn from the mistakes he makes,, And , it happens as long as He's a HC in the NFL.. There are no perfect people , just like there are no perfect Coaches.. Here's the deal.. Nick Saban don't win because hes considered the best Coach in College , Ala.. happens to get the best players in College.. Why,, Because they have a History of being the best Team in College .. And all the best players want to play for Ala.. They know if they do.. They will have at least an 80% better chance of getting Drafted simply because they played for the Best team in College Most of the time. Think about this.. Most kids coming out of College want to go to a winning Team when they get drafted.. And there ya go... We just need to use Higher percentage plays ,, and Kiss the Loses Goodbye.. Kiss.. Keep it Simple Stupid. Go with Quick plays.. To keep Ryan off his can.. And injury's off our team.. I guess it was all about the new plays.. WE played way to slow. And it shows we don't have the new plays set.. They need to take advise from Ryan.. Or else , you'll see a team getting it's But kicked over and over this season until they figure that out. Quick and Out.. It all comes down to a matter of seconds in every play.. If we don't have time to set for a pass.. We should take what they give.. hand it off to our backs.. Lastly,, As I said right after the first game.. You cannot take the time it took for our passing plays.. We should Run first anyway.. over and over until they think we going to run every play.. Then pass it till they think we're going to pass it every play , then Run again.. Don't give them a Road map to our plays.. Yes. it soulds simple,, and it is..
  5. Talk about negative Nancy's ! Yes the game was the worst one I've ever seen, Period. But we can only go up.. If they don't knock us down again.. I'm sure there are some major changes going to be made before our next game. Bad thing about that is,, They will probably over react .. then you have to figure out where they over reacted. They need to KISS ,, Keep It Simple Stupid. Bottom line is we have got to get the ball out Quicker.. And we must get a couple of Vets on the OL added. Good ones.
  6. In the NFL , it only takes one weak Link to break the Chain. On the OL or the DL ..
  7. Look AT THE possitive SIDE,, We'll probably get the First pick in the Draft in April...
  8. But here's the thing, These DTs and DEs coming out of College are built like Arnold Swartz Nager .. And if any team don't have one or two of these guys.. We're running behind.. It's all about who has the biggest , baddest Lineman.. on both O and D lines..
  9. We did get beat by more points.. But IMO we looked Worst against the Eagles than any game ever , And I've been a fan since 1972 ,, Never seen Ryan look like he's was trying to wake up from a bad bad nightmare. But he just couldn't wake up .... And when he did.. He screamed ,, Oh No!! IT was REAL,, It really was Real and as bad as I thought it was !!
  10. To me, No doubt, Eagles made us look worse than any other Game I can remember. .OH man,, It was bad,, Even worse than any game I've ever seen.. And that's the truth.. And here I was thinking nobody can beat us this year.. Wow!! Just Wow !!! It was like watching a bad bad night mare... One thing about it ! We can't get any worse than that. So we are at rock bottom right now... And I've never said that. It was pitiful ! All we can do is go up,, WE can't get any worse.
  11. Here are the 3 most important players on any NFL team... It don't matter who your QB is if any NFL team does not have these players that can do their jobs well. 1. OC 2.OGs 3. OTs
  12. If they don't get the OL fixed,, We can all forget this season.. I didn't think I'd have to say that ,, especially this early. Smith needs to trade some good players for some good OL. We have a lot of players and talent.. Just not in the OL position.
  13. Maybe all that has taken place will help the New Coaches to learn even more about how to go about building a team.. Even thou it looked so bay Sunday.. It's really not as bad as it seems.. They will figure it out,, just hope it's in time to have a chance to make the playoffs.
  14. Cominsky should have not made this team.. I made a post about this last mouth.. It's obvious that He don't have the pro skills needed to be here. Oh well, they'll figure it out sooner of latter.. I just hope they figure it out in time for us to make a run.
  15. I wanted Pitts,, and very glad we got him.. But everybody in the NFL knows you have to have an OL to win , and without a top OL ,, We will be nothing but talked about.. how bad we are.
  16. AB has the greens.... Richest owner in the league most likely ... The main thang is to keep the main thang the main thang. OL first , other wise it will be the last thang. And that won't work.
  17. As my Daddy would say,, There's more than one way to skin a Cat !! We made the best pick we could have in the Draft by getting Pitts.. That will prove itself in time. It's not Pitt's fault that we didn't take care of the OL in FAcy.. No ,, don't blame this on Pitts.. WE just simply could have gotten a proven OL.. Give the rookie time.. and we should have signed a proven VEt till Mayfield is ready.. He was not Ready to be thrown in the Fire.
  18. Yes! But just like a weak link in a chain ,, That is where the opposing D# players will bust throw the line... To try their best to knock Ryan out of the game...
  19. I don't believe that we had to stick to a budget ,, They just did not make sure the OL was good enough ,, WE must have #1 ,, The best OL in the league,. and #2,, The best DL needs to be second. Without a Super Solid OL,, WE will go nowhere... and do nothing other than watching Ryan get bull dozed every week till he is knocked out for the season.
  20. If the FO doesn't fix this until next off season, Ryan probably will step down.. I know I would. They can't expect Ryan to be fine with getting beat up every game this year until the FO fixes the problem next year! That's Crazy talk... We have to get this fixed NOW.
  21. If they don't fix the OL, Ryan will be gone after another game like the on Sunday!
  22. I wouldn't care if we traded next years First round draft pick for a top OL ,, Because what does it matter if we have to watch Ryan get ran over every week,,?? Do you not think the team we play next week will not see how to beat the Falcons ...? The FO must get a couple of Really good OL players. Or else we will have the worst season we've had in years.. Like I said. I've never seen Ryan ran over like he was yesterday. In all the years Ryan has been the QB.. Not even close. That my fan friends is a sad day.. And to think I thought every think was in good shape for this season.. Sure Smith has a lot of players.. but we all know, it's not the Quantity , It's the Quality !!!
  23. But you missed the point of this post.. You cannot Draft a seasoned Veteran ,, We need to get a couple of Proven Veteran OL at the very least... Mayfield got ran over.. We need proven OL. No matter what the coast.. Because this is what is going to make this season.. or Break it like the game we played Sunday!! That's the worst game I've ever seen , that way Ryan was thrown around like a Rag Doll.. He won't last 3 games like that .. Then it will be over for this season. They better fix the OL or else ,, you can say .. Bye Bye 2021 season ,
  24. The only positive thing I can say is... It's at least an evident problem.. We know exactly what we need.. Hoping the Coach will go out and even if we have to give up a 1st round pick next year.. We must get a couple of top line OL. No matter what we have to pay for them.
  25. It's not going to be easy at this time of year.. Our problem is IMO pretty simple ... But at this time of year it will make it hard to do.. Because what we need more than anything else is the new breed of Monster OL. I'm looking at our OL and its just not there.. The NFL teams have gone to Monster size OL that is build like Giants... I saw some OL last night watching the game.. Dude,, they had a OL that look like he was 6-7 and built like Tarzan on steriods . Here's the point.. If we don't have an OL that can give Ryan time to throw the ball?? You can forget this season and we'll be taking the first pick of the Draft in 2022. Nobody wants that! It may be to late to find any I'm sure.. Yeah.. we went with a generational TE that I do love,, But if we don't have an OL to give Ryan time to throw the ball to him , what good will he do?. You can forget the targets to Pitts or any other WR. Bad news is ,, WE probably can't get any Monster OL until next draft.. Smith needs to some how find a trade to upgrade our OL. Even if it's just one or two would be better. I'm not trying to be negative ,, Just the honest truth !! Get the OL fixed , and we'll be fine.. But I'm afraid it's to late to find any at this point of the season. I've never seen Ryan get ran over,, Knocked down... and clobbered by the D# like last night.. I was just hoping that Ryan wouldn't get knocked out for the season.. He is one of the toughest players I've ever seen. He's like Gumbo ... thankfully .. very flexable ....
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