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  1. I think Gage has played really well , I believe he can getter done. If he plays like he did last year,, I don't think we have anything to worry about.
  2. Sounds like Matt's a Nogo , We need to find some Paso to pay a Gogo to take his placeso.
  3. Exactly, and that is why I used Julio's numbers from last year... I was thinking that would break the record,, Hum , That means he may get more than Julio's numbers. I believe he could break the TE record for a rookie.
  4. I know,, that's why I said that.. If anybody can do it, Kyle Pitts has the gifts to do that. Remember,, He is called a Generational player at his position.. Just like JJ was. The good news is,, Pitts is a hybrid TE/WR.
  5. I believe he'll have more yards than Julio Jones had last year !
  6. Glad we got Pitts very much,, But Justin Fields IMO will end up being the 2nd best QB in this class. I think he's the truth.
  7. Well, with the best off season I know of.. Since I've been keeping up with the draft and free agents brought in, And I've been following that since 1973, IMO there has not ever been one like this off season. Not only for the number of changes, But also for the number of players picked up that are very good players. And also I believe AS has nailed the draft which IMO was the best Draft we have ever had,, For that reason alone,, I think we'll make the playoffs, But that will all come down to how long will it take the Drafted players to catch on to their assignments, If they get it down quickl
  8. 1975 , The year I graduated from Highschool , I became a fan in 1973 , If I live two more years. I'll have been a fan for 50 years. Steve Bartcowski was the QB during those First years of never seeing us do any thing with our Cheap Owners. I was really glad when they sold out to AB. A great day ! So Hey!! Trust me,, it could be a lot worse , just like it was when the Smith's owned the Team. Now, not only does AB own this team,, He's going to do something right now to make us the best team the Falcons have ever been.. IMO, we are on our way to doing just that. !!!
  9. We've got to be able to run the ball, And OL has to protect Ryan, and We must take advantage of having a TE like Pitts. Use him to make the mismatches . Then run the ball again.
  10. That;s weird ,, I was headed down to say the exact same thing you just wrote.. As long as We get the best Five on the field.. We'll be fine.
  11. Ridley has already taken the role of best WR on the Falcons team. Last year Ridley out played JJ by a long shot. So all he needs to do is continue his great playing , like he did in 2020. And him being the great WR he already is will open the doors for Kyle Pitts. Who IMO will be better than JJ simply because of the age difference ... Now.. Let me just say I believe Pitts will have a much better Yards per touch than JJ this coming season.
  12. End of bench and Guard...... The water bottle !
  13. With this guys speed,, and your really saying you don't believe we will sign him. ,, I say with his speed if he has good wiggle in his returns.. I would think he'd be a good chance to make this team. Speed Kills on the Field. You can tackle what you can't catch.
  14. Thanks for sharing... This is the best news I've seen since the draft. Love this, I was hoping they would find a speedster ... Its amazing how much a player like this can help win more games.. even if he is the reason for one win.. That may be the game that gets us in the playoffs. This signing could very well end up being the top pick up after the draft. I've never seen this team do so many things in and around our Draft and with FA pick ups.. I believe it's going to show this season on the field.
  15. Yeap! Make no mistake.. The New Coaches will make all the difference in the world! Say,, Daylight and Dark. Really Glad that AB knows when to hold dome and when to Foldome , So we can fill the Stadium !
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