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  1. Two S and no DTs.. I'd much rather have two DTs and no S. But in all likeness , we'll draft one DT and one S.. and one CB. The DTs in this draft, there are a lot of game changers.. We must protect this house.//////1
  2. Good question.. even thou they will be gone before we draft and I surely would not trade up for neither one... Cost to much in a awesome draft. So I'd prefer to draft at our 16 pick,, than to give them a couple of high picks to go up to get them ,, that would be the worst thing we could do.. in such a deep awesome,, maybe the most talented Draft in History.. They say it is btw... And for that reason ,, No way would I trade up.. unless Kinlaw falls really close to our pick ,, and would only have to give one pic and our 16 to get him.. And I'm beginning to wonder if that would be a mistake. There again,, because of so so so much talent in this draft.. I'm hoping we do trade down to get an extra pick or two.. That's what I'd love to see. But just not in the first round.
  3. Matt, if we trade up to #8 ,, That is where Kinlaw is ranked.. I'd have to take the him ,, the DT that gets more sacks than any DL in this draft. That's what I'd do. But I really don't want us to do that because of losing so many picks to get him.. I'm now thinking we should take DT Blacklock Who is almost as good as Kinlaw. This draft has way more high profile DTs than any draft I've ever seen. And we need to get at least one, and it wouldn't hurt my feelings if we got two. AAMOF, I'd love it. There are several DTs latter in the draft that would normally be as good as past drafts that would be the top DT.
  4. Blacklock is flying up the boards.. i love this pick also.. the only DT I'd rank higher is Kinlaw.. In my rankings.. don't get excited.. I'm talking about since we draft at 16,, I know Brown is out of the question.. And that doesn't bother me because there are some things I like better about Kinlaw and Blacklock so that doesn't bother me one bit.
  5. Well. Me too... still looking forward to see if they get the players I want. Hope I will not be saying.......
  6. Your last line answers a lot of Questions.. But even if for some unseen reason,, he is not used enough.. We still will not draft a RB.. We have a good group that I personally think we can count on. Our needs at other positions are far more important.
  7. No,, not after the additions made,, Add that to the RBs we already have and it adds up to a BIG NO... We will not draft a RB .. NO WAY ... will that happen.
  8. Well, if you really want to get technical ,, WE should thank AB more than any of the people he has hired ...
  9. I wouldn't mind us getting any of these players,, But the more I think about it.. the more I'm leaning more toward Blacklock ,, I think he'll be a great DT.
  10. If you think that one is bad,, you need to look at some other drafts we had.. they make that one look like we made an 80 on that test... We've had a lot of drafts where we failed the test completely. We have been getting better for the last few years. since TD has gotten here. The only few Falcon teams that ever did much,, Was when we added FAs and hit on our top two picks.. which anybody can do.. it's the teams that hit on the lower half of the draft that start passing everybody else during the season.
  11. Well, I've got a BIG reason to be positive ,,, When have we ever went out and got as many high ranked players like we did last week? We actually added more talent last week than we normally get in all of the off season additions. And we still have the draft to add.. Yeah,, I'm very positive about next season ...
  12. Yeap ! We are in a good spot now that we have all the players we just picked up.. It puts us in a good place so that we can peg the players we need in this draft ,, and just go get them.. Trade up if we need to and trade down in latter rounds to pick up the picks we lost by going up,, ever how many times that may be.. I'm really hoping we get at least the DBs I have in my mock.. I do think we'll take DL in the first round and another one latter.
  13. In that case,, I'd like for us to get at 16 one of these players.. 1. DE AJ Epenesa ,, 2. DT Hamilton,, or 3. DT Blacklock ,
  14. Hey. It's best to go by their game tapes anyway... instead of how fast they run and how strong they are.. I'm sure they have that info anyway ..