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  1. After watching the Titans last night,, I wouldn't read anything into that! They are pitiful this year... Sad because I like pulling for them as a 2nd team being I live right here close to Tenn, and work there some also. Got Henry on my fantasy league ,, Just pitiful last night... Good thing I have the best team in my league,, I'm pretty good at drafting,, I'm stacked!!
  2. My view made 62000 views... Nice View you got here!
  3. Im dead center of the baby boomers, born in 57, I'm 62 but feel more like I'm 42, God's been good to me even thou I've gone through a lot with my first wife who was bedridden for 10 years with MS, She when home in 2008 , lost everything I had but now have another awesome wife with a nice place paid for here in Tunnel Hill where I grew up. My God is an awesome God.. He guides and provides....
  4. 7 is my favorite number. I'd take that , But I think he may get more...
  5. Last thought on this, I think that Tru is playing a lot better because our D# as a whole is playing a lot better.. and because of that,, causeing the opposing QBs to get rid of the ball sooner even if they are not set.... and Tru is getting the help he needs from the DL to cause havac that causes those type plays.
  6. Gooot ... I say we will take the South and by then we'll be ready for the playoffs ,, As I said before the season started. I think we will be the team to beat by then. No less than a top 4.. And by then we'll have it down... I've said it many times,, WE loaded more than most fans think,, We have more depth than any Falcon team I can remember... That's what a team needs in this day of Hard Headed QB seeking missile D#s.
  7. Exact two I put down.. Nice picks...
  8. Call it what you will. It's the truth.. The HC was the blame for the others not getting the job done.. I was pointing out that Tru was not well during the time he played bad.. I think your wanting to argue , I'm not your guy.. I just state facts and let it lay. Those your named like Ryan and the others didn't play well because the Coaching,, that was very evident to me. But Tru looked like he was sick,, I don't know what it was, I'm just glad he's playing like his old self.. Never seen such a contrast... But happy for what ever reason Trufant struggled last year.
  9. I'll just agree to disagree,, He played like he was sick in the first 6 games last year.. There is a reason why this discussion is even going on. Who knows ,,, maybe he was sick... I'll just end with this,, I was so glad to see him play better last game than I've seen him play in over a year.
  10. My question would then be... Why would they play him knowing he was not going to get the job done,, and why would take a chance on him not healing while he played those games.. ??? Makes no sense ,, So I don't think that was the case.. JMO.
  11. Maybe so... But if your a professional NFL player and you can't get a good game in the first 7 games of the season.. Most of the time that player will be let go..He needs to count his blessings that we didn't say by by.. Hoping he's seen the light..I think he has,, but in the first half of last year you could see in his eyes." The lights may be on, but nobody be home!"
  12. What people don't understand is we haven't seen the best of Beasley yet.. He's a player who will get better every year.. Working hard at his craft of the position. As I said before this season started, I'm Beasley's biggest fan and same goes for Brian Hill. I like rooting for the quit hard working underdogs... William Andrews was one of my favorite of all time.
  13. Surely they are not going to eat pinto beans before the game..
  14. I'm glad I'm not the only person who saw how sorry he played last year.. Because he stunk it up... I've never seen anything like his turn around this year.. No telling what he may have been dealing with last year... what ever it was.. it was bad! Because he did stink bad last year!! He needs to be glad he got another chance. He's playing like he is glad and trying to prove he belongs here.
  15. Wow! I was feeling pretty good about this game until I saw this post... That is impressive for sure... The only problem is for them ,, they will be playing The Falcons.. With a QB named Matty Ice... and Ryan will make Ice Cream out of them Yankees !!