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  1. I would love to see the real statistics on this thought ,, if we could find those.. It would tell the story,, There are always going to be a few games that are played out where they lose a rare game and still had the greater time of possession , but I'd say at the very least 7o% of the time a team wins the time of possession , They win the game. Now if we could do that and also strengthen our D# with the right draft picks and FAs.. We'll be on our way to the playoffs next season.
  2. Well , I understand that and see your point.. But truthfully ,, a great team has to have a great O# in order to be a great team.. Those long consuming drives by any great O# will wear out the opposing D#s every time.. And most of the time the team who controls the clock with their O# will win. I'd like to know the real percentage of that statistic , if some one could find that , it'd be good to see...
  3. A little bit misleading ,,, Think about it for a minute.. A great O# helps it's D# more than anything else.. If the O# controls the Clock ,, And has long consuming time drives .. That keeps the D# fresh and much stronger through out the whole game.. I have posted this same thought before when fans try to blame the D# when in reality the O# had a sorry game and that leaves our D# very weak and worn out by the 4th Quarter.. And this is the second time I've posted this truth.. A Great O# is your best D# !!
  4. I do not think we will draft a QB unless they peg one in the latter rounds.. But I don't even think they will do that. AS I've said many times. I think we need to get a proven vet QB as our backup.. This team will only be as good as the backup QB if Ryan was to need to sit out a game or two.
  5. 23 ,, I know I'll like it.. That number keeps popping up..
  6. Well, I guess I'm completely opposite of what your thinking.. And sure,, that's OK,, we are all different . May our Coach make the right philosophy , I'd say he'd agree with part of how your thinking and some of the things I think we should do. ,, Here's to hoping what Smith & Co. gets it right.. That is what we really need. The one thing I clearly don't agree with , is that it will take 3 years to rebuild.. I'll go so far to say,, I think we'll be three times better this coming season.. Simply because we now have the right leaders , HC , OC, DC. Now all we need is a great draft..
  7. As long as we don't trade Brian Hill off, I'll be fine. I know what your thinking.. Gonna be a fun season next year.... our opponents will get strangled with Hill Dust !
  8. You've got the only user name that I like better than my own.. Awesome.. and Thanks for sharing your faith Brother !
  9. I'm sure glad the fans don't make the decisions ,, We'd be in a mess this season for sure...
  10. Yall quit talking about me !! Cause I'm one of the crazy fans that don't want to draft a QB..
  11. Do you mean to tell me that wasn't a Hoot!! To me that's the funniest Joke I've ever heard. You've got to have a since of humor to get it.
  12. Ok ,, I just thought of one of the best jokes I've ever heard of because of what someone said in this thread,, here it is.. ( There was a bunch of inmates in a Federal Prison.. And every Friday night they would have joke night.. But they only had one joke book ,, So they used this book and they knew the jokes so well, that they would just give the page number of that joke,, One would stand up and say.. 42 ! And the whole crowd started rolling and Ha Ha ing . Another one stood up and said 26 ! Man the crowd went nuts laughing .. Then the next man stood up and said.. 15,, But nobody even hinte
  13. I said my last Mock,, I did make two in a hurry mocks before the last one.. But it took me three to get it right.. Kind of like the third time is a charm... Now I know why they say that...
  14. Ding Ding Ding Ding !! We have a Winner!!!! What I've said from day one of this offseason. All you have to do is check my last Mock and the only one I'm going to make.. No way should we draft a QB .. To me,, that's the last position they would draft.. WE only need a good solid Vet backup QB .. that's it.. and we can save a lot of money by doing so.
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