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  1. He very well may be the best D# player in the Draft , period! And he could be the best player period. I think he is going to be the best D player ,, not even close. By the time the draft gets here. you guys will be singing a different tune. Dixie Land is where I hope he lands in the middle of Hotlanta.
  2. I just posted on another post.. give him no more than two years,, Because AB will know if he did the right thing by then. Don't be tied down to a 3 or 4 year deal.. Nope. I hope Blank is smarter than that.
  3. I say yes to Smith or Kelly please.. Not even close to the other two candidates ,,, Please no on Holmes and McKenzie.
  4. No,, He may give a 2 year deal is what I think would be fair.. enough time to see if improvement has taken place. If not. Fire and rehire ,, Find a Coach who has the mind of a Winning Coach , hopefully one who has been there and done that.. I mean ,, why would you hire someone your not sure has the Brain to do the things that makes a winning team???
  5. I'd say your right,, it would be a dumb move to fire Matt.. I can't think of any GM that would make such a stupid move as that.. I think Blank was just saying he will give the new GM the power to do what ever he thinks best to help this team. And he should give him that power to make the decisions ... Else we will have a two headed monster in control.
  6. I'd much rather trade back in the 2nd or third round.. So to get a top pick in the first round.
  7. Yes, Takk was the worst first rd pick in the History of the Falcons.. And I knew it the moment they called his name.. I have never been so mad at our Coach and GM for making such a blunder!! I was ticked... Talk about a blind and dumb GM to allow this to happen.. The Wisdom of our GM took a holiday in the first round of that Draft.
  8. Probably,, And I'm a positive Fan. But I just wish they had made the change before the season started.
  9. For sure, let Ryan play as long as he wants to.. But we need to get a QB to be an understudy of Matts.. And when Matt is ready to ride off in the Sun set,, We'll have a QB that can step in and not miss a beat.
  10. Maybe, but if the chance to get this player is there.. No way can we pass up on one a DTs like Marvin Wilson. And let me just put it like this,, if he is still on the board when we draft.. No way will we pass on him. But don't fret, He probably will be gone by the time we pick in round one. Because IMO, he'll be a top 5 or higher.
  11. Yes , but we need two Studs at DT. Get the big Monsters in the first two rounds.. DL , and OL, Then take other players. A team's foundation is Lineman. You can get steals at other positions in the 3rd to 7th rounds.
  12. See the glass half full !! That should put us in perfect spot to take the best DL in the draft.. Marvin Wilson.. from F.S. and it's not even close. Bring him home AB...
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