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  1. The bad thing is the whole Saints team looks like they are smallish also.. But like Brees,, they are playing lights out like the best team in the NFL ,, and if there is not major loses in this game,, I'd say NO win it all this year.. and that to me is an easy call.. they are playing together and like a well oiled machine. Sad but true.
  2. They good and that's the truth with my hand up!! What's bad is we have a lot to do to be able to beat them next year...
  3. I'm nearly always happy,, may the best team win... Since we're not in the playoffs.. I'd rather see them win form our Division than any other team... And I am a !00 % Falcon Fan... Brees is a smallist class act QB,,
  4. Hate to say it , but I said earlier in the season,, NO looks better than I've ever see them play.. I'd say they win it all this year.. Do I want them too.. NOWAY !!! But it looks like they have been playing the last 3 games I've watched them play this year as good as any team I've ever seen play in the NFL..
  5. Ah,,, IMO you don't win in the NFL by luck,, Unless that is the name of your QB,, and that ain't working to good that way ether ....
  6. Not!! But I do believe he's to good for the Rams... If he was playing for the Rams,, I'd pick them... For real!
  7. I just posted in another thread,, I think NO wins,, I don't really want them to.. But Brees just has to much experiance and is just to good.. IMO...He's like a machine.. Oh and he has Micheal Thomas who I had in my finial Mock the year he was picked,, I could see clearly that Thomas was going to be a great WR..
  8. This don't have anything to do with this post,, But I had Micheal Thomas in the last Mock in the year he was drafted,, In other words.. That last Mock is the one only one that matters to me because it's the one I really want. BTW,, I pick Saints to win today,, Brees just to good,,with to much exsperiance ,, Game just came on.
  9. Well, I'm thinking we will go DE in first rd and DT in the second round because of the depth of DT...And I think OL will be taken in the 3rd. My guess is,, DE in 1st round,, DT, in the 2nd round because of depth And OL in the 3rd round.
  10. As I have already posted ,, I hope we get all our OL HELP IN Facy,,, and draft our a DE, DT, in the first two rounds of the draft. And maybe draft an OL in the 3rd or 4th rounds...just to make sure we have our OL covered,, That's a must in order for Ryan to be the best he can be... Which if he's not ,, we have no chance for the play offs next season....
  11. Well , what i said in this post may longer by true,,, I said I was going to pick a DT first ,, But now not knowing if Tak will get to play ,,, I think we may have to draft a DE,, Since they are harder to get anyway,, And with the dept of the DTs,, we should still get a good one in the 2nd round...
  12. Hey, I wanted the bigger DEs in that draft.. But when we drafted him,, I looked at it like the FO knows more than I do.. and they do and I know that.. And for sure,, He did pump himself up big time by game day.. But it truly shocked me he could be that small on draft day and then be so bulked up come game day.. I've never seen that before in my Falcon Fan life .... No one cares for people more than I do.. and any Falcon player is a little special to me since I'm a fan.. I care for all people no matter who they are or where they've been,, My Dad was the worst alcholic in my town... I've dealt with it all,, But It made me to be an understanding person who has dealt with a hard life..And having to deal with my Dads addictions helped me all the years i've worked in the Jail Ministry...And seen many many men change their life threw the Savior, I know , I'VE BEEN THERE. And thankful I had the best Mother in the world.. if is was not for her,, there's no telling where I'D BE.
  13. I'm not talking about James Stone,, I'm talking about Brian Hill who only got one oppertunity to run the ball in one game,, and He plowed the field,, go watch it ,, He in that one game was more impressive than any one player on our team all year!! Don't believe that? Go watch it again... He plowed the field as he ran over and through the opposing D# .. Better be careful what you say here.. I have a feeling he's going to get more playing time,, You may have to eat a lot more crow than you think...
  14. Brian Hill is still on the team,, and when they put him in that one game he carried the ball about 6 times for around 90 yards.. Fans here don't bring that up because they made fun of me wanting to get him in the draft,, BTW,, he was the only player I got right in my Draft game..
  15. When we drafted him,, and he came up,, I thought to myself... this guy don't look big enough to play WR,, much less DE...He was skin and bones...I have to be honest and say ,, I was very disappointed that we drafted him. I was scratching my head thinking ,, how could we get such a small DE.?? He didn't look big enough to play CB,, Those where the words I told my son... Now,, I don't really care about all that now.. I'm concerned for him.. But I could see that he had a problem when he walked in at the draft. Wishing Tak all the best for him and what he should do to get better... Prayers up for Tack ...