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  1. "Y'all want to see a dead body?"
  2. Anyone saying Trask has a noodle arm doesn't know what a noodle arm is...
  3. I don't care if it's only spring training, I'm happy to see baseball on TV again...
  4. Never thought I'd want it in the NL but after last season, I'm in favor of it.
  5. Everyone on this forum when the season starts: "Please don't hit it to left, Please don't hit it to left, Please don't hit it to left...
  6. There will be cuts for sure but I don't think it will be overly drastic. Big contracts will get restructured.
  7. Tough week for Braves fans. I really enjoyed Don as a commentator, he'll be missed.
  8. I can't imagine what Hank Aaron had to endure in his lifetime but I know he did so as gracefully as any human ever could. RIP Hank.
  9. Lol, I wish. That said, Mr. Blank, I'm available.
  10. I'm all for a Riddick or McKenzie/Bienemy combo. Not because they're black but because I think they are the top candidates...
  11. He's Crash Davis without the homerun record...😂
  12. I was 5 years out of high school and by the end of that list graduated college (I took two and a half years off)...
  13. Seeing the Dodgers win, all I could think of is "that should have been ours"...
  14. It accelerates all paid out bonus money. Base salaries and options would go to the new team.
  15. And those stupid gay hair bands...
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