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  1. 1. This win won't impact our draft slotting all the much at the end of the day. 2. Not addressing sarcasm but yes, I was pleased that we actually showed up and players showed they care about what happens. If they didn't, that would indicate a much larger problem than where we draft. Sorry you aren't seeing that. 3. Unfortunately, it's not a super bowl so no super bowl winning feeling, just a normal win feeling, sorry you can't take the time out of your misery to enjoy that.
  2. First, they complain that the team has quit. Now we win, indicating the team has not quit and that's something to complain about. It's more tiring than losing...
  3. "This team has quit on this staff" Falcons win "ZOMG what are they doing, they are supposed to lose!!" Me: Keep throwing darts folks, you'll eventually get it right...
  4. Not to mention that there's a trend of college o-linemen not playing in traditional offenses so their skills aren't translating like they used to. They get drafted off of measurable and teams have to hope they can be coached up to play at the NFL level and there's really no way to measure that...
  5. We just now got a solid starting group. I do think they overestimated the depth but there will be changes made there as well.
  6. They've made adjustments. The biggest concern for me is the amount of mistakes made by players and that goes on position coaches more than anything else IMO. I'd be shocked if we didn't have new Oline/Dline coaches as well as secondary.
  7. Or the fact that the offense was averaging 28.5 points a game and losing Freeman and 3 offensive lineman due to injury/subpar play with the right side of the line being composed of Beadles and Sambrailo. Amazing to me how quickly people forget how good the offense was going and that it was the defensive letdowns that was killing us in the first half of the season...
  8. There will be changes but it won't be TD or DQ...
  9. And yes, I sang that last sentence to George Thorogood's One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer...
  10. Good lord someone get D-Led a proofreader...
  11. Extremely.
  12. Prior to the last 5 weeks, ATL was averaging 28.5 points. When Fusco went down and Schraeder was really exposed, well, things went south. The schemes we use didn't suddenly go sour after 3 successful seasons. I think there are some surprising drops in play level and yes, the injuries do play a factor in it whether people like it or not. You don't fix the starting lineup and the depth in a snap of the fingers. That's not how roster building works--this isn't Madden...
  13. Wouldn't shock me a bit. DLine is extremely deep so we'd be able to get a first round talent with our 2nd rounder. That said, I hope we choose the best lineman available on either side of the ball when our pick comes up...
  14. So much stupidity in this thread, I don't even know where to start...
  15. This right here...