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  1. Yes, my opinion that I gave was that if voters liked what they see (economic indicators, etc) then they should vote accordingly. At no point, did I declare that I was trying to inform a voter base like you are portraying but yeah, I think I'm done here for awhile. It's pointless to try to have any kind of legit conversation and has become nothing but a liberal circle jerk. Enjoy...
  2. Please show me where I said "I'm trying to inform" anybody. I very simply stated an opinion. I never, ever said I was trying to inform anyone. As for your first question, you even missed that but it's whatever. The two of us having any kind of political discussion or just about anyone here, is ridiculously impossible and accomplishes nothing....
  3. Except I'm not trying to "inform" anyone but hey, whatever helps you sleep better at night...
  4. That's well and good but all I'm saying is if voters like what he's doing then they need to vote in Reps that will back him. That's not a prediction or whatever, just a very simple common sense statement...
  5. Not a matter of who gets credit, it's a matter of if you like what's happening under Trump then you probably would want to elect legislators that supports his agenda. I swear I question why I even bother more and more every day around here...
  6. Last time they tried that, there was a war...
  7. The UK is waiting for your arrival...
  8. And it's a good thing that voters should consider? Really, that needs explaining here? I mean, I know it's pretty much take a dump on conservatives and libertarians around here but seriously?
  9. I hate this whole Jose Bautista situation. Not sure why Comargo isn't given the 3B job outright. He's more than earned it IMO but for some reason Braves brass doesn't see it that way. What am I missing?
  10. Meanwhile, 164,000 more jobs added and unemployment hits a 17 year low...
  11. What a Newb...
  12. They had no thoughts that Ridley would be there at 26...
  13. Wow, that's crazy. "She got here first, therefore she gets to be the victim." What in the actual hayull???
  14. Exactly!
  15. While this video is good, I can't help but shake my head at the fact that they didn't bother to show his introductory press conference...