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  1. Jump on in!
  2. In other words, "it ain't over by a long shot"...
  3. I just hope Brian Jordan doesn't see Jose Urena on the way out the
  4. It was so blatant it's pathetic...
  5. I'd wait until Gausman goes 5 innings and then I'd drill Realmuto...
  6. Wow, just
  7. Just unbelievable...
  8. Acuna may be our next Hank Aaron. Kid is just amazing...
  9. I can't claim originality on it, I borrowed it from one of the Major League
  10. Other - Most of the guys that played will be bagging groceries in a couple of weeks
  11. Join us! For those not familiar, you can use discord on your phone or computer.
  12. It sure was, my jaw dropped when he said it because it was extremely transparent...
  13. Heard recently (can't remember where) an interview where the dynamic was basically Smitty and co. telling TD "Go get us good players and we'll make it work" whereas DQ is more involved in who those good players are and how they fit in the system prior to getting them. What Smitty did well is bring consistency to the organization which was sorely needed.
  14. Dem bats dun woke up...