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  1. Kazee will definitely be the nickel now...
  2. Well, given the score of the Orlando/Atlanta game, it's safe to say Steve Spurrier still owns Georgia...
  3. If DQ believes he can get the double digit sack version of Beasley back then it's a no brainer to keep him. We'll see...
  4. 1 guard, 1 tackle, and 1 beer...
  5. TATF sitting around like "Who's next"??!!!
  6. OTC is definitely the go to site for cap stuff. Spotrac basically just takes the info from OTC and reformats it.
  7. I hate this cut, really do...but I get it. Here's the thing (and Melissa is an awesome person to interact with on Twitter btw): This boils down to reliability and money not performance. At his age, bodies break down and the injury bug prevents a team from carrying 2 kickers for the most part. Now, I also think Bosher needs to go. His performance is in the lower 4 or 5 in the league and the cost is prohibitive. This is the business side of the game where performance isn't the end all, be all unfortunately...
  8. I'm betting this move was planned when they drafted Oliver last year. This year was more confirmation than anything else...
  9. With 2 larger corners, I'm fully expecting a lot more press man coverage...
  10. I'm really hoping this is one of the better autocorrects of all time...
  11. Welcome back!
  12. TD said that Grady and Julio are the priorities and then "assess the financial position". Translation: Anyone that isn't gone due to performance may be approached for a "realignment of funds".
  13. There's so many ways to re-work contracts, etc. if the team wants someone bad enough they can find a way to make it work.