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  1. Join us, might as well be miserable together...LOL
  2. Helluva season we've had, glad to have gotten this far. Bigger and better things next year!
  3. I heard that in the Major League movie manager's voice "Forget the curveball, give em the heater!"
  4. I can't get used to hearing Lick It Up by KISS played on an organ at a baseball game...
  5. Rich Hill is the type of pitcher I absolutely can't stand. Every pitch or anything that doesn't go his way, he's got this look on his face like someone cheated or something...
  6. bumb?
  7. Kershaw's hat literally looks coated in pine tar on the back...
  8. This is what bugs me, how do you go to a full count on a pitcher...jeez
  9. I question the legality of Kershaw's hat...
  10. A win tonight would be HUGE! (yeah, I know, Captain Obvious)
  11. CB Desmond Trufant on the status of the defense: "At the end of the day, we have to make the defense come to life. We're being put in the right positions but we aren't making the plays right now." Pay close attention to this. To my surprise, DQ actually mentioned this in a recent PC as an area of concern. Not his usual MO but was done subtly. Personal changes have been made (as much as possible) and different things are being tried (sliding Takk inside for example). Bottom line is our depth is young, this will make them better in the long run. Sure, it's not the instant pudding solution that everyone wants but, and I hate to break this to you, there's no instant solution to replacing 4 Pro Bowl defensive starters...
  12. LOL, most of these comments are people reading the headline and stopping there...
  13. Was wondering where everyone was and I was in the wrong
  14. And then that