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  1. 1). Andrews........no contest 2). Riggs 3) Anderson 4) Turner 5) Cain / Dunn Andrews added a toughness and fighting attitude to this team that can't be measured by statistics. He bowled over player after player, game after game. He gave his all out there on the field. I remember watching him lay exhausted on the field in the 4th quarter then getting up and bowling over someone else on the next play. He had no qiit in him. Riggs and Anderson were pretty freakin' good too, but Andrews was a very special player.
  2. I would he happy with Scherff or Beasley, and would not be upset if they took Gurley or the top CB on their board. If Beasley is gone - which is likely- then Scherff would be my top pick.
  3. I'm sure they'll have no trouble finding someone just as unqualified to replace him.
  4. A+ He will be an anchor on the OL for the next decade at a position of critical need.
  5. I remember being po'd about that too. Need to get some nastiness without stupid wrecklessness.
  6. For all time / in general I'd go with William Andrews also. for this team they could use an intimidating safety like Scott Case when playing the likes of SF, GB, and Seattle.
  7. That's probably why he's got that nasty streak.
  8. test............ Looks like I lost my post count. Not a huge deal, but I don't like being called a newbie since I've been a member for ~ 7 yrs.
  9. I'd take him in a heartbeat in round 3 or 4. He rises to the occasion in tough/short yardage situations. Don't care about the 40 time - he's a "player".
  10. I hope this doesn't happen with all my heart. I'm sick and tired of the undersized OL and zone blocking scheme he believes in, and I personally detest the man. Please drop the idea Mr. Blank - if this is true in the first place......:sick:
  11. Was Dirtyoldfan, now dirtyoldfan. Now back to Dirtyoldfan again since I read how to change it....:cool:
  12. Thanks for the hard work Mod. and all others that contributed. Looks great!
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