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  1. Strange you wouldn't know we are all still here hal, welcome back
  2. yes indeed i recall drafting a player called veal and the next round a player called bacon because he thought it was funny to do so
  3. first the nfl game has its own pitch at Tottenham stadium. and none of the people there will be disinterested fans, and I can say none of us Uk/European falcons fans are in the least bit half ***, remember to watch a game live we sometimes have to stay up to 3 AM I'm sorry to see a so called falcon fan acting with such ignorance.
  4. I am really sorry to see so many of the fanbase dislike the uk/European falcons fans one chance to see the team live without spending 1000s of pounds, as a long-time uk falcon fan i will be there if at all possible.
  5. no coach should loose that game. like many of us i was shocked when he went for 2 for no good reason. we were talking in chat that we all expected the falcons to blow it..
  6. I would like to see the defence play like the gritz blitz . Best all time D ever
  7. We really don'y get to be that fussy, I would just like to see my team play.
  8. No its my only realistic chance to see the falcons play live
  9. that's a shame I was looking forward to seeing the Falcons play live for the 2nd time in my life ..
  10. I cant honestly imagine why any falcons fan would want to re-watch that game ever
  11. all the best to Matt Bryant, should have stayed retired but thank you for trying.
  12. no one would deserve it this year
  13. even if we somehow win this I just switched to the dan quinn must go team...
  14. What about just appointing some people to do approvals?
  15. only power ranking that even vaguely matters is the one right after the SB
  16. Honestly at this point no idea I'm sure we wont get a great pundits grade but i will wait and see.
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