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  1. I would like to see the defence play like the gritz blitz . Best all time D ever
  2. We really don'y get to be that fussy, I would just like to see my team play.
  3. No its my only realistic chance to see the falcons play live
  4. that's a shame I was looking forward to seeing the Falcons play live for the 2nd time in my life ..
  5. I cant honestly imagine why any falcons fan would want to re-watch that game ever
  6. all the best to Matt Bryant, should have stayed retired but thank you for trying.
  7. no one would deserve it this year
  8. even if we somehow win this I just switched to the dan quinn must go team...
  9. What about just appointing some people to do approvals?
  10. I'm wondering what part of tru was targeted nearly 200 times and allowed three receptions has anything to do with Alford?
  11. This such a strange thread...I remember when we drafted tru the consensus was he didn't get picks but was a above average and possible lock down good coverage corner
  12. first time i ever remember seeing an analyst clapping one of our picks on tv...
  13. at this spot thats a really good pick!
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