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  1. R.I.P first falcon.
  2. it puts it way out of my price league coming over from the uk
  3. as a long time falcons fan I've been here yeah the future *looks* like it could be bright....if it is..well I will wait and see
  4. Love this team, love blank but I would be so much happier if we can get another deep playoffs run before people start saying this sort of thing?
  5. rather than cringe we should adopt this as a rallying cry to not ever let it happen again.
  6. nah love that it starts with that, take the punch right in the face and get back up,
  7. Never made the original meets but Well, looking at my diary its possible, but i don't know quite how probable, I'd need to know for sure before flying over from the uk, booking hotels tickets ect though
  8. cool, lets all hope so eh? out of interest where were you on Vic Beasley after his first season, and now? personaly I think he might regress a little given he didnt have a sack in the last what 5-6 games of the season?
  9. agree or not all this talk is kinda pointless, lets revisit this after two seasons, no point in looking at it next season, kayah i take it you have no problems with ether saying you were right in two seasons or admitting you are wrong?
  10. well i think its an interesting view point, based purely on metrics and ignoring other factors.
  11. bowser cant cover, willis i think injured worse than takk? hall...panthers third round pick hall?
  12. I'm curious ...what tier 1 guy was available at our pick?
  13. well cant complain the falcons didnt pick the positions they needed. I think its a really interesting draft