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  1. even if we somehow win this I just switched to the dan quinn must go team...
  2. this team is playing so badly..
  3. What about just appointing some people to do approvals?
  4. only power ranking that even vaguely matters is the one right after the SB
  5. Honestly at this point no idea I'm sure we wont get a great pundits grade but i will wait and see.
  6. made me laugh so much I cried
  7. It's a no from me. I watched the tapes before posting he takes plays off consistently
  8. I'm wondering what part of tru was targeted nearly 200 times and allowed three receptions has anything to do with Alford?
  9. This such a strange thread...I remember when we drafted tru the consensus was he didn't get picks but was a above average and possible lock down good coverage corner
  10. What exactly is it you want the team to do. To make this better for you.not sell tickets to the super bowl IF the saints happen to be in it? No one controls who plays in that game..and for all you know it may be the afc fans in your would you know exactly?? Trust me I get the feeling..I hope the rams put them out
  11. As always We wont draft 7th...we will win some meaningless games and go into the mid teans picks