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  1. I have not found anyone who can give me a definitive answer on the procedure for replacing a candidate at this stage . . .

    I know at some point it's too late to replace them. But the real question is, if he isn't convicted (yet), then is he ineligible to run (in other words, could they replace him if they wanted to)?

  2. My vote would not be any reflection on Carter. It would be purely about my disgust with Deal and my desire to have him no longer as governor. And it takes a lot for me to get to that point because I'm usually of the belief that at this level, the two parties are basically the same.

    I'm pretty much convinced Deal is going to win regardless. He's our Edwin Edwards. But I won't be voting for him (and I didn't last time either).

  3. I'm voting for Carter because the libertarian candidate has no chance. It will be the first time I've ever voted democrat in a non- local election.

    I've voted for Democrat candidates before for governor (and the U.S. legislature in both houses), but Carter has a lot of convincing to do to get me to vote for him. Not saying I won't (I AM saying that about Deal, for the record). But I'm very much in need of convincing.

  4. The incredible thing about the official response to the memo to me is this. The memo reveals Ryan Teague pressured LaBerge to make the ethics charges go away. It also indicates, along with her claims, that she actually made sure the ethics charges were disposed of (according to her) in a proper manner. So what is Deal's response?

    Paraphrasing, "well, yeah, we tried to pressure her, but look -- it didn't work, right? It just proves what we've said all along -- we got no special treatment." Apparently the fact they brought the office of the Governor to bear to try to attain special treatment is immaterial. Wow.

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  5. From the article:

    But Deal’s campaign attorney, Randy Evans, who represented the governor before the commission, formally known as the Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission, said there is nothing unusual about aides contacting LaBerge.

    Evans likened LaBerge to a district attorney. It’s normal for the defense to reach out to prosecutors to seek a settlement.

    “As part of the legal team, you try every way possible to convince the prosecutor to let go of the case and to recognize you’re going to lose,” Evans said.

    Well yeah, that would be true if Randy Evans was the one who contacted her…….

    Deal spokesman Brian Robinson said the memo proves that Deal was granted no favors, that LaBerge fought back against efforts to settle the case.

    “Contrary to the suggestions otherwise, there was no free ride,” Robinson said.

    They have balls, I'll give them that!

    Meanwhile, the AJC has learned that both the FBI and the state auditor have been given copies of the memo. The auditor and the state Inspector General are each investigating the commission. The AJC reported in 2013 that the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office subpoenaed records from current and former commission employees.


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  6. Carter seeks new probe of Deal ethics complaints

    The Associated PressJune 25, 2014

    Facebook Twitter Google Plus Reddit E-mail http://www.ledger-en...99/164/252/251/

    ATLANTA — Democrat Jason Carter is calling for an independent investigator to review the handling of ethics complaints against Gov. Nathan Deal that were at the center of three lawsuits filed against the state ethics commission.

    Carter, who is running against Deal in November, made the request in a letter Wednesday to Attorney General Sam Olens. The complaints date back to the 2010 campaign, and Deal was cleared of any major violations by the commission.

    Since then four former commission employees have claimed retaliation for work investigating the Deal complaints, and a jury sided with one of them in April. The state has decided to settle with the other three.

    Deal's spokeswoman Jen Talaber says there is no connection to the governor's office and Carter is "playing politics" with the letter.

    Read more here: http://www.ledger-en.../#storylink=cpy

    Carter is "playing politics." He also happens to be right, so who gives a ****?

    The fact that someone gains a political advantage has never stopped me from endorsing a good idea. But I can see why Nathan Deal wouldn't want to "play politics" when it might put his butt in the frying pan.

  7. I told my dad (who is heavily involved in local Republican politics) last night that I think he's purposely trying to either 1) lose the election, or 2) show everybody that he is the 2nd coming of Edwin Edwards, who famously said "the only way I can lose this election is if I'm caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy."

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  8. I'm still confused as to what actually happened. If someone puts something in a spoiler tag and another person quotes their post, is the quoted spoiler showing up for people? Because mine still shows it being hidden.

    Nothing happened as far as I'm concerned -- my comment was directed at the fact that every time I come to check on the thread I have a page 2/3 full of nothing but spoiler quotes. I didn't click on anything, and when you quote it, it doesn't show the spoiler unless you click on it. I was messing with Joremarid because it looked to me like he was actually giving away the spoiler in his comment (but Drake corrected that misunderstanding on my part).

    Apparently Flip actually clicked on a spoiler. So that's on him. Sorry, Flip. You knew better, boss.

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  9. Everybody is all "yay Dany, titties and dragons!", but she's not really a good person.

    Sounds like a Frank Zappa song…..

    …..but I have to admit, the cliffhanger in this episode had me at hello. She might turn horribly dark at some point, but she's pretty much my favorite character on the show right now. She is not to be ****** with.