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  1. Also, I’ve never heard of a Notice of Apology in 20 years of law practice. But I’d wager it’s less prevalent in criminal law so much as more prevalent in cases where your client is the kind of d***head who would tweet a picture of the judge presiding over his case with crosshairs over it.
  2. Meanwhile I have two. And if I can find out what my wife did with my bow ties.......well, Easter will be here soon.
  3. Yeah, it didn't work so well in Washington honestly. Some folks are great college coaches. Some folks are great NFL coaches. There are rare examples of both (Walsh, Carroll, Jimmy Johnson). But they are rare.
  4. Wait, a QB is not a player, and QB is not a skill position?
  5. On the other hand....
  6. Depends on the money. I could go either way depending on what the deal is.
  7. I assume they’re working on a long term deal, but I haven’t ruled out them paying him this season and then re-assessing. I think Quinn still thinks he can return to form. Just a hunch, but if he was a cut, he’d have been one of the first to go I’d think.
  8. Last time we let a player go without his replacement on the roster was when we let Grimes walk, and we had Owens, Franks, Samuel, Robinson and McClain left. We drafted Tru (trading up to get him) and Alford to replace him and strengthen that position, leaving gigantic holes on the roster, specifically at o-line, where we tried to plug in Konz and Holmes, and on d-line, where we basically tried to replace Abe with Osi and hoped guys like Maponga and Goodman improved. And that's not to mention the weakest position on the entire team -- linebacker. Bartu, Gaither, Nicholas, Dent, Weatherspoon and Worrilow. With Weatherspoon perpetually hurt and coming off his only injury-free season that I can recall (2012). For the d-line, we drafted Goodman and Maponga late, and did not draft a single o-lineman or linebacker. Let me suggest that re-signing Grimes and getting some line and LB help that season might have helped us improve on the 4-12 showing we put up. Which is to say, yes, I prefer common sense to that nonsense.
  9. Thanks fellas!
  10. No. So long as everyone knows their role, there won't be any issues. I'd rather have a kitchen stocked with Michelin star chefs who work as a team than one Michelin star chef who cannot stand anyone else getting the credit, and so he hires a bunch of also ran yes men who won't ever dare to try to improve anything.
  11. I think the one thing that bothered me was we didn't seem to learn much from the loss to the Eagles in the playoffs in 2017. We lost this year in the season opener in very similar fashion. Defense held them to 18 points, offense couldn't get out of its own way. That's 2 straight tries at a team and you can't improve on the last performance. Okay, we scored 2 more points......... At any rate, between that and the fact that most of our lower scoring games seemed to come from better teams, it's certainly valid reason to change course. I still think Sarkisian is way better than most folks give him credit for, but I am not surprised they moved on, especially with a known quantity available.
  12. But they did it 2 years in a row. There has to be some sort of bonus system here. Also, **** the Saints.
  13. But what if I told you fat men are the best at physical contests?
  14. That fake reverse vs. the Bucs, tho......I was told Sark never schemes anyone open.
  15. I think we get by fine if we significantly upgrade 1 guard and 1 tackle. So get one in FA and the other in the 1st 2 rounds of the draft. Line then looks like this: Matthews Schweitzer Mack New guy New guy Which to get where depends on how the FO reads the draft. If they go T in the 1st, get a FA guard. If it’s d-line in the 1st, get a FA T and go guard in the 2nd. And that likely depends on what’s available in FA, so we’ll probably have a good idea soon.
  16. Yes, I remember when Grady Jackson, Dontari Poe and Paul Soliai made our o-line one of the best in the business.....
  17. I think we need better players on the o-line, but yeah, get those and he can absolutely improve it. The Bucs had a decent o-line for a while, but they regressed last season, and a lot of that was pinned on poor guard play (sound familiar?). Koetter knows what he's doing. We have to get the pieces to allow him to do it.
  18. Mix of gap and zone depending on situation. My guess is he'll run more zone here, but he's historically done both.
  19. I'm always praising the Saints o-line for how well they pass block. Guess what they run? A lot of this is scheme related -- in terms of how the protection is dialed up. The Saints put a premium on getting good guards, and they have their tight ends and running backs chip block on the way out into their routes, an interesting Coryell wrinkle Sean Payton worked into his predominately West Coast scheme. They run a zone blocking scheme in the run game and still manage to protect Brees. There is no reason at all why we can't do the same. ****, 3 of the 4 final playoff teams run either predominately zone or a zone/gap mix. The Patriots are the only one that run predominately power, and even though they won this year, they got beat by the Eagles last year. The Eagles run a mix of zone/gap schemes too. Since most of us expect Koetter to do the same (since that's what he's always done), I'm not seeing a problem.
  20. All of y’all who want to go to straight man blocking would be shocked to find out how many teams you think are good at pass blocking run zone blocking schemes.
  21. So I'm the only one that thought this was about Arthur Blank when I first read the title?