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  1. Ah, I remember in days of old when the QB at 4 folks talked about how the rest of us were gonna be mad when the Falcons took a QB.
  2. Watch Vic Beasley show up for OTAs this year holding a tin cup and wearing a sign that says "please help."
  3. Oh, and he'll occasionally blow the top off of the defense too.
  4. I think that last part of the last sentence is key, and often overlooked. What Pitts brings to the table is the threat of a big play on every down. Not necessarily by blowing the top off the defense, but mostly by making the defense account for his presence with multiple players because if you single him up with a LB, S or corner, he's unguardable.
  5. To me yards per year for a TE are almost immaterial. Look at his TD production and his 3rd down conversion. That's where Pitts will be a difference maker. He'll take the top off a defense too at times, but that will primarily be Ridley's job. Pitts' job is to keep the chains moving and get into the end zone when we're inside the 20.
  6. Eventually, I expect Pitts to essentially replace Julio's role in the offense, only with more TD production. Not that he can do what Julio does, but rather that he will be one of three main weapons (with Ridley and hopefully a stud RB as the other two). And I think that's the way the NFL is evolving right now, with productive TEs largely replacing multiple WR options. It's sort of old school, but with defenses getting smaller and faster to try to protect against the run, it makes a ton of sense, and you can see in the playoffs the teams with good TE production tend to have better resu
  7. I should back off a step. Cominsky didn't suck. He just didn't blow your skirt up either.
  8. This is how I see it too. If you got playing time and you just sucked, you aren't an unsung hero. You're teetering on the edge of a bust (or just a late rounder that didn't work out). I put Cominsky, Fowler, et al. in that category. Senat and Ollison, on the other hand, just never got the opportunities.
  9. He has impressive speed and balance, but man, he looks like a little kid out there. Against college players.
  10. I'm not worried about his weight. I'm a little worried about his short arms, but if he has sound technique that is less of an issue, and every scouting report I've read on him says he has sound technique. I don't expect him to be a world-beater at C. But he can definitely be a solid o-line piece for a decade or more. I expect him to win the starting job over Hennessy, but we'll see.
  11. I'm talking about the column at the top of the chart where it should say "position" (all of them say "DE" under it). It literally says "piece of poop."
  12. "One of the things that our defense will know, if you're on our defense, every position will blitz. Every position. Not just the safeties. Not just the linebackers. It's corners. It's everybody." -- Dean Pees
  13. It is completely clear where the pass rush is coming from. Dean Pees told us. It's coming from literally everywhere. Pees is going to have the ST coordinator blitzing out there.
  14. I don't see this happening at all. Plus, if we trade him for a player, it ought to be someone who can help out on defense. I appreciate the creativity, but it's a no for me dog.
  15. Jones isn't big enough to play OLB. And this isn't 1980. He would get killed rushing against OTs. Probably even against TEs.
  16. I still say the funniest part is D-Led busting his balls back. "I was just looking at some of your tape from Tulane......" I laughed out loud for real at that. D-Led got some snapback.
  17. That's the thing that ought to give every one of these guys pause -- the dudes who are paid to get results and evaluate the roster and figure out the best way to field a winning team thought riding with Matt Ryan was the best choice. Most people here thought that too. But some folks get all caught up in their feels. I had someone tell me yesterday that a "real QB" would have audibled to a run in the Super Bowl. Anti-Ryan narratives are very rarely based in any sort of reality. It's always a fantasy world where a LT gets a holding call, a RB misses a block, and the OC calls 3 straight
  18. This is why I would never last if they made me the AJC beat reporter for the Falcons. I'd ask every question by doing an impression of D-Led.
  19. I didn't quibble over Williams because I see that as a philosophical difference. It is unknown how much he can contribute on non-ST downs. If he can, it's obviously a better pick. If he can't, it can still be a great pick but I tend to share the view that full-time special teamers are kind of a thing of the past. If I had to grade the pick I'd give it a B. But mainly, I'm trusting Arthur Smith to build his team with his vision, and if he didn't have a role for the guy, he wouldn't have wanted to take him.
  20. I think Graham is a great pick. He's only a 'tweener in the same sense Jarrett is (not to say he'll be as good as Jarrett). He can play 5 tech or 3 tech and can thus play in 4-3 and 3-4 fronts. He is a dynamic run stopper and has juice as a pass rusher. I was a huge fan of that pick. I'm not sure I wouldn't have given him a B+ or an A grade. I might have downgraded Ogundeji personally, but if he develops as a pass rusher that was a great lunchpail pick. Time will tell. I think Pitts is an A+ pick. It isn't his fault or the front office's that no defensive needs were present at 4.
  21. RB. I have to assume there's a reason for that, and my best guess is it's because they valued Grant over Williams and none of the other RBs on the board fell to our spot. I think we got great value in the draft, so I'm good with it. I still think we could stand to upgrade defensive personnel in future drafts, so I'd add OLB/DE to that. I like Obundeji, but he's more a role-player than future star. We need those guys, so I'm good with it, but I see us addressing that position next year in FA and probably the draft as well.
  22. I like what I saw from him in spot duty. The real question will be how does Arthur Smith see his role in the offense. He doesn't strike me as a guy who keeps players around just to see what they have. He either has a plan to use him or he'll be cut. I hope it's the former, because I like the potential.
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