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  1. Really, this entire thread is pretty funny in light of the offense's performance the past 2 weeks.
  2. Swift wanting to trade Matt Ryan straight up for Jake Locker is still the highest of TATF comedy.
  3. I'm sorry the Falcons hurt you by winning a game bro.
  4. I honestly think the biggest improvement is the offense playing as a unit. That makes whatever the coach calls look brilliant. It's still coaching, granted -- he has to get them on the same page and ready to play. But it seems to me the offense is a lot more cohesive. The first few weeks, it looked like someone was screwing something up on every play. Now we're actually annoyed when someone fumbles or misses a block. Instead of "of course that just happened," it's now "wait, that isn't supposed to happen."
  5. Thing is, it generally doesn't work like that. We could, for example, jump up and beat the Buccaneers. Or the Cowboys. And we could lose to the Jags or Lions. In the NFL, you never know. In 2016 we had 5 losses. One was the first game of the season to the 9-7 Bucs. One was to the Seahawks, who went to the playoffs. We lost to the 5-11 Chargers at home. We lost to the 7-9 Eagles on the road. And we lost to the 12-4 Chiefs. So of those, 2 playoff teams, the Bucs and Eagles (both of whom missed the playoffs but had middle-of-the-road records), and the hapless Chargers. And we went to the Super Bowl, so I'm not crowning the Bucs just yet. We've got as good a chance of knocking them off, and at least splitting with the Panthers and Saints, as we do of losing out. And we could easily drop another one to a team like the Jags or Lions that we ought to beat -- that loss to Washington ought to be a warning. Any given Sunday. I think our story has yet to be written, and since we seem to be getting mostly better, I'm going to see how this train runs its course. We definitely could be a sub-500 team, and perhaps badly so. We might only win 3 more games for all we know. But we could easily be above 500 at season's end and looking at a wild card. No one knows.
  6. Beyond that, this is a long process, not a short turnaround. So the weekly improvement can, in this case, belie the typical truism that momentum doesn't carry year-to-year in the NFL. Mostly it doesn't. But the key players here -- Ryan, Ridley, Pitts, the o-line on offense, and Jarrett, Jones, Oluokon and Terrell on defense -- are getting their reps in and getting the system down. That can only help next season, when we can build more and hit the ground running.
  7. They've been taking shot plays since the 2nd quarter of the Tampa Bay game. Some work, some don't, but we started the game winning drive against the Jets with a 39 yarder to Pitts.
  8. I loved him since someone posted that (since-deleted) youtube video of him teaching a bunch of coaches how to coach the wide zone blocking system. I think my comment at the time was "I haven't played football since I was a kid and he's got me ready to go hit someone."
  9. Honestly, I see the problem in the other direction. Granted, I have a great appreciation for Matt Ryan and what he has done for this franchise. But if he were traded tomorrow, I'm not going with him to his new team. I'm a Falcons fan and I want us to win. If folks think another QB is the best way for us to win, I think those people are short sighted and aren't seeing the bigger picture, but I can respect the disagreement. The reality is, though, that most of them come in with the same dumb tired tropes about his arm strength and mobility and how we will "never win a Super Bowl with him" (even though we should have won at least one with him already, something they can never bring themselves to acknowledge). If you come around and get lumped in with the haters, that's wrong and you have my apologies. But just know -- people get assumed to be haters mostly because they continue to spew the same hate. And for what it's worth, I treat you differently on that account -- because what you say isn't stupid. I think it's missing the greater context of what this board has dealt with from real, true haters since Ryan was drafted in 08. But you make sense, so you don't get slammed on that account. At least not by me, and I hope not by others.
  10. We should beat this team, but the one thing that bothers me is I have zero trust in this defense against mobile QBs. That's the one piece of the puzzle that seems to remain out of place. I hope Pees is really working on run fits and assignments right now. If he doesn't, either Tua or Jacoby is going to make our defense look like fools. And the Dolphins defense has enough to at least put up some speedbumps, if not make it a long day for the offense. If our defense can't slow them down and put pressure on their offense, it's going to be bad I fear.
  11. Better news? If we build the defense and let Coach Smith run that offense like he runs it, even if we never win a chip with Ryan, the next QB is going to be set up for immediate success. On offense we need WR depth and a solid starting-caliber RB. That's it. Go out in FA and get guys who can play on defense and build that side of the ball. The offense literally right now could win a championship if the defense is good enough. It isn't, but if we can make it so, then it's simply a matter of maintaining offensive efficiency. The QB is still the most important piece of the offensive puzzle, but the team around him dictates his success or failure.
  12. Here's the good news. If you really think about all those teams, nearly all of them had a solid defense and an efficient offense. The Giants won 2, both over Brady and New England, on the strength of those defenses. Flacco caught fire in the playoffs that season, but that defense was all time. Wilson had the LOB. All of Brady's Super Bowl teams had good defenses. Peyton didn't even play well in his Super Bowl but that defense shut down Carolina. Foles' defense was just monstrous, and the offense wasn't great, but was efficient and scored points. Mahomes and the Chiefs had a great defense. Your offense doesn't have to be all that great to win. It just has to be good enough. You can certainly win with an offense that pressures the other team, and Brady's done it that way too, including last year (though everyone forgets those 3 picks he threw in the NFCCG). ****, we should have won it in 2016 that way. Mahomes' offense was prolific, but again, his defense was really, really good. The simple truth still remains, defense wins championships. Your offense needs to be good enough to put pressure on the other team. No more, no less. Nobody talks about Eli Manning as one of the great QBs of the past 2 decades, but the truth is when his team went to the Super Bowl he was efficient and moved the ball and scored, and with that defense that was all he had to do. So the roadmap is clear. Our offense is starting to show its efficiency. It moves the ball, and when it gets in the red zone and doesn't fumble, it tends to score TDs instead of FGs. Nobody is scared of our guys. But we move the ball and score points. So what's missing? Fontenot and Pees, your move gentlemen.
  13. When I think of us having 2 Super Bowl trophies in 10 years if we could only field a defense, it just makes me sick. There is no excuse honestly. And the second of those we had in the bag as you note. Just kick the FG and they can't win. Ugh.
  14. We can go back 10 years too, if anyone wants. Last 10 Super Bowl winners: Brady Mahomes Brady Foles Brady P. Manning Brady R. Wilson Flacco E. Manning 2 of those guys could be classified as "mobile," and really Wilson and Mahomes are far more pocket passers who can extend plays than truly "mobile" QBs anyway. That means 8 of the past 10 Super Bowls were won by "statues." And Brady has a "noodle arm" at that.
  15. Also, just before someone comes in with the inevitable "stop comparing Ryan to Tom Brady" crack......
  16. Actually, you can be. You just can't say stupid stuff like "we will never win a Super Bowl with Matt Ryan at QB" or "his arm is shot -- he can't throw the ball more than 20 yards," or whatever other nonsense typically gets spewed. People have preferences. Most folks are cool with preferences, even if we disagree. So if someone says "I'd prefer a more mobile QB like Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes," nobody can really argue with that. It's what you'd rather see. But if someone says "you can't win without a mobile QB anymore," then Tom Brady is looking at you like this..... And now I anxiously await some dumb **** to come in and tell us how Tom Brady is actually a mobile QB or something.
  17. @PeytonMannings Forehead -- "soft souls" at 5:52 😂
  18. Exactly. You got a dude in this thread practically bragging that he only expects 7-8 wins and we’re gonna miss the playoffs. Wins hurt people like that. Especially if Matt Ryan plays well. It’s physical pain to some of these folks.
  19. I’ve been hollerin that since he was a rookie.
  20. I'm not a huge fan of PFF, but the fact that Ryan only got one 90+ grade in 2 years under Koetter, and has 2 in 5 games under Smith, assuming PFF's ratings are consistent, says a lot.
  21. I mean, we've seen dudes start threads and invade threads with the whole "shoulda drafted Fields" narrative after just the first couple of games. Let's not pretend it isn't fair to give it back to them when Fields takes 7 sacks and Wilson looks like JAG.
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