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  1. This, to me, is enormous. Koetter is flexible if he's anything. He doesn't care who came up with it, if it works he'll use it. He's using more RPOs than we've used in the past. He's running his screens. He runs vertical concepts on 3rd and long. He's running outside zone and inside zone in the running game. He put in that shovel pass that nearly scored. He's implemented some chip blocks, something I've been screaming for since before Shanahan got here. Flexibility goes a long way when it comes to putting together a game plan. It's what makes Belichick great on the other side of the ball. EDIT: only to note that we have run some rub routes in the first 2 games, and Koetter has always loved wheel routes. So we'll still see those. He's using RPOs in lieu of quick slants, but I bet he'll run those as well.
  2. xs and os

    Fooled the playcaller. Thats my quarterback.
  3. I have mod powers now. I'm trying to fix it where if you try to quote him, you end up pulling old quotes from saturday. The fake chick, not the day. I'd have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids.
  4. Here's where I was wrong about Rico. I've always said about him that you can't coach speed. You also can't coach what he has. I mean, you can coach it easier than you can speed, but you can either process information on the fly or you can't. That's why guys with great arms and fast legs wash out of the NFL. Especially at QB. How far you can throw it doesn't matter much if you take too long to get it there.
  5. Matt Ryan didn't thrown an interception in the Super Bowl. Tom Brady did. But Matt Ryan did not.
  6. I was pulling for him. Sucks that he got injured. But yeah, we're fine without him.
  7. I think we'd have been playing more into their strengths if we ran too much. I would prefer "more" versus "no more" though. I agree with you there.
  8. No doubt. If Dirk ran his offense the way he likes to run it, it's a lot like Mike Martz's offense. Both ways work for sure. It's also a lot like what Peyton Manning always ran before he went to Denver and Kubiak came along.
  9. Yep. It works out either way. There isn't one way to do it. I know which one I prefer, but I'm a broken record on that. I hate we only had Shanahan for 2 seasons.
  10. That's one reason Shanahan always limited audibles. He'd give them on certain plays, but sometimes it was just "we're going to run the ball." It allowed him to maintain balance.
  11. Yeah, they waited too long to fire him. He's got it rolling now, apparently.
  12. Absolutely. I don't think we're going to see 5 INTs every 2 games, but I sure do think we'll see his INT totals go above 7, which is what he had last season. I prefer the other way, but it's just different ways to skin a cat. I like Koetter's philosophy in the main, but honestly, if SF ever fires Shanahan, we ought to consider making him the head coach just to get him working with the offense again. He's that good.
  13. Remember also -- Koetter is not as precious about the football as Shanahan was. He doesn't mind 50/50 balls. He'll encourage the QB to take some shots and trust his WRs, especially when his WRs are Sanu, Ridley and Julio. So you'll see us throw some balls that looks like the WR is covered instead of waiting for him to clear into open space. But he schemes guys open all the time. It's happened with us already and we're only 2 games in.
  14. Think of the ones that we didn't hit. We had 3 receivers in open space yesterday, IIRC, Hardy, Julio and Ridley. All three were near misses. Any one of those would have scored if we'd hit them. The reality is the offense isn't clicking. Give it some time. While you do, watch this and remember this was not a good football team:
  15. I should say — there is commonality there. I don’t know that either of them pulls from the other’s playbook. They definitely share the same views on how to attack a defense though. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.
  16. That’s right but they coached together early on and are good friends. Different base system but similar offensive philosophy. The influence goes the other way too — a lot of Reid’s vertical concepts are influence by Koetter by my observation.
  17. They almost torched him for 2 more TDs on blitzes, with 2 attempts on the same series. Those weren’t screens but the idea was the same — throw it where they ain’t. The screen there though?
  18. That game winning screen (and all the others) is proof this is Koetter’s offense, not Shanahan’s. The core of the offense is in place, but Kyle doesn’t call that play there. Not saying he wouldn’t have called something else that would work, but that play was 100% Andy Reid’s influence on Koetter’s offensive philosophy — when they blitz you, kill them with the screen game. Koetter has always done it and it worked to perfection yesterday.
  19. It’s cute that you think Aints fans will have less excuses. Their entire team is built out of bounties and excuses.
  20. Imma defend that first group. Not because we didn’t run them, but because his bull squeeze excuse was we didn’t have the personnel to run screens. As if you have to have linebackers at the guard and tackle spots to pull it off. And as if our line was built up of road graders. I’ve never wanted a coach fired more than him. I’m cool with him as TE coach but keep his arrogant butt away from the game plan.
  21. Vic haters — take a seat beside this guy ^^^^
  22. Everyone who said trade Matt. Everyone who said draft someone. Everyone who gave up. Sit down.
  23. At least one. Right side. I think it was Ito for a nice gain. There might have been more. Not many though.