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  1. Hooters is open boss. https://www.hooters.com/about/news/our-commitment-to-safety-as-we-navigate-covid-19 https://www.hooters.com/COVID19-QA
  2. Best I can tell, how strongly you feel about shutting down the churches entirely has an inverse correlation to how much you care about going to church.
  3. I bet me and him would be in lockstep on that one my man.
  4. That presumes there is no theological basis for the schism, something Rome pimps quite a lot to the present day. But that simply is not true. The Photian Schism predated the political matters coming to a head at least (I grant they were brewing in the West), and Photius said point blank the Filioque is heresy and gave a defense as to why. Reducing it to geopolitical matters ignores the very real theological problems with its addition, problems that notably affect Roman Catholic ecclesiology even now. One could argue the Papacy itself is little more than a hierarchical demonstration of this mutated Triadology. But then, in terms of raw power, again one side exercised it over and against the other. It is undisputed that Rome excommunicated Constantinople. And if it were just Rome and Constantinople fighting over non-theological issues, that case might be better made, but one has to ask, if it were the case, why did Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem ultimately side with Constantinople. Certainly their geopolitical risk was greater. Yet they rejected Rome's theological arguments on the Filioque. Why?
  5. I will grant her pastor should tell them to stay home. Our priest's wife was the only truly elderly person in attendance Sunday. The rest were mostly young and healthy folks, again, those in clerical offices comprising the bulk of those. EDIT: to note, our priest is elderly, literally retiring this year. I worry way more about him than anyone else in attendance. But he is not in obedience to me, so I can counsel and offer advice, but ultimately he makes the call whether to serve or not.
  6. Isn't the answer the same? If you answer "no," it seems to me you are wrong both about the reasons for and the cause of the schism. Nobody placed a bull of excommunication on the altar at Rome. And certainly our side was in the right regarding who did what to the Creed -- Cardinal Humbert actually accused the Patriarch of removing the Filioque when in fact everyone now agrees it was added unilaterally by the West.
  7. Are you saying your mom is selfish or someone else?
  8. What is "who added what to the Creed" for $500 Alex?
  9. I fully understand. In part, I am being obedient to my bishop and priest. In part, I am making decisions on what is best for the Church in a time such as this. I am not going because I have a burning desire to be in the building or because I think we cannot do lay services from home. The Church has survived for centuries under oppression, underground. We can survive now. I am going in part because I was called to a clerical role in the Church and my bishop has asked that those of us in a clerical role continue the services. And in observing the world around me, I will say yet again -- we are not the problem. There isn't going to be a mass outbreak of COVID-19 because a handful of us attended a church service at our little parish. If there is one, it will be because of the lunatics lining up en masse to buy 3 months' supply of toilet paper at Dollar General or Kroger.
  10. Oh, I think each person's comfort level is something I totally respect, and I also think some people make decisions that would make me uncomfortable if I were in a position of influence with them. We have people in our church who will not attend. No judgment at all. If I were you, I wouldn't want my parents to attend (and they are not, for what it's worth -- my parents haven't been to church since about 3 weeks ago I think). Neither are my wife and kids. They haven't been since 2 weeks ago. I'm not saying people SHOULD go to church, especially not those who have no other reason to be there except the felt need to be a part of it. That is where live-streaming and so forth come in. I'm simply saying I don't think that's really a widespread problem, and the bigger problem I see in this thread is judgment coming from the other direction.
  11. Also, it seems to me you are not saying people who guilt others into going to church are the problem, but rather people who choose to go to church. Am I misreading you? Or do you think church services ought to be shut down instead of curtailed? And that the government ought to make those decisions?
  12. Granted, your mother's pastor is taking things way too lightly. Not everyone's pastor is.
  13. Interestingly, as noted, I was in part delivering food to others by going. It doesn't deliver itself. They still have to come pick it up too. Some amount of contact is necessary. We cannot survive in complete isolation from one another, at least not as our country is currently structured. But that's no matter -- I'm taking less risks to attend church than just about anywhere else I go. I stay home most of the time, except when I'm at the office where me and one other person work in separate rooms, wash hands, and are working diligently to limit client contact at all costs. I am doing mediations via Zoom now. But when I have to go to the store, or to get gas for the car, or whatever, I'm in a lot more and closer contact with more people. It seems to me the real dispute is whether you consider church to be frivolous or at least in line with getting your food from a store, or gassing up the car so you can go the few places you need to go. Observing those around me, I'm the least of your concerns.
  14. P.S., as noted upstream, we're live-streaming because most people are staying home with the priest's blessing. So we're minimizing social contact while still maintaining the liturgical cycle in a skeleton crew fashion.
  15. I guess my point is simply this -- people are. Whether anyone likes it or not. I was in line at the grocery store on the way to church yesterday morning. The person in front of me, the person behind me, the cashier, the bagger -- all of them were closer to me than most people at my church. The closest person to me was another reader, and he and I stood as far apart as we could. The other reader and one choir member were all the way across the nave from us. On another note, I was buying food for our food pantry, and I had to ask the manager to let me get more than 2 jars of peanut butter because we aren't hoarding it for ourselves, but for people who can't afford to buy food even if it is well stocked. He was kind and let me do so. I see hoarding as a much bigger problem than 10-15 people attending a church service and spreading out through the nave, washing hands before and after, etc. Leaving aside our faith that God does not punish those who gather to worship Him, we still take significant precautions to avoid spread of any disease, and certainly many extra precautions to avoid the spread of this one. This is a screen shot of the livestream from our service yesterday morning. You can see the priest in front of the altar, the deacon behind him, and a blind parishioner who always sits in the front row because he relies on his hearing more than his sight to follow the service. There were other people there, but you'll note how spread out everyone is. Again, I'm way more concerned about buying gas (and touching those keypads) or going to the store or to a restaurant for take out than I am being in that room. I suppose where I'm at is I agree with what @lostone posted, and people who are trying to guilt parishioners into attending are wrong and should be told so. But honestly, people telling us we cannot go, even with these precautions in place, are no better.
  16. I mean, I've seen more close contact at the grocery store than at our church. Our mail lady bringing the mail each day gets closer to us than most people at our church. Certainly letting people cook food for you and getting it to go, or gather groceries for you and setting them up to go, puts you in closer contact with infinitely more people than are present at my church. People are still going to need groceries and medical supplies and so forth even in a complete self-quarantine. I fail to see how holding a very small church service is "absolutely wrong" in light of that.
  17. Meh, proceed at your own risk. It's okay, but the show has gone WAY downhill. Really since Rick didn't kill Negan.
  18. I'm sure some wackadoos are doing this, but is this really a widespread problem? Our parish meets slightly more often than our Metropolitan has suggested, but most people (including my family) are staying home. Those of us who need to be there -- clergy, chanters, readers, subdeacons -- are working together to rotate shifts and the choir has begun antiphonal singing so half of us are on one side and half on the other, to decrease the likelihood of this running through the entire choir should one of us get it or carry it. The key is this -- nobody (including clergy, chanters, readers, subdeacons, etc.) is being shamed into going. If you choose to stay home, there is no judgment. Each is expected to do what is best. The only conflict we've had so far is the priest asked if my daughter could read the Epistle yesterday, and I said "no because she isn't coming today." We just got someone else to do it. And the only reason they wanted her to read is because it is Antiochian Women's month and they are having one of the Antiochian Women read the Epistle each week as a result -- worst case one of us readers would have done it (that's what we're called to do anyway). No questions. No judgments. A subdeacon's wife is recording the services and live-streaming them to those who prefer to stay home, which again, is most people. From what I've seen, we're gathering more than most. A lot of protestant pastors are doing a bare service with just them and maybe 1 or 2 others and live-streaming that (or sometimes just a sermon). I seriously don't think churches are a big problem here. Most I've seen seem to be complying with recommendations.
  19. That is clearly a tease towards the movies that are coming out later. It's a weird time to dip out honestly. I can't imagine leaving my kids behind, even if one of them is really Shane and Lori's kid.
  20. Happy birthday brother!
  21. Real Lutherans believe in individual confession though.
  22. I have Oluokon, Jones and Ahmad Thomas, who I didn't even realize was on the team, at ILB. Do we have to take a LB high in the draft or are we rolling with Jones and Oluokon and counting on one of the OLB/DE guys to step in at SAM for base packages?
  23. I feel like @Jpizzle has seen the people who inspired this meme around town before.