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  1. I'm the exact opposite of this, LOL.
  2. This. Those guys are harder to find, but you have to have them. I'm fine with how we rotate d-linemen, but I sure would like to see us do it a little less. I think teams scheme us into mismatches a lot.
  3. FWIW, Koetter runs a Coryell system. He uses the 4 verticals passing concept a lot, but Shanahan does too, as does Payton (another WCO guy). But the Coryell system does, as you say, stretch the field vertically to open up the underneath game.
  4. That's definitely going to happen. Koetter always did both of those things when he was here. Quinn will ensure we don't let tempo override clock control, but beyond that, I expect to see more of both.
  5. It's pretty clear that terminology and perhaps continued focus on zone blocking are the things remaining the same. They didn't hire Koetter to run someone else's playbook according to someone else's philosophy. He'll take what is useful and discard the rest (most of it is useful, and the difference will be in how he uses it). Very Jeet Kune Do, is what I'd expect. Sark didn't run Shanahan's offense either. That's pretty clear just from watching the games and looking at tendencies. When's the last time we ran 13 personnel? I'd wager if not 2016, it was a long time ago and we didn't do it very much. I don't remember the last time we hit a TE on that little angle route on 3rd and short. Shanahan did that all the time. Read option? Nah, we quit doing a lot of that too. Koetter will do his thing. Don't sweat it. They just don't want to have a huge install of terminology and new plays, so he's going to come in and use the terminology we use now. Not a huge deal (though as I've said, I'd prefer Koetter use his own terminology).
  6. Correct. Mostly because the vast majority of those plays are already in Koetter’s system too. It’s a little more complicated than that though. Every OC will add new plays designed to take advantage of personnel. Shanahan has run (and still runs) read option, RPOs, pass plays from heavy personnel utilizing the TE, 4 verticals, etc. Before him, his daddy ran a lot of shotgun, which was hardly used by Walsh. OCs are always evolving. But the basic offense? The plays just aren’t that different. The run game will be the biggest issue. I’m curious to see how Koetter approaches that. I expect more inside zone, but we’ll see.
  7. “New plays” isn’t really a thing though. The plays Koetter will run are by and large already in the playbook. I agree with your point subject to that minor quibble.
  8. No. Not at all. You can see a clear difference in what Koetter ran and what Mularkey ran, on a lot of levels. Koetter is keeping the terminology. They’ll run his style of offense. The point Ryan made is key — everyone is really running similar things schematically. I prefer the WCO philosophy, but Koetter understands the playbook because there isn’t anything in there that other teams aren’t running. But Koetter will run the offense according to his philosophy and what he thinks is best for the players on the field. The sole exception to that is he may be encouraged to maintain a predominately zone blocking scheme. That won’t be a problem because he’s always used zone principles in his offense anyway. And he’ll probably be allowed to mix in gap principles as he’s always done.
  9. See something, say something.
  10. I don't believe that is a real quote from Hooper. He never said "far out bro!" I mean, come on.....
  11. I don't think this is a normal change, though. Whether Koetter is running his own system or working in a lot of our present concepts, he is a known quantity and Ryan works well with him. Quinn is taking over the defense, which can only improve it IMHO. And it's long past time for Armstrong to be gone. I'm not saying 2019 is our year. But it certainly could be. In a sense you have to get lucky with injuries and catch lightning in a bottle by getting hot at the right time. But that can happen any year, and so why not this one?
  12. I think that's fair, and a good distinction, because your 3rd RB will see relatively significant snaps, whereas your 7th OL you hope never sees the field. I guess the concern I have is simply this -- recent past being indicative or not, the Falcons have historically under-drafted OL, and sought to fill those holes in FA. I think it's clear by now that this works for a couple of years and then you begin to have issues. I'd much rather be one of those teams that invests more capital in the position and moves on from players than what we are, which is a team that invests less draft capital and is constantly paying older FAs on the backside of their careers.
  13. Maybe. But the 2nd Saints game they locked Lattimore on him all game and he still went 8 for 93 with a TD. So I'd suggest he's still capable against no. 1 corners.
  14. I think when you look at the fact that under Quinn, we've drafted as many running backs (4 at most on the roster at a time including the FB, 1 starter or 2 platoons) as o-linemen (7 on the roster last season, 5 starters), it's fair to say we've underinvested in o-line in the draft. Granted, we've spent more FA capital on that position, but I would suggest not nearly as much as we should. Finding a RB steal in the 4th is way easier than finding a good o-linemen there. And the 4th is the highest we've drafted any o-lineman since 2014.
  15. I don't disagree with any of that except in this particular: the more difficult it is to find quality players at a position, the more that position should be a premium for draft/FA capital. If it's hard to find good o-linemen, then you have to make a bigger effort to find good ones for your team.
  16. Me too. That's why we should follow the Saints' model and pay for guards instead of tackles, and conversely have strength in the middle of our d-line.
  17. I've been screaming for us to draft a QB in the middle rounds for probably 8 years now. I won't stop now. Please drop a 4th on one of the good ones.
  18. Happy belated birthday!
  19. Yes, I'm the obsessive one. You're the balanced guy with a real life outside the NFL who is whining on another team's message board about how your team choked........ERRRRRRRR........."got screwed" in the playoffs.