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  1. 1.5 hours jiu jitsu today. I did not participate in all the warmup, and I quit after 2 rolls (including 1 VERY light roll with a new young guy, which wasn't much different than drilling). Good class though. I feel okay -- clearly I'm not in shape, and clearly I'm not quite well yet, but I'll try again next week and see how it goes.
  2. You will build muscle under fat. The only way to get a flat belly/6 pack is to reduce total body fat percentage and (here's the part that stinks) in men, usually belly fat is the last to go. You need a caloric deficit -- take in fewer than you burn. You can do this by cutting calories, increasing exercise, or both. Crunches won't really burn enough calories to matter. I'd run or do complexes, and try to shave a few calories here and there (cut out drinks with more than 0 calories and severely limit refined carbs, to start).
  3. I went for a VERY limited run yesterday. Ran probably 5 minutes total and walked probably 15 minutes. I'm trying to work in slowly. I'll probably go to the gym tomorrow for a jiu jitsu class. I'll update if I make it and let y'all know how I did.
  4. GEORGIAfan, creatine is good as well. I really like BSN's Cellmass, but it's a bit pricey for a creatine supplement. At any rate, I don't think the supplement you asked about is so much dangerous as worthless. The first "test booster" in the list was tribulus, which just hasn't been shown to be effective. The problem with boosting testosterone is that you have to cycle on and off, and then you need an estrogen inhibitor to keep from getting weepy and man boobs and shrinkage (as others have mentioned), so anything that works WILL require PCT (if you don't know what that is, look it up), and if it doesn't require PCT, then you really aren't getting enough test to show any results in the first place. And if your buddy is going to go through PCT, he might as well just jump in with both feet and take anabolics. But for the fact that they are illegal, the risk to his body will be about the same. So I don't think he's going to get what he wants out of what you posted, and I wouldn't recommend anything to him that he WOULD get any results from because it's way too dangerous. Especially at his age. If he really wants results, he needs to eat right and exercise. Period. Lifting heavy HAS been shown to safely elevate test levels, but not to the extent that the "cheater" methods do. He'll feel better and still be within normal levels going that way. And he won't have to take Clomid after he cycles off of whatever he uses to supplement.
  5. I always start with compound lifts before moving to isolation lifts (i.e., do the bench press first, then shoulder press, then dumbell laterals, etc.). The compound lift allows you to lift heavier which increases strength, and the isolation lift should be mainly for definition, etc. I do VERY few isolation lifts at all.
  6. I haven't been in 2 weeks due to illness. I'm planning to go this Saturday, but I'm pretty miffed about it right about now. I would go for a run tonight but it's raining :crying:
  7. 1.5 hours jiu jitsu yesterday. Good class, except I banged my knee (AGAIN!) practicing a takedown. Knee is fine today, though -- it was just a bit of a scare. I felt good, participated in all warmups and drills, and actually finished the class up by getting a really nice armbar from the back that we practiced a couple of weeks ago. I missed Thursday, so I pretty much have to make it Tuesday because I won't be able to go the rest of the week.
  8. 1.5 hours jiu jitsu last night. Interesting warmup by a REALLY good guest instructor. We did the usual running, rollouts, etc., but we also circled up and did some military-style calesthenics, and when the instructor slapped the mat, we had to IMMEDIATELY drop to a sprawl, get back up and keep going. Drills were good, and rolling was fine. Probably the best class I've had in a while. I'll hopefully get back again Thursday and Saturday.
  9. 30 min. run today. I'm pathetic -- had to do 8/2 splits ,so I ran 24 minutes and walked 6, NOT including warmup and cooldown. I'll try to get another run in this week and hopefully one on Sunday as well. I'm going to the gym tomorrow.
  10. Set a 1-2 degree incline and run a bit longer/farther than you would outdoors and it's a pretty good simulation. Of course, if your race will be in 20-something weather, nothing will simulate that other than running in those conditions, but you can get your fitness level up to where you can handle 5K to 10K distance by doing only treadmill running. Much more than 10K and I'd argue your body needs to hit the pavement to get used to the impact over those distances.
  11. Ran 10K today, tried to do 10/2 splits but I was a bit out of shape (I haven't run since my last 5K). Ended up running 51 min., walking about 33 or so. Shoes worked out great. Most of the aches and pains I typically feel after a long one are not there. A bit of IT band tightness on the left, but nothing serious (I usually have a ton of medial knee pain on the right, and I have absolutely no pain on the right today). Numbness was not gone entirely, but it was MUCH better. I loosened the shoe about 20 min. in and it pretty much solved the problem. No creative lacing necessary, and the shoes were still snug on both feet. I will keep training in these and if everything keeps working well, this is my new shoe.
  12. No beer? Are you ####### ####### me Pyle? No ####### beer? Get the #### off my obstacle!
  13. I know -- I've been meaning to get a new pair for a while now, and have just put it off. No more than I run, I can probably stretch 6 months out of a new pair, but I don't intend to go much past that anymore. Particularly since I now know which shoes I need and can bargain shop a bit. I'll do a long run in these tomorrow and report back. BTW, this is the particular shoe I got. Pug fugly, but they have a nice ride! Thanks to Ramen for the gift card, BTW!
  14. Definitely do it. I know for a fact that Fleet Feet will do a stride test as well as Phidippides. Any other reputable running supply store should as well. The shoes are not that much more at the specialty store (I cannot find mine online for less than I paid at Phidippides, for example), but the peace of mind of having the shoe fit your stride and running style is worth every penny you might pay.
  15. No workout update, but for those of you who came over from the old boards, you will remember my intermittent problem with my left foot going numb 15-20 minutes into a run. I had gone to Phidippides at the suggestion of HM and Saturday, and they watched me run in the old shoes (Asics 2120). They said "that is not a horrible shoe for you," gave me an alternate lacing pattern which helped a little, and sent me home. Long story short, the problem was better but did not go away, and to make it worse, my shoes felt unstable with the new lacing system. Since I had a year of on/off running on the old shoes anyway, I went back to Phidippides to check on a new pair. Turns out the shoe was not exactly what I needed, and 1/2 size too small (I selected 1/2 size larger than normal, and they recommended a full size given my problems with the left foot). They had me run in a set of neutral trainers, and what I needed was a basic cushioning shoe instead of the stability or motion control shoe I was using. I A/B'd 3 pairs and ended up with the Saucony Pro Grid Trigon 5. Fantastic shoe. It was between that and a Nike+ shoe they had, and the Saucony just felt like a much nicer ride. I'll do a long run (hopefully) tomorrow and post the results.
  16. 1.5 hours jiu jitsu yesterday. I'm getting over a bit of a sinus infection, so I was woozy for most of the class, but rolled 3 times (7 min. per) and did fine. Bonus was that we learned a REALLY cool alternate finish for a guillotine choke.
  17. Oh, good grief, just admit that you're some fat hairy dude ripping pictures of chicks off of their Myspace pages and posting them here! Don't string these folks along like this! :P;)
  18. She's a beaut, snake! I'm pretty sure we'll be looking at one once the kids are a bit older. Our current dog is more than enough of a handful for now, but I really have always wanted a Dobe.
  19. You have a Dobie? I have always wanted one. I'll probably get one when the kids are older. Great dogs, and not deserving of the reputation they still seem to have.
  20. If I train at all, it will be at Alpha in Hiram. I may have to take a pass with this cold as bad as it is.
  21. Skipping the gym today because of a bad sinus infection. Lately, it's always something. They're closed Mon. and Tues., so I'll run one of those days if I feel like it, and get back in the gym Thurs. and Sat.
  22. FINALLY back in the gym yesterday for 1.5 hours jiu jitsu. Brutal class. The instructor has us rolling 7 minutes per round, and I'm used to 5. I rolled 3 at 7 min. with the last being 10, for a total of 21 minutes of rolling with 30 sec. breaks in between. It was absolutely awful. My legs are shot from doing single-leg drills, to boot. I'll be back Thursday, I hope, and then Saturday.
  23. SIR YES SIR!!!! Thanks for the pin, Shiney! I wish I had something to add this week, but it's been busy, and I haven't trained at all since Saturday. I'll be back at it this coming Saturday.
  24. No problem, and you're gonna like it. It's addictive.
  25. Man, that is a GREAT rate! I think I said $80, but it looks like they may have gone up a smidge (note, jiu jitsu guys usually call them "kimonos," but I think that's gay, and it's not Thursday, so I am one of the Knights who say "gi" :P). My first and still favorite gi is an Ouano. John makes a fantastic product, and mine has lasted over 2 years and still going strong. It looks like their prices are now over $100: http://www.ouano.com/kimonos.htm I'd recommend a Howard Combat Kimono. You can get the regular single or the Competition Single, but the Comp. Single is DEFINITELY worth the extra $$$. Standard bleached white single is $70, and the Comp. Single is $100. I'd get the Competition personally. You'll get years of use out of it. http://www.howardliu.com/catalog/bjj/single.htm http://www.howardliu.com/catalog/bjj/comp_s.htm My other gi (other than the Ouano) is a Gameness. The patches are a bit flashy for most folks, but it is an outstanding gi. I have the Platinum, but you can also look at the Pearl, which is very nice and doesn't have all the patches everywhere. Plat is $135 and the Pearl is $110. I got my Plat for right at $100, but it was a great deal. http://www.gameness.com/gear.htm# EDIT: Forgot to mention, both of mine are blue. My next gi is either a white Gracie Barra competition gi or a white Machado hybrid weave (leaning toward the Machado). Because I need some tradition in my life :P http://www.budovideos.com/shop/customer/pr...834&cat=&page=1 http://www.mkimonos.com/mkwhhy.html