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  1. Something I do not and will not make any apologies for. She and I work alone in this office all day, but as much for her reputation as mine, we don't spend a lot of time holed up in my office or the conference room or whatever. Half the town thinks she's my wife as it is because when I first opened, my wife did work here. Of course, my assistant and my wife look nothing alike, but it's a small town so lots of people talk and few pay attention.
  2. See the bolded portions.....
  3. I have not watched, and may not yet watch, Tiger King. But I am nearly halfway through Ozark. Still such a great show.
  4. If the only way the virus could get into your body was through the mask, I would agree with you. And if I thought for a second any of these people were taking proper hand washing precautions and, not to mention, doing any social distancing at all, I would agree with you. But they aren't. The guy I mentioned in Kroger touching every package of meat is an example. If he has it, he's spreading it. If he doesn't, and one other person who does has it, he's getting it. But he's wearing a mask! He has his talisman!
  5. First thing I do when I get to my office in the morning, or home in the afternoon, or coming in from the store, or going to AND from church, is wash my hands. My assistant stays in her office and I stay in mine unless we have to interact for some reason, and she is obsessive about wiping stuff down with Lysol. I'm the same. I also grabbed a fistful of Purel wipes on the way out of Kroger the other day and wiped down my groceries, the bags and my hands because some jackwagon was hovering over the meat aisle and touching every package until he got the perfect one. He was wearing a mask. If this thing goes full Walking Dead, we should be allowed to just shoot them on sight as an act of self-defense.
  6. So the people with the masks are starting to freak me out. Not because I think any of them have COVID-19, but because they put on their ill fitting masks from Home Depot or Wal-Mart or whatever and walk around like nothing is wrong. Like they think it's an invisibility cloak or something. They're oblivious. And therefore, they are dangerous. Dude in the grocery story yesterday had one that was wrinkled up like he carries it in his back pocket and it looked like it was made for a 3rd grader. I wanted to say something to him but I also didn't want to get close to him because everything about him screamed "Patient Zero in rural Georgia."
  7. I was hoping he'd unseat Schaub last season. He looked like he was going to before he got hurt. I'm pulling for him.
  8. And as the sickness spreads, I found a Duncan 59 neck on Reverb for $50. So I had to snag that too.
  9. @Jpizzle, I’m not sure anyone can top this one.
  10. I didn’t get the Flying V, but I did just score a Seymour Duncan JB wound by Lidia Daniel sometime between 1983 and 1987. Lidia went on to work with Maricela Juarez (who wound my Pearly Gates set and the Antiquities that came with Drake’s Les Paul) in the Custom Shop. I feel like a genie is going to make me play like Warren de Martini if I rub the pickup before installing it. It’s going in the bridge of my other Les Paul:
  11. I looked it up, but it has the FR1000 bridge and EMGs. The EMGs would have to go for sure. So for the extra money I'd spend upgrading it I'd probably try to source one of those 2011 special run Gibsons. https://reverb.com/item/17188930-gibson-flying-v-tremolo-factory-floyd-rose-2011-very-rare-2011-white Unfortunately, that one is sold
  12. Please do. This one deserves to be shared.
  13. Also, I don't mean I want one in a "that would be cool" sense. I mean I started researching what it would take to get one.
  14. It's funny how GAS develops and spreads. Way worse and more contagious than COVID-19. My wife thinks the banana on Masked Singer is Brett Michaels. So "Every Rose" came on the radio yesterday, and I told my girls "you should pull up a youtube video of the banana to see if it sounds like him." It does. It's him. There is no doubt. Anyway, we get home, I forget about it until I'm watching a rig rundown with Guns n Roses today and my youngest wants to know if Brett Michaels is in that band. After I muster a poker face to hide my disappointment, I say "no sweetie, this is Brett Michaels' band" and pull up some videos of Poison. I watch a few of them with her, one of which is CC's guitar solo into Fallen Angel. And now I want a Flying V with a Floyd Rose on it. And maybe a macabre but yet cabaret looking tophat.
  15. Our singer used an Electroharmonix Holy Grail in the studio and it sounded great. Strymon Flint if you have the dollars is pretty much the gold standard. Not sure about decay times on either one though. Something like the Eventide Modfactor might be the best option. I had one of those and it is amazing. You can get them used in the $250 range.
  16. I assumed decay in this case meant repeats.
  17. If you can find one, the Keeley modded Ibanez AD-9 has a footswitch that puts the pedal into oscillation. You could hold it for 5 seconds at a time.
  18. Although, now that I think about it, I think you can set the Belle Epoch and/or Belle Epoch Deluxe to basically infinity decay -- just straight oscillation. So maybe start with one of those?