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  1. I'm pretty much convinced Deal is going to win regardless. He's our Edwin Edwards. But I won't be voting for him (and I didn't last time either).
  2. I've voted for Democrat candidates before for governor (and the U.S. legislature in both houses), but Carter has a lot of convincing to do to get me to vote for him. Not saying I won't (I AM saying that about Deal, for the record). But I'm very much in need of convincing.
  3. The incredible thing about the official response to the memo to me is this. The memo reveals Ryan Teague pressured LaBerge to make the ethics charges go away. It also indicates, along with her claims, that she actually made sure the ethics charges were disposed of (according to her) in a proper manner. So what is Deal's response? Paraphrasing, "well, yeah, we tried to pressure her, but look -- it didn't work, right? It just proves what we've said all along -- we got no special treatment." Apparently the fact they brought the office of the Governor to bear to try to attain special treatment is immaterial. Wow.
  4. From the article: Well yeah, that would be true if Randy Evans was the one who contacted her……. They have balls, I'll give them that! Ummm…….
  5. Carter is "playing politics." He also happens to be right, so who gives a ****? The fact that someone gains a political advantage has never stopped me from endorsing a good idea. But I can see why Nathan Deal wouldn't want to "play politics" when it might put his butt in the frying pan.
  6. Trying to get it out of the way before the election cranks up in earnest. What a POS this dude is.
  7. Pffft. Anyone who's seen "Under Siege" knew that to be the case :P
  8. Drake, this episode was the first time I looked at Daenerys and said "well, Drake was right -- she's really not a good person."
  9. That scene cracked me up. Not sure why, but it was just so odd, and yet so in character for her.
  10. *Judge from "My Cousin Vinny" voice* Uh, in the what?
  11. I told my dad (who is heavily involved in local Republican politics) last night that I think he's purposely trying to either 1) lose the election, or 2) show everybody that he is the 2nd coming of Edwin Edwards, who famously said "the only way I can lose this election is if I'm caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy."
  12. One day we'll look back on this prose like we look at Chaucer or Dickinson.
  13. Nothing happened as far as I'm concerned -- my comment was directed at the fact that every time I come to check on the thread I have a page 2/3 full of nothing but spoiler quotes. I didn't click on anything, and when you quote it, it doesn't show the spoiler unless you click on it. I was messing with Joremarid because it looked to me like he was actually giving away the spoiler in his comment (but Drake corrected that misunderstanding on my part). Apparently Flip actually clicked on a spoiler. So that's on him. Sorry, Flip. You knew better, boss.
  14. Of course, there is always the occasional jackleg who feels compelled to comment on the spoilers.......
  15. I didn't click the spoilers, I just wanted to yank your collective chains for clogging up this thread with crap that is more proper in the other thread. So pffftttt!
  16. You people and all your books spoilers can go to ****. You can go to **** and die. There's a thread for that.
  17. Sounds like a Frank Zappa song….. …..but I have to admit, the cliffhanger in this episode had me at hello. She might turn horribly dark at some point, but she's pretty much my favorite character on the show right now. She is not to be ****** with.
  18. "In case of snow break glass."
  19. Either that or HM's wife is just better looking than he is.
  20. I'm going to be very disappointed if you didn't take my advice and insist that her lawyer start a line of questioning with "I want you to go in that bag and find my wallet…"
  21. Oh, Los Tone, don't underestimate the doggedness of politicians under fire. It's all about digging up the dirt, my man.
  22. Ran again yesterday. Once is a fluke. Twice is a streak.
  23. Back in the saddle today. 30 min. treadmill run.