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  1. If I train at all, it will be at Alpha in Hiram. I may have to take a pass with this cold as bad as it is.
  2. Skipping the gym today because of a bad sinus infection. Lately, it's always something. They're closed Mon. and Tues., so I'll run one of those days if I feel like it, and get back in the gym Thurs. and Sat.
  3. FINALLY back in the gym yesterday for 1.5 hours jiu jitsu. Brutal class. The instructor has us rolling 7 minutes per round, and I'm used to 5. I rolled 3 at 7 min. with the last being 10, for a total of 21 minutes of rolling with 30 sec. breaks in between. It was absolutely awful. My legs are shot from doing single-leg drills, to boot. I'll be back Thursday, I hope, and then Saturday.
  4. SIR YES SIR!!!! Thanks for the pin, Shiney! I wish I had something to add this week, but it's been busy, and I haven't trained at all since Saturday. I'll be back at it this coming Saturday.
  5. No problem, and you're gonna like it. It's addictive.
  6. Man, that is a GREAT rate! I think I said $80, but it looks like they may have gone up a smidge (note, jiu jitsu guys usually call them "kimonos," but I think that's gay, and it's not Thursday, so I am one of the Knights who say "gi" :P). My first and still favorite gi is an Ouano. John makes a fantastic product, and mine has lasted over 2 years and still going strong. It looks like their prices are now over $100: http://www.ouano.com/kimonos.htm I'd recommend a Howard Combat Kimono. You can get the regular single or the Competition Single, but the Comp. Single is DEFINITELY worth the extra $$$. Standard bleached white single is $70, and the Comp. Single is $100. I'd get the Competition personally. You'll get years of use out of it. http://www.howardliu.com/catalog/bjj/single.htm http://www.howardliu.com/catalog/bjj/comp_s.htm My other gi (other than the Ouano) is a Gameness. The patches are a bit flashy for most folks, but it is an outstanding gi. I have the Platinum, but you can also look at the Pearl, which is very nice and doesn't have all the patches everywhere. Plat is $135 and the Pearl is $110. I got my Plat for right at $100, but it was a great deal. http://www.gameness.com/gear.htm# EDIT: Forgot to mention, both of mine are blue. My next gi is either a white Gracie Barra competition gi or a white Machado hybrid weave (leaning toward the Machado). Because I need some tradition in my life :P http://www.budovideos.com/shop/customer/pr...834&cat=&page=1 http://www.mkimonos.com/mkwhhy.html
  7. It is a beautiful day. I'm glad I was out of the office most of the day (out of towners are MUCH more fun on days like today). Wish I could've gotten a run in, but no dice. I'll hit the gym tomorrow for a jiu jitsu class.
  8. Exactly, and absolutely, you're probably better off not having any background at all unless it is Judo or Wrestling. The problem with lack of flexibility is that, like lack of strength, it leaves you vulnerable to certain techniques and you have to be aware of that and work to avoid being caught in them. Someone who is really inflexible, for example, would be in a world of hurt if he got stacked from the guard, or fell into a crotch ripper. It's just too much fun not to do. PM me and tell me where you live and I'll poke around and see if I can find a good gym nearby. From your screenname, I assume you are not in the ATL. EDIT: looked up your profile. You have a PM, and you're gonna laugh.
  9. There's live rolling (sparring) at the end of every class. Flexibility is a factor, but you'll get it as you go along. Some guys are REALLY flexible, and others are not.
  10. 1.5 hours jiu jitsu. Brutal class, just because I'm badly out of shape from missing class since right before Thanksgiving. Will go again Tuesday and hope to do better.
  11. Stick with the beanie weenies. They have a 4 million year half-life.
  12. That looks like a good routine. The stuff from the old board didn't carry over, and I've been out of pocket with work a lot lately, but I typically run or do elliptical 2-3 times a week, and train martial arts (either Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Muay Thai) 2-3 times a week. Combine that with 1 set of pullups and pushups every night, and I'm actually whipping into pretty decent shape. Now if I could stick to a decent diet......had a bacon cheeseburger and fries for lunch and pizza for dinner today. ICK! I'm going to have to eat bird food tomorrow AND get into the gym Saturday, and I want to do a long run Sunday, but I may not have time.
  13. That's all in 1 bite, yes. It takes a bit of time. On the old Board, you could actually go through my running training from when I was running 1 minute and walking 4, and repeating that 6 total times to get a 30 minute run. Now I can run 3.1 miles in the same amount of time. It's mostly mental, if that helps. Your brain tells you to quit LONG before your body actually has to quit. So learning to run through those walls is hard. The elliptical is even worse, because (for example) halfway through today's workout, my thighs were burning big time. It works different muscle groups in different ways than running. Just hang in there. Shoot for 20 minutes next time, then do that for a couple of weeks, then 25, then 30, etc. I've done an hour at a time on the elliptical before. I've never run on the road for more than 40 minutes straight, though. I'm working on changing that now.
  14. http://www.mensfitness.com/fitness/strength_training/180
  15. Actually, I'd do exactly those things. It won't be that taxing a workout, but as I noted above, I do pullups every night. There's no real good way to train them except to do them. If you can't do 1 pullup, start by doing negatives (stand on a chair with your arms bent and then step off the chair and SLOWLY lower yourself from the top position to the bottom, then repeat 5-10 times). You can also put your feet in the chair behind you with your knees bent, and do the pullups with assistance from your legs (hope that gives you an adequate picture of what I mean). You might try running for time instead of distance, but if you have to go 300 meters and 1.5 miles, you might as well just start with those distances and try to improve your times.
  16. I thought this article might interest everyone, so I posted it in AFB. Link below: http://life.atlantafalcons.com/Forums/Topic2984233-59-1.aspx
  17. :laugh: new avatar is SWEET! The answer to your question is that 10 minutes of running stairs is plenty. I'd do a 30 minute or 3-mile LSD (long slow distance) run the next day or the day after instead of running the same day. I eat a TON of oatmeal, and I think it's a perfect breakfast food. Just don't pile on the sugar and other carbs (I use a bit of honey and cinnamon, and sometimes a banana depending on what I'm doing that day).
  18. Vargil, That's actually 2 questions. For the first, the best way I've found to drop excess fat is complexes (circuits). Join a local boot camp or cardio kickboxing class, or talk to a personal trainer about putting together an hour's worth of complexes for you. They suck while you're doing them, but they really melt away excess fat (because they burn a TON of calories while you're doing them, AND they burn calories all day after you're done). As to the job tests, can you tell us what they are?
  19. 40 minutes on the elliptical, 2 sets pullups/dips. 3.29 miles, 460 calories burned on the elliptical. Pullups are feeling better lately, probably because I've been doing 1 set before bed every night. Mods, can we please pin this thread?
  20. Re: supplements, I don't use them anymore. If your diet is garbage, they won't help. If your diet is good, they can be effective. FWIW, I love creatine as a supplement, and I stacked BSN's NoXplode with Cellmass once and it was very good. If I did it again, I'd just use the Cellmass, because I don't need the caffeine in NoXplode.
  21. Before my wife's latest pregnancy (and resultant queasy stomach) we ate a lot of grilled fish. Lean beef (like flank steak or roast beef) is good in moderation, too. Beyond that, we just get really creative with chicken. We do stir fry (like last night), pesto chicken pasta (with whole wheat pasta), etc. And we probably cheat twice a week, though I try to make one of those my "official" cheat days. I'm thinking of taking up the Church discipline of fasting :laugh:
  22. 6 of 1, half dozen of the other IMHO. You can do cardio on an empty stomach, and you will burn more fat calories that way, but your workout may suffer (which IMHO, defeats the purpose). Or you can eat a solid breakfast (clean food, no junk) and then workout and have a small PWO snack like a banana or a shake, and your workout will be well-fueled, but you will burn marginally less. I eat first thing every morning, FWIW. Whole grain English Muffins with organic peanut butter or steel cut oats with honey and cinnamon (and sometimes banana), and coffee. I usually don't do ANY workout on a completely empty stomach, though I do eat very light about an hour before before running (maybe a banana or some oatmeal).
  23. :laugh: at HolyMoses. The migration over was an adventure, but once you get everything set up, I think it's worth it. I miss your avatar, BTW. GEORGIAfan, you can't spot-reduce weight. You either lose or gain total weight. Same with fat - there's no way short of liposuction to just take fat out of one part of your body. You just decrease your OVERALL body fat percentage. The good news is the places you mention are the last to go. The bad news is....well, they're the last to go. I'd try to cut some calories out of your diet and try that for a few weeks and see what results you get. If you are not working out AT ALL now, the flipside is to start and give THAT a few weeks. Weigh yourself daily, but the visual cues are probably better than the scale, because you can gain muscle, lose fat, and gain weight that way.
  24. MWF, no problem -- AEN (I think it was) started this thread on the old board so those of us who don't take naturally to exercise can encourage each other. I pretty much use it as a training log, so y'all will hopefully see another post on Tuesday when I get back into the gym. BTW, Penn is absolutely awesome. I've trained jiu-jitsu for 2 years now, and the guy just amazes me. As lost as I feel in class, he was over halfway to a black belt 2 years in, which is unheard of. Re: treadmill v. elliptical, falconskill, I think you can go either way on it. I would buy the elliptical, but that's because I use the machine not to get out of the weather, but to save wear and tear on my knees and feet by running less. I agree that it does not -- in any shape or form -- simulate running. But it does keep your cardio base up. If you don't have problems with your knees and feet (i.e., if you're a lot younger than me :crying:), the treadmill would do a better job simulating road running, but be aware that it is STILL a lot easier than running on the road, trail or track. The machine is still doing part of the work for you.
  25. Good deal, MidWest Falcon. I waited until I was 34 to start exercising again. It gets harder to start and progress the longer you wait