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  1. I’m not saying Foye can’t or shouldn’t be the guy. I’m saying they need another guy in case this guy isn’t the guy. It’s a depth issue more than a “go get us a new star” issue.
  2. Not happy about the "potentially in the draft" answer about LB. I'm hoping it's a priority and that's a smokescreen. I love Debo, but Oloukon is unproven and behind him is nothing.
  3. I hope not. Not a fan of those at all.
  4. This is a good presser by the way. TD is typical corporate speak, but he's giving some good information. He still thinks Gurley can play at a high level but also thinks the run game is a team effort. He likes Fowler's effort and thinks he elevated his play last season because they let him play (implying Quinn is going to use him similarly, which makes sense given the price tag).
  5. "Oh, I was muted, sorry....."
  6. Man, D-Led's voice......
  7. If you look at the moves we've made they tell a little bit of a story. Lindstrom and especially McGary are known for their run blocking. So, by the way, is Hurst. Gurley is a good pass protector and a potentially great RB, albeit on a fading set of wheels. I consider Treadwell a camp body they hope might work into the rotation, so leave him aside for the moment. Hurst and Gurley are also known for their speed, the former more than the latter these days, and Gurley in particular is known for making catches out of the backfield. If you look at games in 2012, Koetter just loves to throw at the seams because of the way his offense stresses the safeties. So you have Hurst and Julio AND Ridley out there, with Gage probably working underneath from the slot, AND Gurley out of the backfield to threaten the flats. Granted, Koetter is in "show me" mode right now. But it looks like these acquisitions are purposeful. He has something in mind. I've said a billion times here that Koetter's version of the Coryell offense is more Mike Martz than Norv Turner, with all the good and bad that goes with that. But being able to get a punishing run game going and attack every inch of the field by sending guys on vertical routes that make the safeties have to decide what area they want to cover, and still having guys like Gage and Gurley working underneath, is exactly what he wants to do. So mainly, I expect a lot of people here who don't like Koetter to pretend this time next season that they liked him all along (just like most of the folks who hated Shanahan wanted Koetter back until they decided they liked Shanahan and wanted him back and now they hate Koetter again).
  8. Third gang makes the most sense. First, the guy who made the call in the opening scene said "I've got something for you" or something like that. Second, Gus wouldn't have ordered a hit on Jimmy just to have Mike come in and kill everyone. That makes no sense at all. I guess the guy could be calling Gus to warn him, but that leaves open the biggest plot hole anyway, which is that Mike couldn't have known where the hit would take place and thus he didn't have time to set up a sniper nest. I guess if Gus was monitoring radio chatter or something he could have had a more precise location. But I chalk it up to "it's a TV show -- it's not supposed to be all that realistic in the first place."
  9. Honestly? If McKay can get Blank to step back and get out of the way, I'm not sure they aren't correct about that. I still have my philosophical issues with TD, but if he lets Quinn run the team and Quinn lets his coordinators do their jobs and just manages the project, he knows how to win in the NFL. He did it in Seattle and he did it here. And before anyone says he doesn't get credit for Shanahan's successes, he's the guy who hand picked Shanahan to come here and Shanahan has now crapped 2 different nests on the biggest stage, so I'm willing to give Quinn credit for what he did right and let Shanahan stand and fall on his own brilliance.
  10. No. He earned his money, but we didn't need to be the ones to pay it. If Hurst gives us 75% of that production he comes at 1/5 the price. It was a no brainer to move on. Now, I like Hooper, and in a world where we weren't cap squeezed I'd have a different answer. But I have to operate with what the team has to work with. Moving on and getting Hurst was the right move. Because it allowed us to get Fowler and Gurley and Hurst, who collectively we needed a lot more than our star TE. With Gonzalez, Koetter showed he can feature a TE. But Austin Hooper, good as he is, is no Tony Gonzalez. And I think we can get better production by spreading the ball around anyway. They're already going to have to try to feed Julio and Ridley. They need to get other players involved in the offense. It isn't an accident that the last time we did that we went to the Super Bowl.
  11. For what it's worth, that last part about chasing it -- I still think Arthur Blank is the turd in that particular punch bowl. But TD appears to be, at best, a yes man when it comes to that. So he's culpable for not standing up and saying "we can't win consistently like this, please stop."
  12. This. And it isn't like Julio is the only player TD has done that with. His philosophy is four square against what the consistently great teams do, which is stockpile picks to maximize efficiency in getting good players. Every GM misses. The problem ours has is he leaves himself very little room for error when he does. Now, every few years he seems to hit paydirt. Usually in conjunction with a coaching change (Mike Smith when he was a brand new coach, Smith when he brought Koetter in to run the offense, Quinn when he brought Shanahan in). So TD seems to be a flash and fade kind of GM, which drives fans crazy. It would drive us a lot less crazy if we'd won that Super Bowl in 2016, or made it to the one in 2012. But it is what it is. Our team is built around runs, and when we don't quite get there, instead of continuing to build the roster, we chase the last ring we didn't quite catch.
  13. 2010 is not a bad roster, granted. But the way the Packers wrecked us, I can't say it's "Super Bowl caliber." That was not our year, for whatever reason. And honestly I don't care who the coach was, the Packers were going to win that year. Just like we should have won in 2016. No team was better than us that year, and honestly the only other year in Falcons history I can say that about is 1980.
  14. To answer the question, I think he's better than most, but not really a whiz kid by any means. He's reasonably competent. I like Dan Quinn and I was an early adopter of the "let it ride, don't fire him yet" strategy, but I'm not sure TD can get it done with just him and Quinn. As much as I've said OCs are replaceable, and they are, Shanahan was special, and we haven't come close to special since he left (please, no mentally challenged jokes here). I'd call Sark competent but not spectacular, and Dirk really remains to be seen because they tried to square peg/round hole him last season so we don't really know what he can do with this roster just yet. In part because he's still forming the offensive roster in his image.
  15. I got 2012 and 2016. What was the third? 2008 is the only one I can think of and I'm not sure I'd call that a Super Bowl caliber roster with a rookie at QB. Good year for sure, but I don't think we win it all if we get past the Cards that year.
  16. Good question. I wonder if he’s been doing that since Gus hired Jimmy (via Mike). The thing that bugs me about it is Jimmy doesn’t know that Gus hired him to “help” his enemy. So I could see him telling Lalo Mike saved the day without knowing Lalo isn’t supposed to know that.
  17. Something is bugging me. Jimmy gets attacked in the desert. Mike saves the day. I would assume Lalo would eventually hear of the attack, probably from Jimmy himself. Isn’t he going to put 2 and 2 together and realize Jimmy is really working for Gus now?
  18. Ozark is outstanding. This is the best season so far.
  19. Walt failed Mike’s family. And his own.
  20. Okay, y’all are just appealing to my cynical sense of humor to get me to vote for him at this point.
  21. For such a smart lady, Kim is really dumb sometimes.
  22. Jimmy just learned two important things. 1) The cartel doesn’t really have any friends; 2) He priced this job WAY too low.
  23. So apparently these two cattle farmers painted their cow and did a Tiger King-themed photo shoot