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  1. After rehearsal tonight ..... she’s tired......
  2. P.S., I’ll call it a PLS from henceforth.
  3. Money is in the cowboy chords. Don’t bore us — get to the chorus.
  4. He can still get close to those tones though.
  5. It wasn’t hard to find the right house....
  6. Consideration for the trade:
  7. 20 min. run yesterday evening. Nice and slow, tomorrow is race day.
  8. May the odds never be in their favor.
  9. If we draft an o-lineman in the 2nd or 3rd, it will be higher than we've drafted an o-lineman since Quinn arrived. I'd be okay with that plus the FA acquisitions. I would like to see them draft 2 total though. We need to invest draft capital in the position.
  10. Should make Barner happy....
  11. I bet they have another FA target in mind.
  12. I'd wager once the secured the 2 guards they wanted, they had a particular direction they wanted to go that did not include him. And while it's more a hunch than anything, I'd also wager they have a particular target in mind and wanted that nearly $4 million free to sign that person (else they would have at least considered a post June 1 cut). But it's possible they felt Ty is the main competitor there and they are going to get a FA and/or draft target and let them compete, and so Schraeder just isn't in the plans. And if that's the case, they may yet designate him a post June 1 cut.
  13. Honestly, the whole "we're keeping the same scheme, outside zone," and then "we're hiring Koetter," I was really confused. I had no idea what they were thinking. This makes it clear. The whole "same scheme" stuff was just coach-speak. Koetter is building his offense. Which is how it should be. Give him the keys.
  14. Two notes from the little bit of the Dolphins footage I watched: 1). He looks like a newborn giraffe trying to cut block; and 2). He seems really solid in terms of anchoring. On one play he got knocked back maybe a half yard to a yard, recovered and solidified the pocket. Even when he's caught off balance he seems to have good recovery. There was also a play early in the Lions footage where he was beat inside but managed to get his arms extended and pancaked the guy past the QB. I mean, it's bad he got beat, but he seems to give full effort on every play and minimize the damage done.
  15. I can't watch all but I'm trying to catch a few between projects. Thanks for posting all of these.
  16. If we draft a tackle early, Schraeder is probably gone. If we do not, he's probably restructured. As @stingbee said, Wes will stay, at least as quality depth, and Fusco will probably depend on his health. If I had to wager, I'd suggest the order of likely departure is as follows: 1) Fusco (probably gone given that we just paid 2 FA linemen) 2) Schraeder (if not restructured, and a post-June 1 cut) 3) Wes (almost certainly will still be here) Fusco is an easy cut. Post June 1 he's $750K in dead money and over a $4 million cap savings this season, and around the same (dead money) next season. Pre June 1 he's $1.5 million in dead money this season and (as I understand it) off the books next season. That's the main reason I think he's gone. Schraeder saddles us with either a bigger dead money hit this season (nearly $4 million) for a roughly equivalent cap savings, or $1.3 million for the next 2 seasons and $1.2 million in 2021 for over $6 million in cap savings this season. Given the expected cap increases, the post-June 1 cut is palatable, but that's a lot of time to pay a guy who isn't playing for you, and even though the dead money is relatively small per season, it's still over a million per for 3 seasons. I won't be surprised if he's cut, but I also won't be surprised if he's restructured.
  17. I made that thread my personal playground.
  18. If he’s taking notes about how New Orleans historically structured their o-line, I’ll be pretty happy. They went to a ZBS a few years ago, but before and to an extent since, they have always prioritized guard play. They want strong run blocking and powerful pass protection in the middle, and they help the line out with chip blocks. They’d rather hold the line of attack and give Brees an extra second to step up than have the tackles play well and give him a lateral outlet. They’re content to have the tackles ride outside rushers right by him.
  19. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26241435/sources-falcons-sign-ol-carpenter-brown "Carpenter thrived in the Jets' man blocking scheme, a departure from the zone-based scheme in Seattle. He quickly became the Jets' most consistent lineman in 2015 and 2016, but his performance sputtered in 2017 and 2018, perhaps because the team changed schemes and shifted to more zone runs than before." So basically, not too fine a point on it, all that stuff about sticking with the outside zone scheme was a bunch of ****.
  20. Literally nobody is going to remember this. THE SKY IS FALLING! OMG DIMITROFF YOU'RE BLOWING IT AGAIN!
  21. I'm fine re-signing him for the right number. But I'm certainly fine letting him walk too.
  22. I would. He's cheap depth. Not sure where Campbell's contract gets slotted, but he's a guy I'm fine re-signing or replacing. Schweitzer could be a starter or he could be quality depth, but he won't cost a lot and seems to me to be a no-brainer re-signing.