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  1. I'll watch it in a bit, but the Traveling Wilburys with Prince was the best version of that song I've seen so far.
  2. I was at the show at Chastain with BB King. Right before BB died. I’m glad I got to see them both. It was an honor. I went with the singer in my band. When we were leaving I said “you know, most bands have some good players and one or two people that are ‘just a guy’.....”. He cut me off and said “oh, all of them know what they’re doing.”
  3. This is the acid test though — I’m watching this right now: And I’m very comfortable saying if you don’t like the Tedeschi Trucks Band, I don’t trust your opinion on music.
  4. For what it’s worth, I like Phish, and Trey has great tone. But he’d be the first to tell you he’s chasing Billy F. Gibbons.
  5. I also didn't make that last part up. I just ate a jar of mayonnaise and drank a white wine spritzer from listening to that.
  6. Billy Gibbons is old. But I'd wager he knows a WHOLE lot more black people than Trey Anastasio's lily white *** does. I mean, they're from Vermont. Bernie Sanders, Ben and Jerry's, some cows and cheese -- not a lot of black people. Vermont is literally the whitest state in the union. I didn't just make that up, I actually looked it up to confirm my suspicion. Also, Phish covered Jesus Just Left Chicago once. It is the whitest thing I've ever heard musically, and my kids listen to Cavetown.
  7. That was back when he was groveling for a cabinet position. Fine, I have no idea when that picture was taken. Whatever.
  8. Honestly? Not really, and certainly not to the extent people made an issue of it. Those WW2 veterans fought for something. Whether Kaepernick respects their sacrifice or not (I think he does as evidenced by his meeting with Nate Boyer, and that rarely told story is usually the key to whether someone appreciates what he's doing or not), what is it worth if they fought for those freedoms only to deny them to him? A peaceful protest, even if it offends you (actually, especially if it offends you) is precisely what those WW2 vets fought to preserve. It seems absurd to me to suggest they fought for our freedoms, and so we ought to abandon them in service to some notion of patriotism that makes ash of the very Constitution they served.
  9. No more than Trump can maintain a State of the Union for 4 years. Neither of them is a particularly good off the cuff speaker.
  10. It's right beside CNN on my Sirius/XM presets. I'm a glutton for punishment. For what it's worth, I usually listen to Hair Nation or Ozzy's Boneyard when I'm not listening to Willie's Roadhouse or Outlaw Country.
  11. For what it's worth, I thought the speech was outstanding. Biden's issues as a candidate come in unscripted settings, but he can deliver a speech for sure and that one was well written and well delivered.
  12. Might be. A lot of that stuff is regional. We get commercials for local politicians. I mean at the Congressional district level. That's true on both Fox and CNN. What I listened to was the entire speech though. They didn't cut short or go to commercial once.
  13. I literally just listened to the entire Biden speech on Fox News radio. It is an audio broadcast of their television programming. Where did you hear they went to commercial?
  14. Why couldn't I have discovered BB/BCS table readings on youtube right before the lockdown? My life is now going to be wasted.
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