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  1. I just told my dad “McVay is mad because the clock ran out. He’s demanding an explanation. Quinn is staying silent when we got a BS call and 2 BS no calls.”
  2. Nobody — LITERALLY NOBODY — on this team saying a **** thing to these refs about the one-sided officiating. The Falcons deserve this. My wife always says “you deserve what you’re willing to accept.”
  3. They’re fighting so far.
  4. Refs: “You mean a penalty?”
  5. What a bull**** call. But they can spear our RB in the face. No call. Start hitting the refs.
  6. Look, let's be honest. If this team is serious, they're putting roofies in their dinner drinks. Go big or go home.
  7. Me and my neighbor went on a scout hunt yesterday to see what's out there in advance of gun season. We then went to a property his uncle owns to see if there might be any hunting opportunities. On the way, we had a local Mexican place for lunch. As we were nearing a mile or so into the hike, ascending a hill and trying to simultaneously avoid sinking in mud and stepping on a snake, I reached the same conclusion. Fortunately, I managed to make rest of the hike and the nearly 2 hour drive back to the house unsoiled.
  8. The stick is labeled “Eichenwald.”
  9. I played this song at a gig a while back before she said she wasn’t running in 2020. I came real close to saying “this one goes out to the Clinton 2020 campaign.....”
  10. Seems like something we’d do.
  11. Fastest path = cheat. Ask the Saints and Patriots. Kidding. Sort of.
  12. Hoyt Defiant. I think it’s a 2016 model. Don’t hesitate. It’s a fantastic sport. Don’t dry fire your bow though. It ruins the trade value of the string
  13. So earlier this year I was paying more attention to my daughter than my shot sequence and I dry fired my compound bow. It derailed and the cams chewed the serving up so bad it was dangerous to shoot. I had to get a new string. Anyway, the old string is on the trading block if anyone wants to trade me a working bowstring or some currency I can use to buy a working bowstring.
  14. Put Beasley at SAM. Put Campbell at DE. I’m not saying it will work. But it couldn’t be much worse than what either of them are doing now.
  15. Maybe so, but the only thing Trufant has jammed all year is his toe, so......
  16. You warned them, didn't you narc?
  17. I should have known better based on the source of the recommendation, but maybe 6 months ago someone I know commented on FB that people should check out OAN. I'll never get those minutes back. It was awful.
  18. I'd love to participate in one just to mess with the pollster. "How do you respond to the following question: I am in favor of universal healthcare even if it means marginally higher taxes on me and my family." "Strongly disagree. I'm in favor of mandatory euthanasia after age 35. If you haven't procreated by then, society doesn't need your weak genes anyway."
  19. I get them all the time. But no pollster has ever called me. #pollsarefake
  20. Dude, that's awful. I love how he zoomed in on the undefended lane when he said "where do you think they're going to run this play?"
  21. Yeah, that was completely out of character. I chalked it up to "he's been through some stuff and is not going back to this world no matter what." But I wish they'd found another way to accomplish that thematically.
  22. Buttigieg is trying to fill the vacuum in the race that is being created by Biden's downfall. I don't expect y'all to agree with him, but it's a solid strategy. He's not going to out-Bernie Bernie, or out-Warren Warren. I'm not endorsing the idea that you do what you have to in order to win at all costs. But it is how most politicians operate when they're seeking this level of power. Buttigieg is just way better at it than Beto O'Rourke, mostly because O'Rourke is flailing blindly, while Buttigieg has at least identified space he can occupy that distinguishes him from the other candidates.