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  1. I want an outrageous defense
  2. I can’t wait for Julio to play against this clown shoe again. Hopefully in the playoffs.
  3. I think @mdrake34 should consider punching himself in the balls. It might get him quicker attention, and in any event is less painful than watching MSNBC.
  4. That was me. I thought I was wrong for a few weeks. Now I think I was right again
  5. He was the interim HC when Dan REEVES got fired.
  6. That sucks dude. I’m sorry.
  7. Culture.
  8. I assume a typo. Brains being what they are I didn't even see it.
  9. You're right -- I wasn't even thinking about that. I forgot it was a fight.
  10. Probably. I noted garbage time. But I also noted the pass plays were getting out a lot quicker, and not because Schaub had less pressure, but because they were designed to get the ball out. If they're in the playbook, one wonders why we don't use them more under heavy pressure. It seems to me the coaches are not maximizing the roster by scheming around deficiencies. Keep in mind -- I'm on the "fire the lot of them" train at this point. So I don't see Quinn/Koetter vs. TD as an either/or problem.
  11. Hair is in play, though. If Free doesn't like it, wrap it up or cut it.
  12. To me, though, this exemplifies Dimitroff's approach to team building, which I've never liked. We "draft for need," to a fault. We wait until something's a problem then we go get whoever it is we "need" in the draft. And the problem is, drafts don't solve problems immediately. I liked double-dipping on o-line this year, for example, but anyone who thought that was going to fix our o-line was dreaming. And it's a move that had better work immediately (it hasn't), because if not it will probably only bear fruit after Quinn, and hopefully Dimitroff, have been gone for a couple of seasons. Which means it's a move that should have been made in 2 bites over the last 5 years. We still need a center. That's not an accident. It's by design. We don't "need" a center next season, so why draft one? Better, in Dimitroff's eyes, to wait until it's a pressing need, a player we can't do without, and then get him with a high draft pick, which ensures he won't be ready to truly contribute until the year after. It turns 1 problem year into 2, when it need not be a problem if we grab the best player at a position of near-future need instead of constantly reaching to get the player we needed last season.
  13. Part of it is garbage time, but did anyone else notice when Schaub came in they started giving him quick looks so he could get the ball out, and he marched it down for a TD? If only those plays were in the playbook when Ryan was in the game.........
  14. On the one hand, Beasley is being misused. The TD, for example, isn't his fault. On the other hand, when Beasley is properly used, he fails to produce. It's hard to blame the coach for trying new things when the one thing he should be good at is the one thing he consistently fails to do -- rush the QB. It's a sad state all around, but Beasley is a large part of the problem. If he's upset he's letting the coach down, well, stop letting the coach down and do your job.
  15. I don’t see this as either/or. I see it as both/and. When assigning blame for a football team that cannot sustain success, I can blame the coach and still not absolve the GM. What I’m saying is if they fire Quinn and keep TD, I now expect to see this same problem 2-3 years down the road. Because it’s the coach. But it’s not JUST the coach.
  16. In your estimation has he done that well, big picture? I just don’t get how TD gets credit for Grady Jarrett but Vic Beasley is Quinn’s fault. I don’t get how TD went and got Mack but he didn’t get Jake Matthews or Trufant or the other overpaid underproducing players we have. Much less Jalen Collins and Hageman and those guys. Quinn didn’t tell TD “go get me Wes Schweitzer.” At some point the GM has to at least own the draft or what is he even doing?
  17. I’m assured Quinn is responsible for poor scouting. Other people can negotiate contracts. The problem is people are in a feedback loop where Quinn is blamed for anything wrong with the team. And I’m not defending Quinn so it’s a little weird.
  18. 3 months ago I said Quinn. I was wrong.
  19. If Quinn has total control, why is TD here? He does nothing, yet he is indispensable to our success. One of these things is not like the other.
  20. Tell them they can have Sanu but they have to take Beasley too.
  21. It’s actually exactly like that.
  22. He doesn’t do the bad stuff. He only does the good stuff.
  23. So I ask again — if he does nothing (because that’s the only way the whole “it ain’t his fault” thing works), why keep him around? Get a GM who does something