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  1. Sark wasn't bad at that. Honestly, get me a run game and a red zone scoring offense and Sark's offense would have been unstoppable. That's kind of where I think Koetter helps. He's an honest NFL coordinator with a ton of experience. He knows how to score points.
  2. I think there's a vast excluded middle in the discussion. It seems to center on people who think we're transitioning to a Coryell system (we aren't) and those who think we're using the exact same playbook Shanahan left behind (we aren't). What's happening is the coaches are learning the terminology, and moving forward they will incorporate things they like to do into the offensive scheme, using the existing terminology. They also said they would work to streamline some of the terminology, a move I welcome. My guess is it will be along the lines of what Koetter did with Mularkey's system, using E-P terminology within the concept of the existing offense, something Shanahan conveniently already did. Shanahan's offense today doesn't look like his offense here, and the one here didn't resemble Washington, and none of them resemble Houston. They are, at their base, all WCOs, but the application, play calling, formations, protections, etc. all change year-to-year. So this won't be "Shanahan's offense." It will be Koetter's offense. But it will be based on the existing playbook, terminology and concepts, which Koetter will then use to attack defenses.
  3. 20 min. run yesterday evening. Nice and slow, tomorrow is race day.
  4. If you're lifting, your numbers are more respectable than mine by far. Stay in the saddle. I need to get back to it.
  5. Everyone does that to an extent anymore. But Matt has had all 3 as his base, which is remarkable, so anyone calling him a "system QB" is an idiot who doesn't know what he's talking about.
  6. Let me re-phrase: "Must be rendered into a scary-looking paperweight."
  7. Which system? He's played in all 3 of the prevalent ones.
  8. Of all the bad anti gun proposals, “but....but....gun locks” is by far the dumbest. I’m sure home invaders will have their guns locked up too. Just to keep things sporting.
  9. If they lock up Shirley Jones, it will be a hat trick:
  10. Hunker down boss. I hope everything is okay.
  11. So I'm the first one who's gonna point out that on the video, the play where he said Julio is getting the ball when he messes with his gloves, Julio messed with his gloves and didn't get the ball?
  12. Diego Saraiva once beat the **** out of me. He's a BJJ black belt, so it wasn't that bad. The problem was we were sparring Muay Thai Little don't matter if they can fight.
  13. I have a friend -- who is really nice looking and funny and cool -- who told me once she refuses to date tall men because she thinks it's disrespectful to tall women. Short guys just have to find short girls with consciences. Then again, I'm 6'0" and my wife is 5'2", generously, so I'm that ***hole taking all your short wimmin.
  14. To be fair they didn’t show what made him mad, and I don’t blame him. He was digging in his pockets for change and the cashier said “sir are you a little short?”
  15. Well for starters he murdered that cheetah in cold blood.
  16. That’s right. He actually killed each post with his bare hands.
  17. You won’t hate it. For that price it’s probably a solid option.
  18. Here’s a cheetah I believe SB could kill with his bare hands.
  19. Bill Cosby just called and asked me to relay a message to you all. He said the authorities have encouraged him to turn over a new leaf and stop drugging and molesting women. Also, he asked me to admonish you all that you shouldn’t drug and molest women either. That last part seemed weird, but don’t shoot the messenger.