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  1. Being fair, we drafted Beasley and Takk, both 1st rounders, inside of 3 years. We got Clay and Freeney in FA. It isn’t like they’ve ignored the problem. Grady was a 5th round steal. The problem is our two young 1st rounders either cannot or will not play.
  2. MNF

    I’m just glad we got rid of JD McKissick and Matt Prater....
  3. Right. I mean, to me if the offense hangs 50 on someone and we win 50-44, that's regression (from the last game, I guess it's improvement over that steaming road apple they dropped in Houston though).
  4. Debo, Sheffield and Kazee, man. Just out there like Lewis and Clark, exploring uninhabited lands.
  5. The thing is, Vic has the athleticism and strength to set the edge and play the run well. I've seen him do it. As with pass rushing, it's his lazy effort that is a problem. He's capable of doing it, he just won't give it sufficient effort to develop it consistently.
  6. To be fair to Tru, it's hard to run with your head jammed up your ***. Tru's problems honestly aren't physical, though I agree with you completely. Tru's problems are between his ears. And the sad thing is he knows better and he still puts that garbage on tape. Just lazy.
  7. I'm hoping Quinn has Trufant watching tape of Sheffield.
  8. Sheff will probably replace Oliver's snaps when Tru is healthy, but honestly, Oliver was so-so this past game (as opposed to putrid in the first few). So I'm willing to be a little more patient with him. In either event, Tru can bounce next season if the cap allows.
  9. Something else to consider WRT Debo -- that one play that Bret Kollman outlined versus (I think) the Colts, where Allen and Tru didn't switch down, Debo was the ONLY guy on the defense who saw it, and he was late getting to the play because he was playing his assignment. A lot of times, a guy can look bad because his teammates screwed up. I remember last season several times people bagged on the corners when the safety missed his assignment and the corner almost made the play. And vice-versa (though this was a pretty common problem with Kazee).
  10. I don't think Deion Jones is a problem, though I'm sure he's had an off play here or there. But it is certainly the veteran core of this team that keeps crapping the bed week in and week out.
  11. Here's why I don't buy that. It's the same story we heard with Smitty. And I bought it the first time around, but fool me twice, shame on me. TD is the guy drafting these players. Quinn has input, but he is reliant on the scouting department to give him good information to work from.
  12. There are ways to deal with that if you need to run man, most notably with a spy. This is actually one thing Beasley is good at. I mean, I hate to take him off of his normal role of pass coverage or not rushing the passer, but it seems to me manning up with Beasley as a spy made sense. Did we do it even once?
  13. That's probably what will happen, if TD is even fired. But as a counterpoint, you need TD and the scouts to keep scouting? I'm going to suggest the new scouting department is going to have to at the very least check, and likely redo, their work anyway. If only because the new GM/coach will have different priorities.
  14. Simple. Because you don't play games on paper. On paper this team is talented as all get out. On the field, they play like a bunch of also-rans.
  15. Oh, I disagree with the first part entirely. What do the front office personnel do during the season anyway? You do it by saying "we want Dan to finish out the season and the new GM will make a decision on whether we will make any coaching changes, but we wanted to go ahead and start our search for a new General Manager. We thank Thomas for all of his hard work the past 11 years." That way, you're setting Quinn up to coach his way out of it. As it is, the coy approach we took with Smitty ("we're not going to fire him mid-season, but we are going to start a coaching search with 3 games left") gives the coach no incentive to do anything at all. This at least gives Quinn some reason to think he might be back. And if not, it looks better, I think, to have a mutual decision to part ways because the new GM wanted to go in a different direction than to get fired because you didn't do your job well.
  16. There were signs. In the 4th quarter. The problem is they can't seem to ever put together more than 2 quarters of decent play. Even against the Eagles, where the defense flat carried the offense, they weren't good. They were just sort of good enough.
  17. Here's my solution. Fire Thomas Dimitroff right now. Start the GM search. Keep quiet about coaching changes for the time being, but the plan should be to let the new GM decide whether to keep Quinn for another season or move on. If we move on (we almost certainly will), let the new GM hire the new coach. That way you aren't "giving up on the season," but if changes are made, you are at least not doing the same thing you did with the last 2 hires, which is let TD have a large say in who the chef is and then stock the pantry with rotten food.
  18. Did you apologize to the heckler? J/K. But for real, did the Falcons apologize to you?
  19. Depends on the coach. I might check out for a while if they hire Lincoln Riley or another college whiz kid. I remember 2007. I have no desire to watch it again.
  20. I’m fine with Koetter. But since it seems a given that Quinn is gone, we need to hire a HC who is an innovative offensive mind. Let him hire a legit DC. And we need a ball buster.
  21. Don’t score too fast. This defense can always let the other team score at will.